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  1. So sorry for the long delay, been a very busy past couple weeks. Here are the links for PC version and Mac: PC - http://blades.nether...ishBeta1Win.zip Mac - http://blades.nether...ishBeta1Win.zip Just looking for some opinions on how it runs and all Also, thank you Tyranicus for uploading those for me.
  2. First of all, I'm not sure who to ask to upload the scenario (or where it's uploaded for that matter), so I need to get that sorted. Sorry about that. I originally made the "Battle for Gale" scenario (quite awhile ago, im afraid), which was an experiment into more strategic BoA combat. Because, why not? This is another in the series. Again, only one battle, not a very complicated plot. I'm mostly working out some of the scripting, noting some suggestions that were made by BMA. If this one is liked, im going to try implementing it into a larger scenario, for fun battle sequences. That is, if
  3. Well this is just amazing. My scenario had to do with the history a generation or two after A3, and I tried to bring that together with events in the BoA scenarios, especially A Small Rebellion. Knowing that the community has alot of interest in it gives some more reason to actually go and finish it. Very very big though. I guess I'll just wish for Spiderweb to do a pre-history game series for the far future.
  4. I really like the Avernum/Exile world that Jeff Vogel created for the series, especially the surface and the Empire. The underground world is thoroughly explored in all the games, but only one of them goes onto the surface. I know the whole point is exploring Avernum, the underworld, but there seems to be a lot of history for the surface world as well. I've read a few Exile history documents that Jeff wrote, specifically one about the Anama war, and one about the conquering of Valorim. Not actually sure where I got them from, I assume it was written by Spiderweb. My question is, will the w
  5. Ah awesome, thank you very much. I should have thought to look for a walkthrough.
  6. I don't remember the name of the maid in Hawke's Manse in Avernum 3. I tried cheating my way into Lorelei to get the mansion, since I didn't want to play through the whole game again, but I wasn't able to do it. If anyone has been playing it recently or still has a save from it, it would be really nice to know her name, for a scenario I'm doing in BoA. (Woo, long live BoA! Never shall I let you die!)
  7. Cast Spell: Topic Necro! This topic has been reborn. So, has everyone pretty much stopped playing Wesnoth? or is there still interest in it? (is totally not lurking around these boards, he just wants some wesnoth buddies )
  8. The coals are still smoldering, all they need now is a good blow and a little fuel, then BoA will be up and running with the wind again. Don't let the embers die out! I really like the graphics too, probably because I've spent far too much time looking at them. And I think it's amazing what some people have done in their scenarios to make them look really beautiful. Niemand and TM's scenarios come to mind.
  9. But which Star Trek? I saw The Hobbit a week or two ago, and I was rather dissapointed with it. Of course, I read the book just a few weeks earlier, so I was able to pick out all the discrepencies. It was a good movie, and I enjoyed watching it, but I liked it far less than the Lord of the Ring films, because it seemed to focus much more on the action sequences. In LotR, the plot was more important than the battles, therefore all the action added to the story. In The Hobbit, there were many added action scenes that didn't really make sense (like when Radagast draws off the wargs and Thorin
  10. I'm still hanging on to BoA, writing bits of scenarios I'd like to make, from time to time. I would play this if you finished it. I haven't played much of BoE, but I've heard that Alcritas made the best scenarios. Might even motivate me to do something with the scraps I've got for BoA.
  11. I think it's because, as Sylae showed in the graph in the posting topic, most people post around 12 to 7 pm (MDT), the time between lunch and dinner, more or less. Unless of course you eat spontaneously at random times during the day. Speaking of which, I think it's about time I had breakfast/supper...
  12. Charles finishes bandaging the minors scrapes and bruises he obtained during the raptor fight. He emerges from the bus bathroom to find a dinosaur instructing a smaller dinosaur on the proper method of cleaning spills with a rag. Only they aren't spills, but rather blood stains. The larger dinosaur notices Charles exit from the restroom. Dikiyoba: "Ah, now Dinky Yoda can get cleaned up. Excuse me." Leaving Dikiyoba to that, Charles gets off the bus to see how the others are doing. A few have disappeared, heading off to hunt the raptors, according to those left. He apparently missed
  13. Charles joins the fighters, swinging aimlessly at the enemy. His blows are inaccurate and wild, but he manages to keep the raptors away from him. He nearly jumps out of his skin when a glowing figure with a sword suddenly appears next to him, attacking a very confused velociraptor. However, instead of retaliating, the raptor runs away, claws in the air. Something about the exchange seems not quite right, as the figure throws down its sword and runs after it. It must know something Charles doesn't. While he's distracted with these happenings, one of the velociraptors jumps on Charles, and t
  14. How large is the group of velociraptors?
  15. Sitting low in a tree, Charles fends off a couple of the velociraptors that have taken notice of him. He had tried to get behind the pack, but the situation changed dramatically when the beasts got violent and started attacking. The others boarded the bus safely, but Charles opted to get up a nearby tree. He's relieved when the two raptors retreat, and turns to see a robed man playing a beautiful tune on a glowing guitar. The velociraptors are keeping well away from him, and Charles using the chance to jump down and retreat to the bus. There he finds a man lying in blood with a bandage
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