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Found 12 results

  1. After 3 playthroughs (on normal) it seams like the number of creatures that aggressively attack you are few and far between and may only be random based on the floor layout of the battle. Not counting the named unique creatures, which creature have you noticed that really got to you right away and started doing real damage?
  2. just wondering ... for me was Avernum 2 (2001) version , i love that version ... but now I am playing with Avernum2 CS yes was demo that time
  3. It's been quite a while, and I'm sure with the new remakes some people's opinions must have changed. Let me break it down as to why I choose Exile as my pick. It is the series that got me into Spiderweb Software gaming. If it wasn't for the Exile II on my old neighbors computer, I might never have found my way here. (And I never would have found myself to many, MANY other places as a result. Literally my entire life changed when I joined Spiderweb Software. I've made so many other friends, including my best friend, as a result from joining this place.) I will never forget the fun I had pla
  4. What is the most powerful spell in BoE in your opinion and why? Please try to vote in the poll. It isn't hard, and can give me an overview of this stuff while your posts give me a good analysis. I can tell right now that the BoE community is extremely small.
  5. Note that for question 8, if you choose "upon request", please mark the other circumstances as well. I recognize that question 7 is a bit of a doozy; I chose the responses based on the laws of existing countries (I omitted things like apostasy).
  6. This poll is silly, of course, because it attempts to condense the broad spectrum of philosophical views into a few poll responses.
  7. For those not around in 2009, Northern Isles was a mildly-popular forum game similar to Mafia, set in the Exile/Avernum universe. Anyway, long story short, I'm thinking about bringing it back. It'd most likely use the same rules and roles as game 12 did. Anyway, if there's enough people interested, it'd most likely begin sometime next week. Poll's above and all that. What do y'all think? Is there enough interest to make this happen?
  8. Please don't muck it up, I want to see which games do you guys prefer. Probably, I made a few mistakes and inaccuracies in the poll, but you get the picture right? So yeah, don't mind it. Personally, I prefer singlelplayer games over multiplayer because lag that's why, plus you can't pause/save the game. During a raid, your mom tells you to throw the trash, and then your whole party gets killed because you forgot to say brb or whatsoever. You can't save a game if you'll attempt something stup- "irrational" I prefer stories and combat. An excellent story will immerse you in the game
  9. I recently saw a survey a person asked her facebook friends, and I thought the results were interesting. I would be so bold as to posit the same question here. Due to the polling system of IPB, I've had to host it offsite (While it's better than UBB, the only way to get meaningful data is by making user choices public, which is a Bad Idea). All info is, of course, completely anonymous and confidential. I will __not__ release individual responses, and I will make sure that any info that could be personally identifiable is lumped (similar to what slarty did with the grand poll). The poll is
  10. All votes are anonymous. Unfortunately, this poll isn't of the incredibly comprehensive variety, but I wanted to keep it simple. I thought about having different answers for those that did and did not vote, but I doubted the benefit of any added complexity. I could have added other meaningful questions, but I felt that any of the questions I thought of had been adequately covered in other threads. And of course, feel free to discuss the results of the election.
  11. keira

    Quick food poll

    My brain is curious, please satisfy it. Personally, bread and meat is brilliant, and so are dairy products to go with, like milk and butter.
  12. welcome to the meat thread in which we talk about meats meats i have eaten: beef, pork, lamb, goat, kangaroo, venison, rabbit, chicken, duck, turkey, quail, emu, pheasant, white fish, oily fish, clams, prawns, crabs, crayfish, octopus, squid meats i have not eaten but would be interested to try (disregarding legality and price): buffalo, horse, camel, antelope, pigeon, goose, ostrich, alligator, guinea pig, whale meats i have not eaten and would not particularly like to at this time: just about everything else on the list if you have any interesting meat experiences to share th
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