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  1. Ya, I know that. But the "Next Unread Topic-->" link is supposed to be there for convenience. I do not find it convenient without the name of the topic on each post. Just saying. Clicking on the "Back to General" link and then the blue dot works but it's two clicks over one. Yer makin me do twice the work!!1!
  2. If possible I'd like to see the title of the thread back at the top of each person's post. (ex. RE: They Changed It Now It Sucks) When I click the "Next Unread Topic-->" link it brings me to new unread content but without the name of the topic on the posts I have to scroll to the top of the page to know what I'm posting in, anyway. Not convenient... at least for me.
  3. There are some things I miss about the old board. Not UBB specific but just the new layout is taking some getting used to. For example, I just noticed that the title of the thread is no longer at the top of each person's post. When I click the "Next Unread Topic-->" link it brings me to new unread content but without the name of the topic on the posts I have to scroll to the top of the page to know what I'm posting in, anyway. I'll note this in the proper thread, too.
  4. I have not been active enough to know Jerakeen but I am happy for the new blood in leadership. Newer, less-known mods in leadership make them a little less intimidating. In other news... I gotta fix my avvie. That's not how I wanted it to look.
  5. Links to the forum have been updated on the index pages and the Comprehensive Links page. Any other links to the forum will be updated when the complete overhaul is made.
  6. If you shoot first and sing later, I'm sure your evil plans will work out just fine.
  7. Huzzah! Ballons and streamers and cake of your choice.
  8. I think Alorael looks like Bloo... only less blue.
  9. Throwing stones is fun. Especially when into a lake. They drop down to the bottom never to be seen again. Unless you go swimming and fish them out. But then they'd be wet. I don't like wet stones.
  10. Not sure but you may want to change this before it becomes abused: Edit Signature Your signature may contain: • Any number images • Images of any size • Any number of URLs • Any number of lines
  11. Congratulations, Sylae. I know you'll do a great job... as long as you don't blow up the place. Does this mean FT will need another installment after RB?
  12. Validation! I said Jersey, didn't I say Jersey? Okay, I'm good now. Guess I'll roll with the timey-wimey and just do an unofficial re-write in my head.
  13. I love my friends.

  14. Okay, so I just had to rant somewhere and this seemed the most appropriate place. For some reason my DVR did not record the latest DrWho episode, The Angels Take Manhattan, so after trying to find it elsewhere for two weeks I finally break down and spend two bucks for the rights to watch it over and over on Amazon. I just can't contain how... And /rant.
  15. I do not like pumpkin pie. I want apple. Jerry gives me apple pie. I want Jerry.
  16. Didn't read everything, so I'm not sure if it's been said... Good and evil being 'undefinable': Human beings are inherently selfish as are most other mammals. Socialization often demands we be less selfish, but then again there is the payoff of being accepted by the group. The group offers protection, fellowship, mating opportunities and shared resources so being less selfish in the immediate circumstances is to our long term benefit. The human's level of cognitive ability allows us to choose to be genuinely generous, but first instinct is to gather, keep, hoard, and protect one's own. I do subscribe to a certain definition of good and evil (no surprise there). Instinctively being selfish would fall more on the 'evil' side of that definition. When the standard of good in my definition is to "love your enemies and bless the one who curses you, and do what is beautiful to the one who hates you, and pray over those who take you by force and persecute you." falling more on the 'evil' side is very easy.
  17. @Hare - A BoE graphics database was always something I wanted to eventually do. PixPro will be getting its own revamp, but atm I was going to focus on the scenario pages. Treat them like different projects so I finish one thing before starting another. Feel free to send me whatever information you'd like, but realize I don't see that update coming for 6-12 months. @Nikki- I was thinking more like something that inspired the author to make the scenario (Like Doctor Who:Blink for your scenario, The Eternal.) Or something they learned while making it, or a character's favorite quote. It'd be author's choice for what they wanted to show the public. Ooh, something else DrWho:Blink made me think of. Easter Eggs, anyone?
  18. I wasn't planning on ALL the characters in the scenario, but more like the characters you will be playing or barring that, the characters that introduce the quest. Things about them the player would find out within the first 5/10 minutes of playing. People have different tastes, so I was thinking like the excerpt on the back of a book. Give a taste for them to better decide if they want to play it. Again, though, the effect I'm going for could be something gotten in an author highlight. Maybe if the author is unavailable or unwilling to give a highlight, I could do a 'meet the characters' instead for that scenario. Thought of other things to add. Important Notes (Tab)- To list things like known bugs/issues, special requirements (like a custom party) with instructions if necessary Contests Entered Awards Won
  19. SQL database is possible... It adds to completion time but it's something I should practice anyway, so why not. Hmm. I'm thinking of a TAB format, one tab for each applicable item: 'Description, Hints, Walkthrough, Maps, Author Scenarios.' Author Scenario Table has scenarios listed by Release Date? Or should I try to make sure all series are listed together? That might be tricky to query. Easiest just to cheat and give scenarios custom order id's.
  20. I'm finally going to start implementing some of the neat stuff I've been learning in my college classes. One of the major things I've learned is that planning before you start saves a buttload of time in reworking half-done stuff later. To start the planning process, I'd like your input on things you'd like to see on the scenario pages. The end user IS the most important, after all. Here is the information already on each page: Scenario Name Scenario Download/s Author Name Author Website Link to Reviews Description if available Hints if available Walkthrough if available Map if available I'm also thinking of adding the following: Screenshot Author Highlight(if authors are willing to submit them) Download Size Genre Recommended Party Size CSR Rating - updated monthly hopefully... Meet the Characters? - I might be biting off more than I can chew with this one. Random Review Quote - picked by me from those submitted For your part, I'd like suggestions for other things to include (Any other important specifications to include?), and your feedback for those things I've listed as wanting to add. Suggestions for format are also welcome. CSS and JavaScript will be utilized. If I don't know how to implement a feature yet, I'm willing to research it so go crazy.
  21. Heh, I think dialog-ing IS my favorite part, though granted I do find it one of the more difficult parts. Drawing towns is so much easier to do, but I still love writing... even if it always seems to come out over-the-top sappy.
  22. When I am an unemployed BSIT-SE graduate, I will likely play with this.
  23. Originally Posted By: Miramor He can go forward or backward in time to set things up for his past or future self... Did you miss the episode where Rose goes to see her dad? The new Who set up pretty early how that kind of thing is a bad idea for him. Besides... it's funner to watch him stumble over his own feet and still come out on top. Gives me hope for myself.
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