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  1. Hi, I've been wondering in the old nethergate version, does repel spirit affect any other creatures than the undead.
  2. Hi, I've been wondering, what sort of beasts can I get with each level of Arcane summon? Also is there a way to categorize (non unique) enemies in Blades of Avernum in terms of difficulty? For example I know from experience that your low level parties will able to handle rats, goblins and zombies and skeletons easily, but not lava bats, fire lizards and slimes etc. I was wondering if there was a chart for those sort of things.
  3. What sort of info do they reveal? As for the rest well there are a few mentions here and there (one in G5, another in G2) but nothing substantial. G1 has more info on the subject though.
  4. Is there any plan of translating Spiderweb software games?
  5. That's what's you might expect from the Sufis.
  6. As they said in the older versions of Avernum (1 up to 3) you could go through walls. The games were like Angband, where you can litterally destroy walls, melt them or become intangible and pass through them.
  7. Doc of the dead, a zombie documentary about zombies by redletter media is great low budget zombie film. It doesn't have the ''this is my boom stick'' sequences from army of darkness but it has it's moments.
  8. Spot on King Starrus, though he isn't as depressing as Maxwell or the dragon.
  9. Aiden you should try posting it on Webs, it'll be nicer and you can regularly update the material. Link: http://www.webs.com/ Also, Aiden you should look up this on the subject.
  10. Upon Mars.

    Best Writing

    Nethergate has a few line of dialogues which are really great, Avernum tends to have very funny snippets of dialog, and the overall geneforge/avernum series tends to be spot on the way people experience racism (in other terms how one is racist and how one suffers it). Then per say, I'm not sure if it's the dialog or the explored themes which make Jeff's game unique, or due to the fact he's so well read. No wonder he's the first successful generation of independent indies to have made it through.
  11. Do you have a map of Sucia isle?
  12. For those interested in a geneforge wiki you can find it here: http://geneforge.wik.../Geneforge_Wiki Overall the wiki still needs a lot of work, most of the articles are about Geneforge 1, the names of the characters and places are at time erroneous.
  13. Hi. To all those people who feel like this, you might need to go through material on Arthur Deikman's site, and look up "personal freedom" and "Sufism and psychiatry". There is some material that will help you now, some not and some later. Then again seeking support will be more than enough.
  14. In G1 the rate of combat was the most intensive of the whole series, and there is an absence of dialogue other than description in the west and east earn parts of the isle, save for key areas, which helps make the isle feel empty save for monsters and ghosts.
  15. If you thought that carrying reagents wa a problem: how do creations learn and are able to make complex tasks when they are like blank pages? Essence isn't just any womb. Imagine having to summon a creature like a servile which has been birthed essence-wise. Most of them would suffer forms of lack of social stimuli etc. What about control? Who would be able to control a Drayk when it's nervous system isn't yet fully formed and it has to learn how to walk, talk in specific environments aka when there's nothing much to control? Even though creatures like crocodiles are known to have instinct some behaviors have to be learned in order to have a viable living organism. Battle alphas, ornks, serviles, thahds, servant minds and placental creatures pose a lot of problems to begin with.
  16. Since I'm trying to get the physics behind shades without going pseudo-scientific; I'll have to make Shades not ethereal, not some form of plasma based life-form, but stone solid. Thanks guys!
  17. No as a highly ionized gas; as if the shades were like thinking candles. Aye, but in geneforge shades are described as part alive and part magical. Perhaps as you've said essence tends to replicate both memories and genetic material from scratch. And as stated in the posts above I could make a Shade as essentially some form of golem, with components within the essence. However it still doesn't fit with the idea of ghosts within the world of Geneforge, though I've just made the assumption that Shades are like ghosts, save that shades are not made from dead material.
  18. Well having given already a definition of it, I find Shades being the most complicated of creations to explain; I've tried plasma as an explanation, but the science behind this would make really hard to maintain and would very improbable. If essence was filled with an advanced form of nanotechnology, shades might be plausible, but that wouldn't explain how ghosts fit or think in the world of geneforge. I have great doubts that a civilisation with the technology of that of the early Shapers would be able to create ethereal thinking beings out of a nanotech base without computers, machinery and technology centuries ahead of ours. Thinking without a stable nervous system causes me also another problem; how do you get information as complex as ideas, rational thought ( of sorts) and other forms of responses to internal and external stimuli without a stable network of connections such as nerves.
  19. I never quite understood the mecanics of storing essence in the body. In the fanfic I just regard it being something you can "Stuff" into a jar, pod or a device called an essence thrower. In regard to actual Shaping and essence, would it be plausible if; -essence is a self replicating substance which can build complex chains of proteins and other lifestuffs -shaping occurs either randomly (throught the use of poisons, solvants, chemical reactions, heat or radiation), making the shaping the simpliest of creatures even in the best possible circumstances a randomly act (which makes power canisters all the more important). -shaping occurs when living tissues are in contact essence and a catalyst which triggers the production of living tissues by essence.
  20. Well, I was considering a plausible real world explanation for magic and Shades in the world of geneforge, even if it goes so far to change the concept of the shades as immaterial creatures. Does any one sort of chemical or physical processes are at work in gene sequencing? Is there a way to let's say make magic a little more realist in the world of geneforge without creating new rules of physic? (I'm willing to compromise)
  21. Hi. I'm still working on the project of writing a fanfic and I was wandering: Is there a way to make shades scientifically plausible?
  22. No I did not. How is the Shaper council in rébellion if at least at one stage the Shapers aren't alarmed by the PC's présence on the mainland?
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