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  1. Braindead, yes, but otherwise no. A capable brain with no input is still capable. Not sure what those thoughts might look like but in the least I bet at least one concept would be something like, "Its dark, its dark, why is it always dark?" I also bet that the imagination might surprise us if such a person ever existed and was later able to communicate what they spent their time thinking about.
  2. To what extent is language tied up with cognition? Can the latter exist without the former? Only to the extent it takes to convey your concept to someone else. Indeed the mute/deaf/and blind can still think about whatever it is they are feeling. Helen Keller could think perfectly fine without language. Giving her language just unlocked her ability to communicate with the world. Do you THINK in language? Even when your imagining a sensory experience? No. I think in pictures/concepts. I always have. I find it difficult sometimes to properly express my thoughts to others because what I am thinking does not really have adequate words to describe it. To what extent to basic neurological responses qualify as "thought? To the extent that the thinker is conscious of it. With my definition, dreams are not necessarily thoughts. Not until one is either in a waking dream or thinks about the dream after waking up. What qualifies as "language"? Does a pet communicating a desire for food count? A language is any form of communication that is repeatable. That is, a word or a concept has a specific sound or symbol or gesture assigned to it. That sound or symbol or gesture always refers to the same word or concept and is repeatable to convey the same word or concept to many people/animals. Pronunciations and spellings may change over time but if it is not repeatable, no thoughts can be communicated. Is language the primary avenue for cultural programming? The only one? Yes. There are few other ways to convey how one is supposed to act in order to be culturally accepted without language. Observation of the behaviors of others might be an alternative, but then body language also comes into play. It is difficult to observe behaviors without seeing some type of gesticular language at the same time. Do different languages produce inherently different behaviors? No. I have seen much of the same inherent behaviors written throughout history no matter what language the people were speaking. Does having more ways of expressing something make it easier to understand? Depends. I love my Thesaurus. I love being able to find one word that means the same as a certain combination of other words. But it is only 'easier' to understand if that word is in the other person's vocabulary. I remember I had the hardest time wrapping my head around the word 'dynamic'. For years I struggled to put the concept to a picture in a way I would fully understand it. Now that I understand it, using it increases my understanding of other concepts, but did not help when I did not know the word. Is naming direct, or are all things defined in opposition to, or as a distinct part of, something else? Depends on the language. I would say English is pretty direct. What is it? An arm, a hand, a finger? I would think that if they were named as parts of each other we would stick with something like carpals and metacarpals. You might have to explain this concept further for a fuller answer. To what extent are words and meaning subjective? Do they, in fact, have any absolute definition? They are as subjective as the common collective allow them to be. People are adding new definitions to old words all the time and new words to old definitions. (And new words to new definitions for that matter.) Languages are always changing and evolving. A definition will only be absolute if those speaking the language always agree that it should never change. As culture and language evolve, which leads the way? Is there a feedback? Culture leads the language. Made up words are often used unofficially by those in the culture before they become part of the language. Feedback is plausible. 100 ways to say the concept of 'love' could do the culture a load of good I say. We should test it. >.>
  3. Burn it! Burn it to the ground!! >:oK
  4. I only know him from his artwork. Beautiful BoE graphics artist.
  5. Not that I read them often either, but you seem to be fretting that people don't recognize you. Tell you what I've decided to do. My avvie will always have the purple border that I use on my website. When I want a new avvie, I change the inside but people can easily tell it's me. Not that I change my name all that often or that anyone would notice if I did or that I'm here enough for it to make a difference... just sayin'. Throwin' out suggestions fer ya.
  6. You could try a siggy, Nikki.
  7. Okay. Fluid layout is up and working on G-F-E. Other than color (which is not changing cuz I like it) anything else that needs changing before I make a template out of it?
  8. Mynt Cioccolatta was what triggered my transition from Gizmo to Jewels. It's where I picked up those nasty new quirks. >:oK
  9. I was wavering between the two spellings... shoulda gone with my gut. Though I would disagree that Gizmo was more irksome than Jewels. Surely my new quirks are worse than my old ones. *kicks over the quilting table* ...sorry leg spasm.
