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  1. Quote: Sushi: Anybody else considering buying a 24" imac just for the game? Anybody else already have a 24" imac? Ahem. *polishes badge* I feel like I'll be able to see whole zones at once with this thing. Quote: Silver Shadow: Less having to dump stuff in some location. Another idea rather than pack animals might be a something like a Diablo 2 style stash system. Each major city could have a stash just for you for storing items, and they would be linked to each other. I wouldn't want pack animals simply because I can just imagine them getting killed in a boss fight or something and there being tons of your loot lying around right in the middle of a hostile zone. No fun.
  2. Quote: Originally written by Student of Trinity: They may not be openly all-out for canisters, at least not at first. There are many Shaper taboos, and the ones against self-shaping will probably not be the first to be abandoned. But I doubt anyone will have to push too far into the back rooms to find the canister stashes. I really hope there wouldn't be a theme of reluctance in a Barzite faction. I would prefer a more "we told you so, now let's embrace our birthright" attitude.
  3. If there is an Awakened faction, there will be little room for a non-drakon type Rebellion faction. Unless those that break away from the Rebellion become the new Awakened. I think a Shaper split is more likely because as the Rebels continue to grow more and more powerful and the Shapers continue to run out of trained shapers, some will turn to canisters. Those some will technically be Barzites. I figure both splits will happen, still leaving room for the Trakovites. There's your five sects. I'm still hoping for that extra yourself faction, however. Jeff's included non-faction endings before, so who knows.
  4. I anticipate the five factions will be: 1. Shapers, the usual. 2. Rebellion, with drakon leaders and human followers still. 3. Neo-Awakened, basically rebels minus the crazy people. 4. Trakovites, Jeff totally set them up in the last game. 5. See below. Quote: Originally written by Student of Trinity: Will the canister-mad humans ally with the Drakons against all orthodox Shapers and lesser beings, or with lesser humans against all creations and orthodox Shapers? If they are true Barzites, they would never ally with creations. That would just make them more rebels, wouldn't it? What makes the Barzites different from any other faction is that they are canister users who still hate creations, an ideology sorely underrepresented in the past two games. And they do not have to work alone, either. They are basically orthodox shapers who want to take that extra step to put creations back in their place, which totally constitutes a faction. With the Shapers needing to bend their rules more and more all the time, it would likely be a popular faction as well. They don't necessarily work only for their own benefit, either, unless they happen to be Tullegolites as well. Give them a new name, and you actually have a fairly logical faction: the people who hate creations because of the war and who intend to use all the power lying around to bring it to an end. Yes, they will probably end up crazy like the Barzites were, but that's the fun part. I can't understand why Jeff has left this ideology out of the games for so long. If he leaves this option out again, I will be disappointed.
  5. At last, the Shaper Council! About time we got to meet them... before the ending. I just hope the anti-creation pro-self-shaping faction is as cool as the Barzites were. It will be great to once again have access to a faction that is more close to my personal beliefs. You do have an anti-creation, pro-self-shaping faction in there with the five, right?
  6. Quote: Originally written by Spidweb: They go in early, unload their devastating attacks to shock/awe the enemy, and retreat while the warriors/creations go in and take advantage of the disarray. That seems logical to me. And even though I'm so strategist in-game myself, I'm pretty sure that's exactly how a lot of players use them.
  7. I would gladly provide all necessary drawings to anyone with the technical knowhow.
  8. Quote: Originally written by Nikki.: Nice pic Tully. But didn't Litalia wear blue? Technically, yes. But I look at the in-game graphics as more like place holders than anything else. I imagine the following color scheme: Shapers-blue, Rebels-red, Barzites-green, Trakovites-yellow, Awakened-sky blue. You can often see these colors worn by the human soldiers guarding the respective faction's towns, others I made up because them seemed appropriate. As for the fighting game, I don't think they should be allowed to use magic at all. Just fists. The game would also assume the all had the same strength level. The only differences would be their special attacks, an arcane blast for characters like Erika, temporary creations for the shapers, etc. Finally, a character I would like to fight as would have to be Limoncelli.
