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Hey, Randomizer, how about a link to my editor? It's pretty basic compared to some of the geneforge ones, but it does the job.


Don't make me throw a tantrum. cry


Edit: Thanks!



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Each level gives one point for you to distribute and one point assigned to each of the stats in order. At level 2 it goes to strength, at level 3 to dexterity, at level 4 to intelligence, at level 5 to endurance, and at level 6 strength bumps up again.


—Alorael, who isn't actually positive that it cycles in that order and starting with strength. It would make sense, but he hasn't paid attention to that, only to the fact that it is a cycle.

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It sure SEEMS to cycle, but I have sometimes ended up with stats that do not follow the cycling formula: without any equipment on, having Dexterity that's 3 points higher than Intelligence, for example. (In this case, a very fortuitous setup!)


Also, the cycle seems to be different (but always a full cycle) when you reset your stats with Leala or retrain.

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Originally Posted By: Corner Time
—Alorael, who doesn't think that would have slipped through beta. Especially since someone was busy giving everyone two Dex per level and being impossible to hit.

I think Synergy mentioned that one, but then you can wiped out by cold, poison and acid.
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Originally Posted By: Masquerade
Mmmmm now i want Mac'n'Cheese. Or TimTams. Or Mac'n'Cheese and TimTams rolleyes

I'm making my patented Mac and Cheese tomorrow...I add chicken and green herb stock, crushed garlic then round it off with bacon bits on serving. Yummmm
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