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  1. Just started EftP after finishing Mutagen 1. Maybe spoiled by the remaster but there are a few things I'm looking for that I'm not seeing. The most important one being the ability to right click on enemies and see their resistances and afflictions. Maybe EftP doesn't show you this, but I'd be surprised. Maybe it is a skill I get later or there's some kind of look/observe option somewhere... This next bit is driving me crazy. The map scrolls *violently* whenever I move the mouse to the periphery of the game window, like when going for the buttons at the bottom. Is there a way to turn this off that I'm not seeing. Instantly changed arrow keys to moving the map (as it is in geneforge), but really liked how you could drag the map with the mouse instead of just having my character move around. Also missing the game displaying how many steps you can actually walk and how many action points it uses. I suppose someone has probably modded this already but it was a nice QOL addition to mutagen (and I got spoiled.) Maybe this is why the arrow keys were for movement so you could count AP? Apologies in advance if this is already answered elsewhere...
  2. Not quite sure where to ask this. After finishing the inner crypt I ended up with two new spiky metal balls. No clue what to do with these. Some other area I haven't found?
  3. TriRodent & Googoogjoob, thanks for at least entertaining my idea. I think there's enough in the game to suggest an ending like that, but it may not fit into the Jeff's vision. That said, I was also hoping for things like defeating Trajkov allowing for further reasoning with the Takers, but unfortunately no. It seems the world can be molded only so much!
  4. Just came up in conversation with another friend playing the game, but assuming we need MORE endings, I'm surprised there isn't one where you destroy the boat, actively refusing to leave. Maybe you go on to rule Sucia with an iron fist, or you defend Sucia from invaders? All the endings seem to be about leaving the island, but it seems that staying forever could also be an option.
  5. Thanks for the commentary googoogjoob, I was really surprised by the Trajkov ending. As my first spiderweb game, I'm happy that it's left me in a place where I actually want to use my current game to explore as many of the other endings as possible. Plenty of other RPGs where I'd pretty much be done with the game right now. I'm anxious to see what happens when I return to the shapers with news of a still-active geneforge. The big question is, is there any ending where the Obeyers actually come out on top (or at least not completely wrecked)? I feel like what they are actually, truly hoping for doesn't exist, so there's no ending where they won't be exploited/crushed. I almost don't want this question answered, but a simple yes/no would be nice.
  6. I hope this isn't a duplicate thread. I'm using this as a starting point from Randomizer: I finished my blind playthrough today, killing both Trajkov and Goettsch, touching the geneforge and then destroying it. I was pretty amazed about how involved the ending was! I quickly followed it by doing the easy 'help trajkov' ending where he touches the geneforge and I report it to the shapers. This ending really surprised me because I felt like it was the easy 'bad' ending but might have turned out better than the one I originally chose. I still have a lot of the game to complete (my whole map isn't filled out, lots of quests aren't finished), but really anxious to try out several other endings. Was hoping to generate some discussion about preferred endings and how they play into the other geneforge games.
  7. Maybe this belongs in the general strategy thread but I'm not seeing it. First time playing spiderweb games so still trying to figure out Jeff's way of doing things. I've noticed with my squishy shaper squad (level 14) that having healing craft above 4 seems pointless because I'm always healing for more than my max hp (or my creations.) Are there other stats that basically aren't worth bringing up beyond a certain value? I realize this might be somewhat based on build, but wondered if some stats cap have limited returns at a certain point.
  8. Are the helix bracer and feisty gloves the only items that can be charged. I just found the lance which replenishes health and is says it has one charge. Curious if it can also be charged up.
  9. First post on this lovely forum! Been picking up Jeff's games when they go on sale and decided to snag Avernum 2 on steam. I'd hoped I could run it without Steam loading up in the background, but the exe provided always wants to invite steam to the party. Any work around for this? Love how the other titles I bought from GOG just play as stand alone games (just like the good ol' days!)
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