  9. Anyone else go to Dikiyoba's link and get the awesome Scientology ad halfway through the article? Clearly Diki has turned to the dark side, well done.
  10. Quote: Originally written by madrigan: It would be funny to have a Streetfighter style Avernum vs. Geneforge game, though. Best idea I've heard in forever on this site. Who is the true Queen of Badass?
  11. Great, I have to register for that now, too? Why are you making this so difficult? Why not just make articles open to everyone for editing, stuff would be getting done.
  12. I'm going to have to disagree on the Tor point. A novel idea, sure, but it is highly unlikely that he was the only one to hold the position of official greeter and even less likely that he himself thought up the idea of giving everyone exiled an equal start. More points for Micah, I'd say. Also, if we were to count Vahnatai, I don't think Bon was a very effective one. His heart was in the right place, but human-vahnatai relations were always and are still crap, probably worse than ever now with the murder of Rentar, a vahnatai who actually did more than anyone other individual of her species to help Avernum in the Empire War.
  13. Quote: madrigan: Quote: Ephesos: My nomination would probably be Bon-Ihrno, assuming he's eligible. Maybe Bon is Avernum's Marquis de Lafayette. That was exactly what I was thinking when I read what Ephesos wrote. One certainly wouldn't call Lafayette the greatest American, no matter how pivotal he was.
  14. Erika, despite practically exiling herself from the rest of Avernum by moving to the distant Northwest, was probably the most proactive citizen in Avernum's history. Micah was the first king, and thus gets points for establishing a government in caves filled with people who hate government, but it was always Erika that kept it safe while he concerned himself with the bureaucracy. Erika helped make the caves habitable, and she helped start and win the Empire War. In the end, she gave her life in her nation's defense, how can you argue against that? If Micah is the Washington of Avernum then Erika would be the Jefferson. I personally think Jefferson did more for America than Washington, and I feel the same way about Erika. Washington always tried to keep the peace within the government, and was loved for it, while Jefferson was sort of the first partisan ever. Still, being a partisan, he got things done, and Erika was the same way.
  15. As much as I liked that superhero generator thing, I got something a bit more original. I kind of made one of these for each faction a while ago, when the Sucia Archives were first announced (I was still using that stupid paintbrush tool in Flash rather than the far superior pencil). I was gonna submit them for your approval when the faction pages were up, but then you guys did the whole epic failure thing. Now they have no home.
  16. Quote: Originally written by Jumpin Salmon: Quote: Originally written by Emperor Tullegolar: You know, if I had been put in charge of this project rather than mediocre weaklings Finally, you admit that your faction is comprised solely of mediocre weaklings. You Sir, are to be commended for finally seeing the light of day. Finally, you admit you're a complete moron who can not comprehend the very words he is quoting, comes to conclusions that make no sense whatsoever, and posts solely for the sake of posting, wasting the time of all parties involved. Thank you for that invaluable contribution to these boards.
  17. Aw, come on, put that thing out of its misery. It's the humane thing to do. You can always just avoid the town after doing the deed, though I'm not sure why you would want to do that. Any true Empire soldier would be more than happy to wipe out an enclave of hostile Avernum scum. They are so inconsiderate of their own people that it won't even effect your relations with the other outposts in Avernum, not in the least! In conclusion: the geas can be fun. You will be missing out if you don't take it.
  18. Please. You may have only ever seen me argue from the Tullegolite viewpoint, but don't think for a second that I couldn't just as easily have taken up the banner of any other faction and still been just as fanatical. It's what I do. And I think I've made it clear before that my love for Geneforge is greater than my hatred for the lot you.
  19. You know, if I had been put in charge of this project rather than mediocre weaklings, there would no doubt be tons of articles by now, all written by me, and of course fully illustrated.
