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  1. Glad it's over. Glad most of my SW friends are happy. Wish I could find the results for the referendum that was on my ballot... It was just a recommendation thing to start the ball rolling on whether or not free speech should only be granted to individuals and not corporations, unions, etc. I voted to not limit free speech and I'm hoping that's how the majority of people feel but I'd like to see the results for it. It was worded very oddly... Said 'Should campaign fund giving be limited by allowing only individuals to have freedom of speech?' Or something to that effect and I was like, "What does campaign fund giving have to do with it? No one's freedom of speech, corporate entity or otherwise, should be limited. Period." I was there. Actaeon has been located 9 days ago. Paradox plan to eliminate him before he creates said poll is underway.
  2. *looks at desktop to see if picture worthy* *notices files "Iffy's family.txt", "Sy past.txt", and "hair.txt"* <.< ... >.> *cleans up* *takes pic* Kids use this computer too and change the background on their own whims. Lots of games are theirs but most the other stuff is mine.
  3. [EDIT by Student of Trinity: Moved from earlier topic on 2012 Election Season. First lines of this post are now out of context: sorry. IPB doesn't move posts in the way I thought it would.] [Edit by Jewels: snip unrelated content] Moving on, how about those results, eh? I find the ballot issue results very interesting and have many questions. For instance since Washington's 'legalize marijuana' ballot passed and Oregon's didn't, do they have any plans for enforcing it? (i.e. to keep Oregon residents from buying over Washington's borders, or keeping Washington residents from carrying it into other states) Will this be a local law enforcement(LLE) issue? If yes does WA care that OR's LLE will be overtaxed receiving the brunt of the responsibility of keeping WA's legal marijuana out of OR? Then what's with New Hampshire's Income tax ban and why didn't my state think of this? I don't want to pay income tax either. >:oK [Also Edit by Jewels: in other news how do you change what the Edit By line says? I cannot find the option anywhere...]
  4. Why can't I ignore your siggy, Sy? Not that I'd want to, just sayin the x isn't there.
  5. Mail-in ballots sound interesting. How do people get the ballots to mail in? I expect either they go somewhere and pick one up or have it mailed to them? I lean towards the first considering the homeless, though also hope the shut-ins are considered... Both?
  6. As derogatory as idiot is what I said. But if you require proof... I am now also disappointed that the discussion as been reduced to personal attacks. I do not care, Diki, if you or anyone else thinks I am a bigot for my beliefs. I am just trying to state that Spiderweb Forums is not the place to call me one. I'd have nothing to say at CalRef and, indeed, would spar with you there if you wished. I just expect better here, especially considering any thread about whether LGBT is immoral or not would be soon locked.
  7. I don't see anyone here telling anyone else that they are being immoral.
  8. I am not discounting the discussion. I am discounting the hostility within the discussion. Bigot is a derogatory term just as idiot is. Both can be used to accurately describe someone but it is not polite. The vehemence in some of these posts is more than enough to offend those who hold the belief that the LGBT lifestyle is immoral.
  9. I have voted. In other news I am very disappointing at the level of name calling, from the SW leadership no less, this thread has sunk to. Bigotry is intolerance of other people's beliefs and it goes both ways. Not that the description could not be accurate for some but the hostility is unwarranted.
  10. Huh, I thought there would be more concern about sensitive information being made available to anyone who knew where to look for it on a used machine. Especially with the rise in identity theft already.
  11. In the middle of Crazy Love by Francis Chan and Green Rider by... I'll have to look later. The first really is crazy. The second, not bad but not great. Concepts are good but the flow is lacking.
