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  1. I was hoping I was the reason the forums were popular. Stupid TM.
  2. I vote Ed Lemur for the Lady J quote. and I vote TM for number 1.
  3. It has taken me the better part of the decade to get all of my posts... and I still don't have 1000. *tear*
  4. I hope Linda chokes on a Dorito. Wait. Different Linda...
  5. Jeff... buddy, seriously. Stop screwing around. This game should be done by now. I wanna pre-order Avernum 7. Does anyone else play Avernum using the half-naked chick as a singleton? I want a good romantic subplot in this game. And I'm not talking about this GIFTS stuff either. Love, baby. Love will keep us together.
  6. I kind of like the idea of Avernum getting the you-know-what knocked out of it, with the survivors taking refuge in Upper Exile and maybe part of the surface world. You'd start off the game as a diplomat taking an important letter to Krizsan, one begging the Empire for aid. You do the correspondence thing between Avernum and the Empire for a little while, with Anaximander calling the shots. The Empire refuses help until you walk into Krizsan and find half the city a smoldering ruin... and then... uh. I'll get back to you.
  7. I see a few enemies with the showmeall cheat under Highground, but I have found no path to them. Is there one?
  8. You are wise, *i. Speaking of Quickfire... When will Exile 4 and Exile 5 be released? The wait is killing me.
  9. *i, What is love? You seem fairly knowledgeable. And what is fire too? Is resisting fire actually helpful?
  10. How do I access that tantalizing trapped door behind the rubble in the ruins NE of New Harston? I've looked for a secret door, but found nothing. Any help would be much appreciated.
  11. I'm just running through the demo and knocked out one in the lowlands without too much difficulty. It didn't even split 10 times. I just blessed the party, shielded 'em, hasted 'em, and then I focused all my efforts on the main blob, occasionally summoning and poisoning the thing. Sucker went down without too much problem.
  12. Bah, I'm almost intrigued now. I might have to break down and buy A3 and A4 now so I'll be ready for A5.
  13. Hey Jeff, will you put me in your next game? I'd love the recognition. The name is Ty.
  14. oooh nboyu!! my dadz bout me a bb gun!!!!111 im guna shoot u
  15. Not only do they work.. they work extremely well for me. Edit: This is what my screen looked like *right* after I clicked the download link. I solemnly swear that there was no photo editing or anything.
  16. I want a HUGE game. All of Exile, Upper Exile, and Valorim to be accessible.
  17. Don't know what the deal is... I can access it.
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