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    Poll: Pie

    Peach Pie ftw. Though I'd trade up for Sweet Potato Pie if it were on the list.
  2. Originally Posted By: VCH Like any sport, if you're getting hurt you're either pushing yourself too hard or not doing it right. Running should have very minimal impact on your knees, shins and so on if done with good form. But most people never consider that there's more to running than "just doing it"—imagine if pro golfers thought that way. I'm sorry if this came across strong, i'm not picking on you per se. I don't think I was overdoing it on the jump switch. The knee cap dislocation was an old injury from years back. I dislocated it multiple times until they put me in a straight leg cast for 6 weeks 10 years ago. Hadn't had any problem with it since then so I wasn't being overly cautions but it was just a jump. Really it was landing on it at just the right angle with just the right amount of tension in my outer thigh muscles that popped it to the side a bit again. So, yeah, no high impact exercises for me without my knee brace on now. I did keep going to at least earn my next belt up at the same time as the boys. That's as far as I'll go, though. While I enjoy the forms and technique, I loathe sparring and grappling. The front and rear mounting I can handle, but the chest to chest pinning was just a bit more than I could take. Anyways. Did my reps, managed fine but wound up doing 9 during the max out which makes me think either I'm doing it wrong or all I needed was a little warm up. Either way, I hope it will gain me back some strength. Did 20 crunches and 20 sit-ups too just for the fun of it. /internet peer pressure
  3. Yeah, sure, maybe after I'm done with my classes and my kids have gone off to college and I quit 3 of my 4 jobs I'll have an hour or two a day available for biking. Maybe. Yeah, yeah. I know. If its important to me I'll make the time but lets start with this 30 min/week thing and work from there, eh? ps. At the gym, the recumbent bike was one of my favorite exercises, second only to the crunch machine. Man I miss the Y...
  4. Balladeer


    In less than a month I will be holding my 5th 29th Birthday Celebration and my 8th Anniversary of creating this ole account. Huzzah for July.
  5. ... Sy, I think Dinti will be having quite a work out but it will be from running away. As for the program, I have been meaning to find something to get back into. Use to go to the gym and quite enjoyed it. Use to practice kuykido with the boys till my kneecap tried to dislocate on a jump switch.. stupid old injury. I've been feeling (and seeing) the effects of inactivity so I'm in. Being a year out of practice from formal push-ups I only made it to 5. I wonder how many sit-ups I can manage...
  6. Originally Posted By: Skwish-E Oh wow!. Now I have a headache. Thanks! ^ This. You owe me a temple rub.
  7. You should be able to call the bank and verify the charge. ...when it's open anyway.
  8. Heh, I was just going to ask if the basilisks ever ran out. Guess not. But I will say that having the money sooner would have been nice. There were a couple of nice enchanted armor items that I wanted but didn't have the money for so I thought I'd just come back to get them. Now either the merchants sold the items to other buyers or I can't find the right merchants... quite frustrating.
  9. Might it have to do with the old Demo CD's/games no longer working on the newer OSes? All of the past momentum made with spreading demo CD's from friend to friend was stinted.
  10. Balladeer