  10. I had that happen when my buttons got too wide for the fixed width in chrome. Probably a trick of the resident browser font size. I could fix it with absolute position CSS markers for each button or just make the buttons all a little smaller. idk, i really want the end of the last button to line up with the right side of the banner. If I throw fluid layout into that too, it'll always be messed up. Tried a fluid layout and didn't like the result. I have this thing about symmetry and messing with the width did not work at the extremes. I'll look at it again, though. Maybe I'm missing something that can help. (min and max widths?) @Nikki: It's light purple. The news headings can be changed to reflect the things that are going on in the community. If we don't have any contests or new scenarios but three different RP/AIMHack's going I could post about those instead. **cough** Ahem... gonna need some people that keep an eye on things better than I do to give me a heads up when fun/noteworthy stuff happens. **coughNikkiSylaecough** Edit: Sy, Firefox uses fixed width with orange deadspace around the content. Do you dislike their layout, too? Also, finding it difficult to trouble shoot Firefox and Explorer because they refuse to reload the javascript file no matter how many times I refresh the page. Grumble, gumble. Edit2: nvm, they just render css differently from chrome. Looking correct for me on IE, FF, and Chrome.
  11. I remember this guy called SupaNik from way back. He was, like, the coolest. And then he left the forum for a while and then he came back and then he changed his name. It's so hard to remember who he is now... >.>
  12. With all this talk of meat puns I'm surprised no one has mentioned KoL. The best tasting meat is served with a side of knee-slapping laughter.
  13. And it begins. I have updated the index page at http://truesite4blades.com but I have not updated the mirror index at http://www.truesite4blades.com/Home/. Take a look at both and tell me if you have any problems/concerns/suggestions/features you just can't live without. What I'm really looking for is to make sure the CSS renders correctly for everyone. If you cannot see the navigation buttons on the new one let me know. They are written on with Javascript. I'll be looking into an alternative to show for those who don't have Javascript enabled but the number of people who respond will affect how quickly and how quality I make that alternative. Whatever it is, though, navigation links will not be hard coded into each page again. I just found some links to the old, OLD forums hiding in PixPro... hard coded links are not a good idea for someone who goes years at a time without updating... Edit: Just showed them both to Hubby and he says the new one looks too much like a template. He likes the old one better... *le sigh* All the added functionality and I'm still old school. Edit2: Actually that wasn't too hard. I haven't tested it but there should be functionality for those of you who don't have js enabled. Let me know if it doesn't work.
  14. Not sure how many of these are on the 'American market' but the international 'Internet market' has a healthy stock of places to order from to have bugs and worms shipped right to your door. Edit: bah... new format for links...
  15. I have eaten: Beef, buffalo, pork, lamb, antelope, deer, elk, chicken, duck, goose, turkey, pheasant, other birds (snipe), frog, white fish (mostly northern, bass, trout, panfish/sunfish, cod, bullheads, and catfish; probably others), oily fish (salmon), scallops, clam, lobster, octopus, squid, crab, and shrimp. My most recent tries were squid and frog legs. Really liked the frog though picking out the veins was less than appetizing. My favorite meat experience was when my dad went out duck hunting and came home with half a dozen snipe instead. They're tiny but luckily I was the only one who wanted to try them other than my dad, so I ate four of them. It was the most delicious thing I've ever had. I was twelve and have been asking him to get more snipe ever since... he never has. Just hasn't had the opportunity. I'm willing to try any food at least once but I really cringe at the thought of eating horse and primates because of their intelligence; cats and dogs cuz they're my friends; and insects/worms/spiders/scorpions just cuz they're creepy. I'd eat them if I had to but... I'd rather not. Anything else I'm up for.
  16. Balladeer

    Welcome Triumph!

    Huzzah! With balloons and streamers too!
  17. Which image extension were you trying to use? If you were trying to use the links, as is, then the .htm is not a valid image file. .htm is a web page which cannot be embedded in the fora. http://s14.directupl...23/pj7w8g7x.jpg is what you should have used to embed the picture. No ads when you click this link either.
  18. The fora where we discuss SW games. Pretty much everything besides General, Tech, and Announcements.
  19. ... As close as I could find. Sure it's actually a dog, but you could ride it like a pony. In other news... you know what your modship means, don't you Sy? I'll have to start frequenting SW again so I can cause you trouble. I can feel it already happening... *kicks over a CSS flowchart* ooh sorry, leg spasm
  20. or a republic for that matter
  21. *super-mega-luvs-u-forevers-huggles* Course now I'll have to be on Spiderlicious as default.
  22. I'm on google chrome. No title bar. Only tabs. Min, max, and close are on same line as tabs. Course now that I look, the title seems to be in the url as well. "/topic/18552-so-what-do-you-think/" Like I said. It'll take some getting used to.
  23. Looks like living in a Republic really helps the Republicans. >.>
  24. If my tab is wide enough... I suppose. If you want me to work with what I have instead of spending precious hours playing with the skin for my convenience... Now to just remember to look there...
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