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  1. The defensive skills are ratio-based. For example, a level of Hardiness reduce the damage taken by 2%. While most of the offensives skills are additive. Say, a weapon skill adds 1 to 4 more damage. The latter makes a much bigger difference early on, when damage and hit points are low. That said, because the increasing cost of skill, you should spend on both. That is because shields are armors do not necessarily encumber you, even if they look heavy. Mages can wear a total of -5% without losing the ability to cast spells. You will find enough magical armors and shields that do not enc
  2. No, it will stay with you unless you visit that person. That person will become hostile if you refuse to give the canister. You don't have to kill that guy when turn hostile though.
  3. No. The mix makes a lot of things stronger, and a small amount weaker. For an optimal party, I feel the remix makes it slightly weaker. For new player, the remix will make your life easier since it allows more viable build.
  4. The last time I played Geneforge, killing your own creations will not give you xp unless they have gone rogue.
  5. Hint Touching the ancient pylons in the right order will unlock a secret level You will know if the pylon you touch is the right one if you read the message The pylons roughly form a circle. Find the right start pylon, then try touch other ones clockwise or counterclockwise in the circle.
  6. Natural armor works in G1 and G2, x natural armor reduce all damage taken by dx (a dice from 1 to x). Then later geneforges there are different types of damage, and armor reduction is percentage based, so natural armor is no longer used.
  7. Good job. What about physical resistance, is it the same as stun resistance, not listed, or the stun resistance is actually physical?
  8. This table works for Geneforge 5 too. The only important difference is Tralls and Shock Tralls have 30 40 40. i.e. they have 0 energy resistance in GF4, improved to 40% in GF5
  9. There is no requirement to reach the tower, but there is a requirement to meet Solberg. Someone in Tower of Magi will give you a quest to find him
  10. I think you cannot even meet Mr. Solberg if you do not know about the demon
  11. Only listed physical, energy, and fire resistances, because they are a lot more important than other ones. (For some version, where drayks, drakons and ur-drakons does physical damage, even fire resistance is not so important. Ur-drakon is the most overpowered creation. They not only have a large damage boost over drakon, the best ancillary effect - slow, but also the best resistance - a 70 energy resistance over drakons. Shaper 40 50 50 Guardian 60 50 30 Alwan 0 0 0 Agent 50 60 30 Greta 0 0 0 Fyora 0 0 30 Cryoa 0 0 0 Thahd 30 0 0 Charged Thahd 0 50 0 Unstable Thahd 0 80 0 Ar
  12. Good to know about luck. But I don't think it adds 2% to hit and to dodge anymore. Though that only matters for a while, obsolete long before the end game.
  13. I suppose so. I have tested with a small-sized sample, the data suggests it works. All items that add your blessings also add your cursing too. So they are likely treated the same way.
  14. No for intelligence Spellcraft affect everything else (damage spells, healing spells, blessing and cursing) but summoning. Most buff/debuff spell has a base duration of 3-5 turns. So 10 spellcraft adds another 0.6 to 1 turns.
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