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Previous Geneforge endings

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This is almost certainly the wrong board for this, but Ive been reading some discussions where people linked screenshots of the endings to the past Geneforge games. I didn't buy or finish all of them, yet Im curious as hell about the endings: has anyone uploaded them all somewhere, or is there just the occasional screenshot floating around? Id love to read them.

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I think Synergy has the full Trakovite ending for Geneforge IV at the end of the Insidious Infiltrator thread. You can find a link to that in the Useful Links repository, in the forum header.


However, there are some you don't need to see pictures for. For example, the Obeyer/Nonaligned ending for G1 gives G2, the Loyalist/Nonaligned ending for G2 gives G3, and the Rebel ending for G3 gives G4.

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Geneforge 2 Endings

Feels sort of wrong to post these, you really should play the damn game, but I post them anyway since they might be useful someday for reference.


The Awakened Ending.

Since Ellhrah approved of canisters in Geneforge 1, I used them to achieve this ending. It is slightly different if you don't, the serviles like you better because you are less arrogant.

Awakened 1 , Awakened 2 , Awakened 3 , Awakened 4 , Awakened 5 , Awakened 6 , Awakened 7 , Awakened 8

The Barzite Ending.

A true Barzite always uses canisters. If you don't in the game I have no idea how it would effect the ending.

Barzites 1 , Barzites 2 , Barzites 3 , Barzites 4 , Barzites 5 , Barzites 6 , Barzites 7 , Barzites 8 , Barzites 9

The Loyalist Ending.

Since Zachary is sort of a traitor, I emulate him and use canisters for this ending as well to show how Shapers treat loyal servants that alter themselves a bit.

Loyalist 1 , Loyalist 2 , Loyalist 3 , Loyalist 4 , Loyalist 5 , Loyalist 6 , Loyalist 7

The Taker Ending.

To piss off the Shapers as much as possible, I once again use canister for this ending.

Takers 1 , Takers 2 , Takers 3 , Takers 4 , Takers 5 , Takers 6 , Takers 7 , Takers 8

The Shaper Ending.

Not to be confused with the Zachary Loyalist ending, this is most likely what happens canonically. Here, I simply killed everything without using single canister. The Shapers would be proud.

Shapers 1 , Shapers 2 , Shapers 3 , Shapers 4 , Shapers 5 , Shapers 6 , Shapers 7

The Univeral Ending.

No matter what you do, no matter how hard you try, that bastard Ghaldring lives to spread terror in the sequels.

Damn You!

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Can someone here please help me out? I wanted to get the images for the Geneforge 4 Trakovite Ending where you don't get executed, but it turns out they're nowhere on the internet and my standing is just too good with the shapers for the drakons to let me go. At this point, the only way to not get executed would be to play the game all over again. If anyone has a save where they have great standing with the rebels (someone should), can you take the screenshots and post them? I only need the final 1 or 2 (the ones after "you wonder if you'll live to find out"). I'll post the rest myself in a bit and then link to them.

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