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  1. It doesn't look like this has been reported before. In the iOS version of the game, suppose you currently have some javelins equipped. Now tap on the javelins and then tap on the same space again. The javelins will disappear without a trace! I have no idea if this is specific to only normal javelins and only to the iOS version of the game. It is rather annoying, and I don't expect a fix with how long the game has been out. I just thought I would point this out to help save others from confusion.
  2. Well, based on what I know (I've never bought GeneForge, but I have played some demos; also, when you refer to the Avernum series, are you talking about the old 1st trilogy, the 2nd trilogy, or the new 1st trilogy?): 1) Avernum is 100% turn-based, but Avadon and Geneforge are both real-action outside of combat. 2) In general, Geneforge is NOT party based; that said, you can create permanent creations if you want. 3) In Avadon, all abilities have cooldowns preventing you from using the same abilities each turn. (There is also a fatigue cost which works like spell points in
  3. Why are all the end quests in Avernum 2 so ridiculously hard? I managed to finish all three game-winning quests for Avernum: EftP with an ending level of 29 on normal... Anyway, I'm in the Portal Fortress, and I have found the key located on the east side of the fortress. I then tried to go to the west side of the fortress (because it said the portal was located in the west wing) using the secret entrance, which was no problem, but then I entered the room with a bunch of Vahnahtai Masters and 2 named crystal worker mages, and those two mages deal like 70-120 damage per attack (on N
  4. (I'm assuming this is the correct way of doing this. Literally no one has posted in this forum in the past 2 or so years... Also, does the scenario review page on Spiderweb's website actually get checked? I originally sent a review that way, but then I remembered this subforum plus I wanted to write my review differently than how I submitted it there.) Good Things - Great Concept - A captivating story (at least at the beginning) Bad Things - One place where you literally have to bash your head against every wall looking for a secret door without any reaso
  5. Okay, I actually got the master branch to compile on my end, and I found a (very quick) fix to one of the issues I brought up above (if I get a chance to, I may try to upload it to Github, but for now, I'll simply post it here because it is easier for me): 9) Checking for "Anama Member" trait results in an out-of-bounds error (and a related error): In file boe.specials.cpp around line 3185: case eSpecType::AFFECT_TRAITS: if(pc_num >= 100) break; if(spec.ex1a < 0 || spec.ex1a > 15) { showError("Trait is out of range (0 - 15)."); break; } spec.
  6. (Personally, I disagree with that. While I can understand why you would find that to be best, it is very inconvenient for most people especially considering that OBoE has external dependencies that make it more difficult to build.) Anyway, it has been a while since I've posted here. Since I feel like this thread deals with OBoE in general, I'll post a few thoughts here: (Fyi: This is going off the latest Windows build that Celtic posted a zip for, so it is probably a bit of an older build.): 1) I noticed above that you state that save doesn't work. Has this been fixed y
  7. I believe you are supposed to run for the stairs. The Shade continues summoning until it's dead or you go down the stairs.
  8. This does not appear to be the issue as it fails with SCons as well (same errors). It certainly did find ZLIB, so it's definitely not missing.
  9. Considering that the camp changes every so often, wouldn't you have to do this for the other camps as well?
  10. Do you have the quest involving Duke Gryffin? Also, it is located on the world map.
  11. A teleportation scarab would help you tremendously. Have you tried occupying the soldiers with your wizard and shaman and then slipping past them using Yoshira's shadowstep ability? Remember that you can revive your characters if no enemies are in sight.
  12. First of all, I'm aware that similar threads exist but most of those are fairly old, and I'm not sure what the policy on necroing old threads is here. Anyway, I just want to share my thoughts and experiences with the Avadon series. To begin with, I thoroughly enjoyed all three games though my favorite was definitely the last one. Throughout the series, I played with a Shaman as my main character on normal difficulty. In all of the games, I tried not to use the same companions for every mission, but some missions and other events sometimes made that a difficult goal. Avadon: The Black F
  13. Why can Konstina leave the circle without harm yet I cannot despite the fact that the conversation beforehand transparently states that the restriction applied to both of us?
  14. I'm nearing the end of the game as I have the four tasks to do for melanchion. I was going to do the Darkside Loyalists quest first, but much to my annoyance, I find the entrance area of their fortress completely blocked with magical barriers. (Area west of Spire, go down the trapdoor, and it's the room with 4 loyalist archers.) While generally not a problem, I have like a 0 in mage spells (fyi: I did cheat in quite a few fights, but in others I didn't -- It really isn't as bad as it sounds considering you cannot join the anama this game (which was very annoying to learn like halfway i
  15. What about it just being a red herring?
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