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  1. Originally Posted By: Miramor Fail post is full of fail! I followed "New Who" for a while, but eventually gave up. Too much cheese, too much silliness, Britney Spears soundtracks didn't help. Had some great stuff though, e.g. almost all of The Empty Child. How far did you get? I didn't start watching New Who till David was on the set and I distinctly remember thinking it was way better than it started.
  2. I should have something around here somewhere... Recent enough. Click to reveal.. How'd you like to wake up to this every morning? Click to reveal.. My daughter showing her true colors. Click to reveal.. And my father's idea of FB worthy. Click to reveal..
  3. So. Not. Fair. Which of you is gonna move to WI to hang out with me, huh? I take u to akchun city n tehas roadhouse... 8| we could do teh dells, man, teh dells!
  5. Jewels: All right, well... does anyone remember what the next stop is supposed to be? Did anyone get an itinerary from Slarty or anything? BJ: Um... I think he kept a copy of it around here somewhere. Let me check the glove box. Sylae: Jewels... I already asked that, like, ten posts ago. Jewels: Oh... well, then... In my defense Nikki gave me motor oil to drink and I don't remember much of the whole trip thus far. It's like I'm looking at it from a three month long fog or something. BJ: Here. I found this and this. The first one was folded into a paper airplane and stuck under the visor, but the second one was right here in the pocket labeled "Map". Do these help? Jewels takes the folded thread copies and glances at them. Jewels: Yeah, thanks BJ, this is perfect. Sylae: Wait... What?? How come nobody found these for me when I asked? And why didn't I see that pocket before?? Jewels: Probably because writing Rebirth has given me so much experience with dying RP's and practice with god-modding. Either that or BJ just likes me better. Sylae grabs the thread from Jewels' hand grumbling while BJ walks away whistling. Sylae: Well... we just left the Misc. boards so according to this, the next stop should be... Huh, speaking of Rebirth, it's the RP era. As soon as the words leave Sylae's mouth, the SpiderBus lurches in another direction and picks up speed. Many spiderwebbers cry out as they are tossed from their seats. Actaeon: Woah! What's going on up there? Sylae: I didn't do anything! I... I think it must be on voice activated autopilot. Nikki: I hope no one was in the bathroom... to which I mean, I reeealllly hope there was. Nikki grins evilly and looks towards the back of the bus, satisfied as a very wet and very angry Mysterious Man opens the bathroom door. He focuses a dagger stare on the person in the drivers seat and bellows. Mysterious Man: SYLAE!! I'm going to KILL YOU!!! Sylae: *gulp* Jewels... do something, quick. Jewels backs away from the front of the bus taking the map with her. Jewels: Sorry, Sy. My god-modding powers can only go so far. You'll, uh, have to take care of this on your own.
  6. Oy, Slarty. I say Welcome. Here is your allotted amount of sanity back. It's not nearly as much as you came in with but if you feed it regularly with non-General activity it should grow with time. When you visit you will be required to redeposit your sanity at the door if the amount you have grown causes said visit to exceed your personal insanity threshold. Please monitor your insanity intake and threshold levels closely. You are responsible for any and all "incidents" that occur from exceeding your threshold. Once again welcome and enjoy the rest of your life. Make it a good one.
  7. Originally Posted By: Nightwatcher No! No! Stop it! Stop it! You, Monster Wha? You'd rather have a platypus toy? It's a platypus. It doesn't DO anything.
  8. "Brick, brick, brick, brick, brick, brick. It's fun."
  9. ...mom would have some 'splainin to do. Just sayin.
  10. Of note, I'm worse off than you when it comes to self discipline, Slarty. In the appreciation to art category, I was disappointed to see no questions about music appreciation. Museums with paintings and sculptures are... nice... the first time through so I didn't score big, but skipping the musical aspect of art skewed the results imo. Cuz I do love my music. I also think the lack of questions about puzzles, riddles, invention and strategic games skews the intellect towards those who like to discuss ideas with other people rather than pondering by oneself. For example, taking the test as a whole and looking at things over the past 15 odd years led me to wonder about trends in my own life. Depression and Self-Consciousness have markedly increased since high school while Friendliness and Cheerfulness have markedly decreased. Theories as to the cause weigh heavily on marriage and children. Many many underlying things to speculate on here, but ultimately I see an introvert having to share 'alone time' with more and more people who don't necessarily get along with one another. I expect the trend will reverse as I send them off to college and/or their own lives.
  11. Paid 19.50 to see The Dark Knight last Friday. That is the whole family and a friend piled into our van and went to the drive in theater for only 19.50. Bonus, The Amazing Spiderman played immediately afterwards. True, 3 AM is a really late night and true half the kids fell asleep, but for 20 bucks, a night of action and adventure for all who stayed awake was quite a deal. As for political undertones... I agree with RCCCL. I went to be entertained by explosions, unreasonable violence, and unrealistic plot-hole filled solutions to improbable illogical problems. The movie did not disappoint.
