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  1. I haven't used the editor, and would not use it to simply buff my characters (is this the point, btw?). I would, however, consider using a CE that added variety and/or fixed broken abilities like Daze/Charm - admittedly, this would be buffing sorc, but buff to make something work if fine with me. I'm not through the game (lvl 25), but more items would make sense to me if they aren't simply better, but different. EDIT: Added my vote. I cannot see the problem with how the installation is performed, so go ahead and add another file - can't be that hard, can it?
  2. Originally Posted By: Lilith The skill tree also makes it nearly impossible to build a useless character, although it can still be done if you're determined enough. A thing that was incredibly easy to accomplish in Avernum (don't know about Geneforge). And each different Avernum had different traps..
  3. I've played 1,2,4,5, and 6, but only completed the sixth, since I threw away my completionist side and hurried through it (still a very long game, they all are). I think the new engine is preferable, especially A6 has very nice combat, graphics and all. The entire history of the world is amazing, I think, but I'd say the first and the last are the best storywise. I think A3 is in highest (very high at least) regard, but that is the one game I haven't tried. Enginewise, as I said I prefer the newer because of the mouse (for moving, PLZ give back keyboard in combat!), but a lot of
  4. Originally Posted By: Superba I wonder why Jeff chose so many foes and friends with strong managing and/or combat skills to be females. It is not unusual in his games, same in Avernum, yes, but why so? Is this a phylosophical and/or social choice? I admit I hesitated more than once to fight some of those ladies and felt somehow uncomfortable when I did. Dude, not kicking the [censored] out of a chick, the way you would a man, is sexist Equality, all the way!
  5. Originally Posted By: demaco Specialy I can't find 1, whis is in the Ogre fortress, maybe near Merula, Item List says w of rubble-closed gate in the se area. But I am clueless, looking for it almost half an hour:) Anyone knows where it is? (Ok, maybe it's not worth it, but i am perfectionist, and don't want to use "switch cheat") This place drove me mad. Never found the way east of the flooded area. Is it just there to taunt me?
  6. Originally Posted By: IBNobody Handy. Shouldn't Sharpshooter Spray be Missile/Dexterity? EDIT: And shouldn't the SO's ranged attack (bow) be dex? Yes, you are quite right. These have been corrected.
  7. Hi all, Just did some calc and made this list. I hope you find it useful. I don't know how to better present this, but here goes. Avadon Abilities
  8. Originally Posted By: Sempiternity... at what price? The percent bonus damage just modifies every attack, I believe. You can take the damage range the game gives you and multiply the lower and upper ends by your +X% and get your true minimum and maximum damage. How about several sources of +%dmg - how are they added together?
  9. Originally Posted By: Marak Also, the best stat in the game is generally "+ % Physical/Magic Damage", which is another reason why Broadswords, etc. are superior. Most of them grant 10% more damage vs. the 5% that lighter one-handed weapons typically give you. I've been thinking about this... The damage listed on a weapon (or skill) takes into account the chars abilities (and skills). However, it does not include +%dmg, right? So to calculate this dmg one needs to add the +% to the avg dmg manually. How is this done, exactly? Related, but different; 5%dmg(or armor)/level at skill level
  10. Lokiron

    avadon 2

    I had the idea that the remakes of A1-3 would be bundled in one game. Did I make that up in my head?
  11. Sorry for nitpicking your wording, I just want to be sure of this. Originally Posted By: CRISIS on INFINITE SLARTIES All abilities gain bonus levels of damage from character level. Most abilities also gain bonus levels of damage from a stat and some also gain them from a weapon. The following combinations are possible When you say that those combinations are possible you are actually quiet certain of them, right? Because if your are, I will trust your analysis blindly Also, question gone unanswered: How does one figure out the base damage of an ability/weapon? Wha
  12. Originally Posted By: CRISIS on INFINITE SLARTIES 1) Strength + Melee Weapon. Used only for melee attacks. This includes BM (regular melee, Savage Blow, Stunning Bash, Hamstring) and SW (regular melee, Disarming Blow, Shattering Blow). 2) Dexterity + Missile Weapon. Used only for ranged physical attacks. This includes all missile attacks, plus BM (Berserk Leap, Sharpshooter Spray, Blades Sweep, Berserker Slash) and SW (Blade Whirlwind, Razor Spray). 3) Dexterity. Used for SW (Searing Pot, Lightning Pot, Steel Tornado) and SH (Call the Storm, Earthquake, Earthshatter). I have no id
  13. I didn't bother reading this entire thread, but one thing I think is really annoying (so much I plan to e-mail SW), is that I am unable to see the stats while equipping my characters. Flipping between the panels to find the optimal equipment is troublesome. One more thing. Encumbrance is unclear in the inventory screen. Carrying 74 lbs out of 74 lbs is sometimes overencumbered (truly 74,1/74) or not (truly 73,9/74). I'd like to know without having to trigger combat.
  14. And how about item collection quests? Any items to hold on to?
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