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GF1-M - Atlas to Quests and Items [Massive Spoilers]


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On 2/24/2021 at 11:28 AM, Randomizer said:

Geneforge 1 - Mutagen


Thank you so much for this phenomenally useful guide!  I know you're the Grand Old Man of the forum here, so people expect you to know everything, but writing this out must have been a LOT of work, and you deserve MASSIVE thanks.



W     WNW  NW   NNW   N


SW   CSW   C   CNE   NE


S    SSE   SE   ESE  E


Any idea WHY Jeff chose to make the map in a non-standard way?  I have to remind myself a dozen times an hour that East is in what I would think of as the South, and West is what I would think of as the North.  The Tab key gives a handy reminder, but really ... why do it this way?


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25 minutes ago, TriRodent said:


Probably tied into the isometric viewpoint of the player


I'm not sure I understand what you're saying here.  I usually play isometric RPG's, since the viewpoint where you see out of the character's eyes (not sure what the name for that is, since I never use it) generally gives me motion sickness.  But the maps for those other isometric games are usually oriented in the conventional way.

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You know how you have a spare set of house keys hanging in your kitchen, right where you wouldn't be able to get at them if you really needed them?  I 'think' the balls in the inner crypt are there just for minor amusement purposes (as you obviously had found the other set seeing as how you were able to get into the crypt).  No other area beyond there that I ever found.

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Couple of additions, could be due to patches.


- The Gallus Meg quest gives 200 XP at level 12 rather than level 10.

- The Western Workshop Sholai Leadership check is level 9 rather than level 1.

- Gavrila and company are hostile if you are Taker aligned.

- Learned Halm will train you even if you are a Taker as long as you do not have a Trajkov Amulet.

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17 hours ago, Mechalibur said:

A bit late here, but I just noticed something missing from Inner Crypt: You can bypass the fight with Danette's Shade with 12 leadership.

True! also by the way, this was mentioned back in April actually.

On 4/13/2021 at 2:11 PM, Korgrath said:

It looks like you can trick Danette’s Shade into leaving in the Inner Crypt with Leadership 12 (by lying). She still drops her belt.


Thanks for this amazing list Randomizer!


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