  12. Favourite Comic: X-men from comic to cartoon to movie series. <3 Favourite Painter: VanGogh - Dr. Who may have colored my view a bit... Favourite Sculptor: Korczak Ziótkowski - I love his ambition at least. There are not many sculptures that I really enjoy. Favourite Architect/Building: The Egyptians w/their pyramids and whoever designed/built them. Favourite Composer: John Williams - Though the big classical composers of yesteryear are all fond favorites, too. Favourite Musician/Band: Al Yankovic - Before you roll your eyes consider his actual talents. He does EVERY genre of music; rap to swing to ballad to hip hop to rock to blues to pop, etc., so my taste for variety is satisfied. He has impeccable rhythm and timing not to mention the multitude of sounds he uses to keep that rhythm, his enunciation lets his audience understand every word of every song, therefore sing along, and his pitch is perfect even with the incredible range he has. And on top of all that I smile and laugh through almost all his songs. I could listen to him all day long and not get bored. Favourite Prose Writer: Mike Yankoski - actually I don't really have a favorite Prose writer at the moment but Mike's book was one of the most recent that I really enjoyed. Favourite Poet: Dr. Seuss - I loved reading fox in socks to the kids. Twas great fun and dexterity practice. Favourite Playwright: Shakespeare - No one else comes close. Favourite Filmmaker: Peter Jackson - For the Shire! Favourite Philosopher: Jesus - Crazy radical. Favourite Miscellaneous Artist Not Covered Above: In Digital Art, it is difficult to pick only one favorite because there are so many great artists, but the work by Anne Stokes embodies the kind of digital art I fall in love with.
  13. It's always been the case, Sylae. Don't know why you're surprised by it. Did my Week 1 Column 2 Day 3 reps. Half a day late, but they're in. Maxed at 13. Whee, 100 here I come!
  14. Yeah but the good stuff doesn't really happen until page 5 of FT and the bad (i.e. really good) stuff is much later. Rebirth's first post is one to blush at, though; thus easier to direct doubters towards.
  15. Originally Posted By: Harehunter Jewels in Black is probably more conservative than I am. Bwahaha Hahahaha Ahahahahaha... Only when I wanna be. Slarty just reminded me yesterday of some of the things I've said and... you don't even wanna know. (That 1% get's me in trouble all the time.) Also, anyone who's dared to read Fanciful Tales: Rebirth would disagree. It is not for the squeamish.
  16. Originally Posted By: HOUSE of S The Humanmetrics test is awful. If everyone's going to take the test, I highly recommend this longer, but subtler version. Gave me INTP.
  17. Yes, Nioca, if anything pushing from my knees forced my stomach muscles to stop trying to help. Did my reps for the day. Week 1 Day 2 Column 2: maxed at 11 which is almost twice my max for Monday so I'm not gonna complain one bit even though my arms were so sore yesterday... It was a good hurt.
  18. ISTJ Introvert(44%) Sensing(12%) Thinking(1%) Judging(44%) You have moderate preference of Introversion over Extraversion (44%) You have slight preference of Sensing over Intuition (12%) You have marginal or no preference of Thinking over Feeling (1%) You have moderate preference of Judging over Perceiving (44%) I seem to remember getting an INFJ on a previous test but it was not for either of those threads.
  19. Yeah, Puff who lived by the sea and frolicked in the autumn mist... and Elliot. I was thinking the song but seeing the movie.
  20. Okay, I did some experimentation here since I was pretty certain I wasn't doing them right in the first place. I know I wasn't going all the way down so I tried some from the knees and it felt so much better form wise though it killed my knees. Got out a kneeling pad and did Week 1 Day 1 Column 2 on my knees and maxed out at 6 with my arms hurting a whole lot more than last week's max at 9 so I think I'm where I should be.
  21. Pete the magic dragon? I'm reading the Dragon Prince series by Melanie Rawn. The dragons aren't exactly benevolent (portrayed more like animals relying on instincts), but book two ends with the protagonist learning to communicate with them and having a rather pleasant conversation. I expect book 3 to have some nice dragons and some who just want to eat the people.
  22. Hmm... I disagree. Not because I doubt Dikiyoba is non-gendered in real life but because it is an important and unique part of Diki's online persona. I mean, if its a big enough deal to cause Diki to chew Slarty out for forgetting it's something worth including. Originally Posted By: Homage Nikki's not the only flirt. Ain't that right, honeycake? But you won't flirt with me anymore so you don't count.
  23. Sylae edits every post on purpose to make a comment. Better make sure you specify that Dikiyoba is a non-gendered dikiyora. Mysterious Man likes to post while drunk. Saunders quilts on the mod board. ADoS collects and names stuffed animals. Nikki is a shameless flirt. (He's the new Casanova) *passes out teh huggles with an extra super duper squeeze for Excalibur*
  24. I fail at reading... Though it may be that there are at present 5 children in my home and finding time to check the website may have played a part. I did week 1 day 1 column 1 three days in a row and intended to do it the next two nights when I became waylayed at my usual exercise time. I'm thinking I should start over only in column two since my max has been 9, 10, and 11.
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