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  1. Day one instabuy for Avadon 2 on the iPad here...
  2. I bought Avadon for my iPad first. 'nuff said.
  3. Get Escape from The Pit if you hated Avadon as they have very different styles. Or get Escape from The Pit as it is the first Avernum game. Or just get Escape from The Pit when there is a discount. Did I mention that I really enjoyed Escape from The Pit?
  4. i hope the next Star Wars films would be sequels to the Luke and Han trilogy. Enough with the prequels already and the midquel Clone Wars cartoon series is boring as I already know it will lead to Episode IV.
  5. Windows 8 Pro is dirt cheap right now. PITA to use with a mouse though, so you will probably need to splurge on a touch screen.
  6. Well, after installation iOS reports that 104MB was used. This is a positive trend and I hope that Avadon 2's files can be even smaller as storage space is non expendable on iPads. Good job Jeff.
  7. I just bought Avernum 6 for the iPad finally even though I won't have time to play it anytime soon. is anyone else afflicted by this same "gotta collect them all" bug, or do you only buy games when you have the time to play them?
  8. Just got it. Glad to see the download was only 32.4MB. How did Jeff manage to compress it thus? Avernum EFTP was a gigantic 150MB.
  9. Is there any way to get Google to point to this new forum instead?
  10. @TS Both. Do what Bethesda did with Oblivion and Fallout 3 where there's the linear main plot with tonnes of non linear content to play with.
  11. @Ratt That's why the developer has to get in touch with the EFF for legal help and to make a big stink over this. get the Penny Arcade guys involved, post to the usual gaming news channels in order to portray this as the David versus Goliath fight that it is. We cannot allow the Japanese to steal any more of our IPs.
  12. Character editors are unheard of for console RPGs. Now that Final Fantasy is adopting it, it is likely that Square Enix might copyright or patent it. By then it would be too late to protect any of Spiderweb's IPs. That is why so many companies file suit, because the courts want to see you actively protecting your IP, and companies that fail to do so will lose their IPs to competitors who copy them wholesale. If the developer is reading this, get in touch with the EFF or other groups for legal help to fight off this threat.
  13. If you are including Halo, then you must add Counterstrike to the list. Highest replayability ever.
  14. Square Enix announced the re-release of Final Fantasy VII for the PC with several enhancements, including a character editor: "The rumors of a Character Booster [in Final Fantasy VII] turned out to be true. At any point in the game, you can press a button to max out your hit points, magic points, or Gil (money). This will let you easily bypass difficult sections of the game, for better or worse." http://www.cinemablend.com/games/Final-F...rmed-44263.html This sounds similar to the character editor included in Avernum. Will the developer be suing or will he lose control of his S
  15. @ihavenothingprofound There are tons of Spiderweb RPGs for you to explore on your iPad, if you configure it correctly. Connect your PC to the internet or Wi-Fi, depending on whether you are mobile or stationary. Buy and install the Spiderweb RPGs on your PC. Set up VNC, add SSH if you have anything important on your PC. Install the companion VNC app from the App Store, more work if you require SSH. Play PC Spiderweb RPGs to your heart's delight on your iPad. Easy peasy.
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