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  1. Ok. So where is this on IOS as I haven't noticed before? Thanks for the reply.
  2. Hi in Escape 1 IOS when I defeat the demons in Tower of Magi and open the box for dagger I take it but can't find it on any of my players? Is this a bug? TY
  3. Hi Lilith I cant see it there at all - does it kick in at a certain level???? eg on my BM I go to the spell list and the spiny scarab option isnt there??? Can you do a screenshot to show me - it is annoying me why I cant see it.
  4. Interested in strengths and weaknesses. Ty.
  5. Hi, I have attached a spiny shield scarab to a secondary character not main one, and I can't see where to activate it? This is for use on iPad.
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