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  1. It looks like you can trick Danette’s Shade into leaving in the Inner Crypt with Leadership 12 (by lying). She still drops her belt. Thanks for this amazing list Randomizer!
  2. Thanks Ess-Eschas! I'll do that!
  3. I haven't seen this bug reported anywhere (is there a bug thread?) But I found a bug with auras ignoring walls. On the second floor of the building in the Thorny Fens, I had a Cryora with the frost aura, and it was hitting monsters on the other side of the wall. It didn't aggro them either, they would just slowly die as you passed rounds.
  4. I finally beat this fight last night after trying off an on for a few weeks. Here are a few tips: 1) Don't be afraid to use items. This is the first fight in the game that I really had to spam items. Use your wands of calling to make sure that every party member has something summoned. 2) Choose a side for your ranged units. If you're willing to spam potions that restore abilities faster, choose the left side. If you're better able to deal with slow, choose the right side. 3) Make sure your tank is facing away from the rest of your party (other than your pets probably). Spam that chall
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