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  1. If Queen's Wish 2 gets Tinkermages (or similar) there should be an ability called Ray Tracing
  2. The Avernum 3 Ruined World alien beasts were funny. They were definitely not furry like they used to be, but Jeff left the Burma Shave joke about them in the game. I kickstarted which I assume nets me the steam version, but I'm looking forward to buying the iphone version too, so I'm all on board with the top down view.
  3. You don't need pants for the victory dance 'coz Queen's Wish better than weasel. Or something.
  4. Theory 1 on the map: it's Lynaeus a couple millennia after the Avadon games. North Holklanda and some Tawon fell into the sea, but you've got Wyldrylm stage left, Kellemderiel on the right, the Kva and some reclaimed Titan Peaks down below... and that underground nation? Why, it's the Vahnatai. Turns out the other side of the globe in Avadon was just Empire Lands. Ahoy! Theory 2: The Vol kind of looks like the Iberian Peninsula. So it is. This game is based on the Napoleonic Wars, and Haven is France. The Vol is Spain and Abriel is the Confederation on the Rhein, both slipp
  5. Nostalgia is a powerful thing. Even though sentimentally I prefer the Exile trilogy, the recent Avernum EFTP, Avernum 2 CS, and Avernum 3 RW, are much better to play. My opinion only, of course.
  6. I've been itching for more Spiderweb style games to play, and just beat Age of Decadence last month... but then I thought, well duh, why not just play more Spiderweb games. I tried to dive into Geneforge 1, and... I think I have to wait until the remakes to play it. The field of view and inventory management are the two most immediate glaring things to me. I'm really looking forward to the Geneforge remake series from a UI/QoL perspective, and I hope Jeff's able to retain all of what made Geneforge so special the first time sixteen years ago.
  7. The CD I had was a 2-CD package called "Over 1000 Games - Complete Encyclopedia of Games by Microforum," - the cover was black with a couple gold colored spaceships. Besides Exile 3, I used to play WinWar2, Age of Sail, DX Ball, Crime Fighter, Bad Toys 3D, Cheese in Space, Hugo House of Horrors, Modor 2, Pandemonium, Warheads... Good times.
  8. I kind of like the medieval sword and sorcery feel, that can have a dash of steampunk (but not everywhere steampunk). Avadon with its tinkermages is a good example, or Final Fantasy 9 is a good example.
  9. It ended at 98,992, so $1008 Ameribucks short of the 100k stretch goal. If it would let me, I'd bump my pledge from 200 to 208 to make it a cool 99k, but it seems it's already closed. Still, that's a massively successful kickstarter. It was also an impressive final push given how nonchalant the last update seemed. And I wonder if that nearly 99k is close enough to 100k for Jeff to get at least some sound work done, if not full production. I'm honestly ok with how Spiderweb games sound but maybe that's because I'm so used to them and have been playing them for upwards of two d
  10. I wasn't sure if this was worthwhile to start a new thread over, but I just re-played through Age of Decadence a couple times (It's only $4.99 right now on the Steam sale, at least in Ameribucks...). Really looking forward to Queen's Wish, but needed something to scratch the itch meanwhile. Anyway, I thought I'd offer a little compare/contrast about what I think Spiderweb does better than Iron Tower (AoD dev), and what Spiderweb could maybe learn from them - or at least where I think AoD shone. I'll start with what I liked: -The Stash. I would guess the idea was borr
  11. I wonder how much of a pain it's going to be for Jeff, working with 20-25 people who get to create something, and another 45-50 still who get to name something on top of that while he's still trying to finish making the game after all. Might be a good interview question to ask him a year from now or such.
  12. I was pleased to see the nice newsletter today, and it looks like the newsletter gave a nice little bump to the kickstarter, too. Looks like it needs to average about $2k/day until the end to hit the sound design goal.
  13. They're also in terrible danger. People, careful not to fill your lawns with chemicals and herbicides. Bees need violets, honeysuckle, clover, even dandelion.
  14. I can't think of anything quite just like Blades but there's always rpgmaker. I'm not going to try but it makes me wonder what's the closest approximation of a Spiderweb type game you could get on gamemaker or rpgmaker.
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