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  1. Yeah, doesn't seem legit to me...
  2. Found this...http://www.bigfishgames.com/download-games/1735/avernum-4/index.html...and wondered if they are allowed to sell it at just $2.99NZD?
  3. Originally Posted By: Masquerade Mmmmm now i want Mac'n'Cheese. Or TimTams. Or Mac'n'Cheese and TimTams I'm making my patented Mac and Cheese tomorrow...I add chicken and green herb stock, crushed garlic then round it off with bacon bits on serving. Yummmm
  4. I've done both Ghaldring and Alwan's endings, yet in both, I don't find out who I am...is there an ending that allows me to get this knowledge?
  5. There is a hallway in Phariton's place that is full of doors. I can't find any way to get them open. Anyone know how? I forgot to mention, this is the hallway with the green box mines
  6. Cool, a fellow Kiwi! What bit do you live in Mortimer? I'm a jafa myself.
  7. Quote: Originally written by Sage: Those are some crazy colours!! Purple and green is my favie colour combo
  8. I just downloaded it yesterday, and my os is winxp. Very annoying
  9. I'm trying to make my first scenario, and it's going ok, until I try to place a sign, or exit the editor. When placing a sign, if I move the cursor around, many other unwanted signs spawn when I've got the text box up. And when I click the red close button, or select quit from the file menu, the thing just sits there. It doesn't close. Are these known bugs, or have I once again, managed to get weird errors because of my possessed computer?
  10. I'm in the middle of making a custom graphic if you'd like to stick me in there... All done...
  11. If I'm in, just ask for a description...I can't edit graphics for the life of me
  12. Ah. Well then, that quest is a bunk...Thanks Crypto..nice name by the way, You really interested or just liked the way it sounds?
  13. I did all the people in Formello in case I missed one, but no go...its like the quest doesnt exist. I have the quest and I have the copy of the scrolls, but nothing else happens. I even tried skipping to find the next one, but still nothing
  14. OK...Ive recieved the copy of the scrolls and been told to look in Formello. I went to the two sages I know of there, Townsend and Alice, but neither say anything about the scrolls. Ive killed the shades already...is it connected to the scroll quest at all? Or have I hit a brick wall?
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