  20. I'm with you, my friend. I agree with your first and second points. On the third I differ a bit. I don't want to be an unstoppable hero right off the bat. Sure, I give myself enough of the base skills so that I couldn't possibly be killed, but I don't give myself spells or creations. That way, I'm sort of playing the game the way it was intended to be played, only without ever having to worry about that pesky death thing. I have a decent enough imagination that even if I wipe everything out in one or two blows, I can imagine how that battle would have unfolded, and I can imagine my character being beat up and tired when it's all over. I don't play the game to crunch numbers. I wear items that look cool, or that I had to quest particularly hard to get, I don't worry about their stats too much. Anything I miss out on in the leveling process is made up for by the fact that I still discover spells and such as normal players would. In conclusion, Jeff's stories make it so that strategy just doesn't have to be that big a part of the game unless you want it to be. He gives such great descriptions, often tells how your characters feel about certain enemies, and even sometimes describes how a battle progresses, that I feel I can just enjoy watching these games unfold rather than have to work for it. And there are still so many non-combat decision in the Geneforge games that I still feel like I'm a big part of how the game progresses, regardless of how little I get into the battles.
  21. I don't think this thread could possibly be linked to enough. Even though it is confusingly labeled as "Advice for Optimizing Rewards" at strategy central, it is really a guide on how to avoid many of the problems addressed by Jeff here. It is full of spoilers, but really the only way to be sure to do everything is to know a little about what is going to happen in advance; a bit of a trade off, if you will. It depends on your preferred play style. Those who have been complaining about quest completion will find it useful, otherwise just have fun and wing it. I'm actually in the former group, but never got around to complaining because I found the above thread. As for Jeff's design style, I have indeed noticed that he attempts to cater to completionists, despite a few flaws, and thus I have no objections.
  22. Geneforge 2 Endings Feels sort of wrong to post these, you really should play the damn game, but I post them anyway since they might be useful someday for reference. The Awakened Ending. Since Ellhrah approved of canisters in Geneforge 1, I used them to achieve this ending. It is slightly different if you don't, the serviles like you better because you are less arrogant. Awakened 1 , Awakened 2 , Awakened 3 , Awakened 4 , Awakened 5 , Awakened 6 , Awakened 7 , Awakened 8 The Barzite Ending. A true Barzite always uses canisters. If you don't in the game I have no idea how it would effect the ending. Barzites 1 , Barzites 2 , Barzites 3 , Barzites 4 , Barzites 5 , Barzites 6 , Barzites 7 , Barzites 8 , Barzites 9 The Loyalist Ending. Since Zachary is sort of a traitor, I emulate him and use canisters for this ending as well to show how Shapers treat loyal servants that alter themselves a bit. Loyalist 1 , Loyalist 2 , Loyalist 3 , Loyalist 4 , Loyalist 5 , Loyalist 6 , Loyalist 7 The Taker Ending. To piss off the Shapers as much as possible, I once again use canister for this ending. Takers 1 , Takers 2 , Takers 3 , Takers 4 , Takers 5 , Takers 6 , Takers 7 , Takers 8 The Shaper Ending. Not to be confused with the Zachary Loyalist ending, this is most likely what happens canonically. Here, I simply killed everything without using single canister. The Shapers would be proud. Shapers 1 , Shapers 2 , Shapers 3 , Shapers 4 , Shapers 5 , Shapers 6 , Shapers 7 The Univeral Ending. No matter what you do, no matter how hard you try, that bastard Ghaldring lives to spread terror in the sequels. Damn You!
  23. I have saved games and can post all the ending for Geneforge 2 and 3 if someone reminds me how to take a screenshot on a mac...
  24. Quote: Originally written by Ephesos: You're being warned for repeated topic derailment, and for making very unhelpful replies to people who actually have problems. So quick to anger, oh great and terrible mod? Ever think Azuma may have a meaningful point? If the OP had read this topic he wouldn't be having so many of these problems.
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