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  1. Slow works, because it reduces the number of time the script gets executed. Stun does not as the script is immune to the loss of turn.
  2. Minor correction: set_terrain_string does not add to log. It apparently is supposed to put text in a black box. This is how it works for the stalkers. And indeed it works for the stalkers when they appear and disapper. But it does not work at all for the Keeper for reasons I do not understand. That text is never displayed. Whether that is related to the invisible soul jars is unclear.
  3. I just ran into this very problem. The scripts for the Keeper of the Crypt claim that he summons Soul Jars and uses those to heal. But there seem to be some bugs in this fight which are making it particularly hard. 1. The function set_terrain_string does not appear to work. At no point is that text ever put in the log. However, if I add a call to run_text_on_char(ME,...) then I can see what the Keeper is doing. 2. The Keeper is apparently summoning soul jars (verified with run_text_on_char), but these jars NEVER appear on screen. Once two are summoned, it starts to heal. 3. The healing part of the script ignores stunning. So disabling the keeper has no effect. You must kill the soul jars to stop healing. Put this all together, this means the Keeper has infinite healing after it puts out two invisible Soul Jars (as you cannot kill them). The only way to win this battle is to act fast and get lucky.
  4. Machine: Macbook Pro Intel 16" running Monterey 12.5.1 I have played all of the Spiderweb games, and I have long used the strategy of entering fight mode before I encounter enemies. This allows me to set up my characters into strategic positions, instead of getting ambushed. I do this by simply pressing the "F" key to enter fight mode. However, Queen's Wish 2 is the first Spiderweb game where I have had problems doing this. It is not the case that it never works. The problem is that it does not work reliably. Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. When it does not work, it gives me the error message Start/End Combat: Not until the current spell/ability is done. Except that I am not doing anything when I get this error message. My characters are at rest and no ability has been activated. In fact, I have noticed a related problem that I generally have to end combat twice, because the first attempt to end combat gives this same error message. At first I thought the problem had to do with using the mouse to move. However, I have been able to replicate this problem even when I move using only the keyboard. As far as I can tell, if I move "far enough" in a dungeon, I can no longer use "F" to enter fight mode. The only solution is to save, quit, and reload the game.
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