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  1. May the prophets smile on you, my child. —MM, who had to copy Alorael's signature hyphen... no, literally. Right clicked and copied.
  2. I was hoping I was the reason the forums were popular. Stupid TM.
  3. You suck. Let me enjoy my drunk nostalgia trip.
  4. Exile. Jenneke is an unparalleled hero.
  5. I'm only ever good for these kind of topics anymore. *le sigh* The test of time, I have not stanned.
  6. Mysterious Man


    I'd look for a copy of SubTerra. I've heard wonderful things.
  7. It's raining men. By the way, the fact that there is a subforum called "Miscellaneous" is a travesty to the old board of legend. I can't believe I used to actually moderate these boards 11 years ago... back when I was 13. No wonder no one likes me... I was a pretty angsty kid. And to keep on the nostalgia kick... The opinions expressed in this topic are pretty funny. http://web.archive.org/web/20020122062911/http://www.ironycentral.com/cgi-bin/ubb/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f=11&t=000020 Eh hem... *i...
  8. He's a disappointment. I'm a little embarrassed that I went along with this has-been.
  9. Hmmm... all this talk about length of member number. For once, I'm proud that something of mine is shorter than most.
  10. I wish I could help you... but alas my only bento box... it is pinku. I hope you can find what you're looking for though.
  11. Someone say nostalgia? For some reason or the other, I never show up on any lists. I wanna be an oldbie. Damn it all.
  12. Was it my imagination or did I see a tree with multiple male genitalia as it's branches? Wooooooo. What do you think those leaves look like?
  13. Man. I shoulda made one of these topics.
  14. Originally Posted By: Randomizer Originally Posted By: Mysterious Man Argh... I am prone to mistakes like that when posting while intoxicated. I guess posting while sober was before I joined. Judging by your join date... that's certainly a possibility. *sigh*
  15. Originally Posted By: Tyranicus Originally Posted By: MM* Lest you forget, I am but a simple-minded naive compared to the massive intellect of the collective of this board. The word you are looking for is knave. I don't believe for one minute that you are naive. Argh... I am prone to mistakes like that when posting while intoxicated.
  16. Originally Posted By: HOUSE of S There has been board downtime more recently than your account was eaten. Buzzkill.
  17. Last time the boards went down for that extended period of time... my account was eaten. I return... and not shortly thereafter, massive board downtime strikes again. Coincidence? Or is this all my evil plot to get back at Mariann? I've never forgotten, Mariann. And I never will. You will always be my mortal enemy.
  18. Open the recycle bin, find Exile III... right click on it with your mouse. Click "Restore".
  19. I imagine that there would be a patch where you can make Erika appear in the nude during the game. Or Rentar. Hubba hubba.
  20. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8trQAQRSlds
  21. MM: I'll have a vodka and tonic... Don't forget the lime.
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