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Found 12 results

  1. So I took it upon myself to get ahead of myself and decided to e-mail our good friend, Mr. Jeff Vogel, basically bothering him and asking him how to 'Capture Soul' Erika, or why Prazac is such a [censored], and I asked him what was in the works after Avadon III wraps up, if they were REALLY remake-inceptioning Exile III: Ruined World. Good 'ol Jeffy simply said we hope to have it out next year, EARLY next year. So. Bottom line is I am excited af for this. Anyone else?
  2. If this idea has been utilised already in the Crystal Souls version of Avernum 2 (though I doubt it considering how the inherited narrative is structured) then please disregard my thought experiment, (and also let me know because that would actually get me to buy the remake) if not... well buckle in, I have an idea for the inevitable remake of the third game. I've always considered it a wasted opportunity that we never had Vahnatai as one of the selectable races during character creation in Avernum 3-6, even during their heel-turn moments the Vahnatai have seldom presented a unified front,
  3. Exact error printed: "Error: Tried to run invalid zone script.." 'Lost' 16 minutes of playing as rebooting nor reinstalling the game didn't help. No updates available for drivers. Game is bought on Steam. Happened when I was inside Giants Fort walking towards Lady Gremlins (Quest: Find Gremlin Women.). Not yet sure if it would occur again if I try going there again later in the game.
  4. Avernum is finished, and now it's time for me to play through Avernum 2! If you want to see the previous game, you can take a look right here! That said, here's the first episode!
  5. Avadon has edits to scripts that make lockpicks and secret doors more visable (easily seen). Are there similar script edits for Avernum 2 Crystal Souls
  6. Who wants magical notes in Avernum 2 ? I've also been in Fort Remote. Thanks for help.
  7. I have seen Avernum 2 and I thought the story was good! Will Jeff Vogel create new version from avernum 2, the same way as the 4 to 6 were?
  8. I suddenly remembered that avernum 2 remake was apparently coming out sooner or later, so I decided to play the original avernum 2. Unfortunately I have lost it since I lost my computer and all the codes and stuff. Only steam games remained, like avadons and avernum 1 remake. I guess I'l buy it again. I'm going to say this... Geneforge engine (or whatever it is called) games have horrible combat. It's just not fun, it quickly feels repetitive. In A2 and A3 you can have epic summon wars where my summons summon more monsters and enemy summons as well. In geneforge engine games summons felt a
  9. Hello SW community, I know that Jeff has been working on rework for Avernum 2 but I wonder if there is any screen shoots and other stuff since I haven't player original Avernum 2 I would be grateful for any information
  10. [spoilers below] I've no idea how to create spoiler tags. Hi there, Avernites! I was just looking for some help with the Phoenix Egg that you get from Pyrog's Lair. Once I reach the magic barriers in Angierach, a dialogue box appears, saying how I should find a mage to bring down the barriers. Apparently, my cleric and mage aren't too bright, hm? Thanks for your help!
  11. I have a somewhat long list of questions about Avernum 2, in the spoiler are my character stats (custom classes). Hope that some veteran has the patience to answer them all, they're pretty straightforward. About both my warriors I was wondering: Which stat gives them more AP? Is it Dexterity, Hardiness or Defense? If all of them what is the most effective one? For survivability should I increase my warrior's Hardiness or Defense? Is it worth it to go farther than 15 Melee Weapons or 10 Assassination? For more chance to hit and damage should I up Blademaster instead of
  12. I've recently realized... after a stint of myself being puzzled... that I've failed miserably at one of Avernum 2's most useful puzzles. This of course is the Chitrach Shrine puzzle, where your party must bring three chitrach larve husks from the tower in the south to the shrine in the north. For some reason, perhaps I was tired, I did not realize that multiple trips were in order... so in my latest play-through, I totally trashed that shrine. ...Granted, it was in all likelihood not a good shrine, but free Blademaster is one thing to make anyone a bit less picky. Add in that I've been liv
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