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  1. not sure about the tower but as mentioned above SPOLIERS!! iirc the code is skulls (there's a body west of cotra that has the code as well) if you look in help file it mentions it there as well
  2. did you try entering a few towns (i think around 4) then coming back? (doesn't work for everyone(found that out the hard way)
  3. i know that in Exile 3 if you leave and enter a few towns and come back they stop being hostile but no idea if it works in Exile 2 or on dragons
  4. Quote: Originally written by The Holy Toenail: I remember in E1 the Vampire had the same picture graphic as a townsperson. it threw me off the first time i saw one too. my favorite monster... sliths main one... i guess slith archmage
  5. the stone was supposed to reduce the amount of weight your character had but a bug caused it to add a lot more i'm not sure but i may have seen that shield but no idea about the mace
  6. there were a few weapons that were editor only (in exile 3) (i think demonslayer was one of them)
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