  12. Do you, like me, feel like taking a nap when a big storm system is moving in? No I like to watch out the window or go tornado chasing. Are increased ER visits and arrests on full moons a statistical coincidence? No, though I consider this more of a social phenomenon than something caused by none of the moon being shaded by the earth. People just thinking that a full moon does weird things to a person will incline those people to do things they would consider weird. Do you crave different food in February than you do in July? Yes, more from the temperature. I like hot foods when I am cold and cold foods when I am hot. Gotta regulate, you know. Could the time of year you were born actually have a bearing on your personality? Eh, I don't buy into this but I suppose it is possible. At least for places that have perceptible changes of seasons. If the first six months of a child's life is spent indoors or swaddled in blankets they may have a different disposition from a child who spends the first six months with more outdoor time in short sleeves. Switch this to the 6-12 month age when kids are starting to walk and gain their freedom of movement, always being bundled up at this age may make for a more subdued child, possibly, or a more cantankerous one... Are spring and fall times of change for you personally? Sort of, it's more revolving around summer though, and again it is a socially based. End of spring means kids stay home from school, big change in schedules and activities. Beginning of fall kids go back to school and the change is reversed and I breathe a sigh of relief. Is November melancholy everywhere? Not for me. Is April actually the cruelest month? Not for me. Though April has been cruel before.
  13. I predict that about half the country will be disappointed come Tuesday night and about 75% will be disappointed round 4 years from now.
  14. To the effect of what Nalyd said, The tongue enjoys many tastes and some of those tastes can be found raw in nature but culinary delights are most frequently found when tastes are mixed together and cooked a certain way. Would you eat your steak without seasoning, or your pizza without sauce, cheese, and toppings, or your vanilla ice cream without *gasp* chocolate syrup?! I never did say I liked the taste of black coffee, just opinionated that if you don't like the way your coffee tastes if you try it differently you'll likely find a flavor you do like.
  15. This item was brought to my attention in my class and I was one of the 60% who did not know that industrial copy machines save a copy of every document you scan to a hard drive. (And that many companies do not erase said hard drive before selling old machines.) I found it disturbing in the least and wanted to make sure the well-informed spiderweb community was also informed about this. If this is old-news that was already beaten around the bush while I was inactive, don't mind me. Otherwise... Discuss. My class post on the matter: "Goodness... Why is it even necessary for the copiers to hold this information on their hard drives? Wouldn't it be sufficient for the machine to hold the document in RAM while printing or faxing and then deleting it as soon as the job was processed? I see this as an unnecessary addition on the part of the manufacturers, and grievously so. It's not even a matter of making sure you don't use a copier for sensitive documents, it's all the sensitive documents that other companies have about you and are copying, too. There's almost nothing you can do about it besides asking the company about their copier policies and requesting they change them if they are not deleting this information."
  16. What is this bitterness you speak of? My white-chocolate-peppermint mochachino is not bitter. It is rich and sweet and makes me tingly warm from head to toe. Granted, the tingling is probably more like the jitters but if you don't like the taste of coffee, ur doin it wrong...
  17. My favorite drink is DrPepper. All that other stuff is rubbish. Rubbish I tell you!
  18. I like the alternate punctuation for exclamations. They're cute. You should totally turn them into smileys so we can use them here.
  19. Oh, goodie, time to buy more SW games I don't have time to play.
  20. I went as a medieval theme person with green cloak and fancy dress. Made the sleeves, headpiece, and belt out of another dress. Some people took pics but I don't have any yet.
  21. The only games I have purchased myself but never played were made by Jeff. I have a few that other people bought for me that I never cracked. Civilization IV comes to mind. Used to play Civ a lot but its so time consuming that I just never opened the newer version.
  22. I was disappointed in the article's lack of statistics on the percentage of infants that actually died from this. The supporting article does a little better but I don't think that it gives us a perfect case study. These babies wasting away are not deprived of their senses, they are deprived of human contact. Which, while it may be a good starting point and the closest we can get to a real case study, it is imperfect. I would argue, though, that it is not the actual lack of human contact that is killing them, but their sense of loss going from constant contact to none. Thus its other name of anaclitic depression. If sensing human contact is a pre-requisite for thriving, than any baby that does not develop the ability to sense anything would die in the womb. And maybe there is our answer right there. Has there ever been a baby born without the sense of touch that survived? I did a small search and could not come up with anything that was not philosophical.
  23. With the game already made and sitting on a shelf I don't see what Jeff has to lose other than the time it takes to negotiate who gets how much with Steam. I hope he does.
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