    Fantazian? Gamma Sentry looks like Inside if you consider it more readable. and Generation Nth has the dots without being overly sci-fi. Jump Troops? Planet X and Planet Z have the dots. Psuedo Saudi has that hieroglyphic look. Yggdrasil? I like the O on this one. Guess you can browse the others if you haven't looked there yet.
  11. Originally Posted By: Nikki. Second "walla" needs more love, people. We can do it! I am a middle child. The poll had me at Walla walla.
  12. Posts. <-- Points at "Registered: xx/xx/xx" date. I think it says 04 so about 8 years.
  13. I'm not sure if you tried to list it on your poll but I've always enjoyed the Hidden Pictures optical illusions. For u Diki. Edit: Cairo, if this is what u were talking about, I find it helps to have the picture up close the the face and then bring it back slowly. Keeps the eyes in the right focus.
  14. Oh Happy Day. First impression: your writing skills have improved. Professional grade, no lie.
  15. Woot! Though I can't say I'm a fan of Lennon. He kinda creeps me out really. PS... Weren't you supposed to be quitting the forums?
  16. In Exile and Avernum you could move around using the arrow keys or numberpad but neither seem to work in Avadon. I'm really missing the ease of movement especially during combat. Now it's click, shortcut key, click, shortcut key. I've looked in the settings and instructions but cannot find a way to set the movement with keyboard keys, am I missing something or will I just have to do without?
  17. In the past two weeks I have purchased A5, A6, and Avadon without actually playing them yet or planning to play them in the next two months (hosting a foreign exchange student this year so I'm gonna try to stay off the computer for a change). Add to that the Nethergate and Geneforge games I bought last year without opening yet... I think I just like to give Jeff my money.
  18. Originally Posted By: Student of Trinity J.B.S. Haldane famously answered a question about what biology revealed about God with, "An inordinate fondness for beetles." What physics apparently reveals is God's inordinate fondness for vacuum. When your canvas is infinitely huge there's bound to be some white space. But whether it be the vast universe or the double helix, I view God as an artist. He writes the stories, paints the set, composes the music, performs the special effects... He sees everything down to the tiniest detail and I think God has a thing for fractals myself. The cabbage is my favorite.
  19. Originally Posted By: Dikiyoba Don't forget that Jeff has kids who are about the right age to enjoy the show. ^This. I can currently tell you anything you would ever want to know about The Winx Club, Spongebob, Phineas & Ferb, Johnny Test, Kick Buttowski and a slew of other currently running cartoon shows. Not because I enjoy watching these shows, per say, but because my kids do. And they seem to really enjoy watching reruns too. So no worries if I miss it the first time, I'll have tens more chances to catch the episode.
  20. Al, right, that was his name. Originally Posted By: Kreador This suffers the logical fallacy of cherry picking data points. Yes, there have ALWAYS been examples of incompetent or barely competent men used for comedic entertainments. Think back to Polonius in Hamlet, portrayed as an idiot spouting cliches and calling them wisdom. That doesn't mean that every male character in entertainment is a knock on the male psyche, or that there's a pattern of denigrating men throughout popular entertainment. I disagree. Yes, there have always been the comedic relief characters in our entertainment, but less and less are there genuine strong male characters to play along side them. The fool has become the main character if not the only character. Maybe that's just what our culture finds funny these days, and thus what comes out as successful comedies, but I still don't like it. Quote: The bumbling guy who somehow still manages to get by and be lovable is a staple, yes, in large part because a lot of men do wonder why the people in their lives love them when they're clearly not the supermen they think they're supposed to be. Not saying guys should have the expectation of 'Superman' hanging over them, but, to touch on Lilith's point, I don't want guys to conform to considerably lower expectations either. I want my boys to grow up striving to be strong competent men rather than settling for bumbling fool, and I wouldn't mind there being a few more entertaining role model characters on prime time to show them what that might look like.
  21. Personally I find it pretty peculiar that a petite pronoun can perturb a person so pointedly. Joking aside, its a thought I had from reading the wiki article. Up until the pretty recently, it was common practice to use the male gender pronoun 'he' to talk about someone with an unknown gender or a whole group of people with mixed genders. I am personally not offended in the slightest to be considered part of MANkind and I am baffled by the sentiment of those who insist it should be HUMANkind. It's just a word, it means everyone, I just don't understand why some people think its a big deal. The political correctness of firefighter over fireman and police officer over policeman is similarly unnecessary in my mind. I hear the arguments but the word usage just doesn't seem worth arguing over to me when the terms were always meant to include everyone. With the way things are going I'm surprised that there hasn't been a demanded name change for the sport of Golf. What I DO take offense to, though, are the increasing tendencies to portray men as blundering idiots in prime time entertainment. Homer, George Lopez, Tim the Tool Man Taylor, Al Bundy, Phil Dunphy, Spencer Shay... the list goes on and on; the male psyche is being endlessly bombarded with the message that 'guys are clueless' and its not a good thing.
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