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Originally Posted By: Akovon the Dragon Lord
Is there a tread that lists all the Stone Pylons in the game?

1st: Blackchasm Outpost
2nd: New Harston
3rd: Gladwell's Keep
4th: Shanker's Tower
5th: Harkin's Landing
6th: Exodus
7th: Solberg's Tower
8th: Anama Lands
9th: Highground
10th: Muck
11th: Vahnatai Lands
12th: Melanchion's Keep
13th: Loyalist's Land

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Originally Posted By: Empty
There is a link to this topic now.

—Alorael, who found most of the locations fairly predictable. Still, if there's a demand, there's a use for it in the thread.

yeah there is but i doubt those locations help much since it is hard to miss pylons except at vahnatai and loylalist land and anama if doesn't search whole area.
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I'm curious now - I just looked at the maps and... I thought if you went east from Harston, across the river, you'd end up somewhere between Fort Monastery and Grindstone. Unless the caves are kinda spiraling downwards as you go around so by the time you end up in the Azure Gallery you're a fair way below NE Avernum itself?

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I sold the Jinx Blade fairly early in A4. The in-game description didn't really say it had a percentage of cursing the enemy. I only found out through the forums AFTER i beat the game. Are there any other swords/poles I need to be aware of similar to this one in A5? I'd hate to sell something that actually would have been useful for me..



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Well, there's the chaotic halberd with the same effect, I'm assuming that the poisoned/acidic weapons you were able to identify (they're green man), there's the fire sword that does a bonus fire attack (or maybe it replaces the physical attack, anyways its red), and if you feel like me you'll add the icy touch descriptor to the cryo-spear.


Anyway I think this should be on it's own thread, maybe one of the mods can move it?

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Are you referring to the Synergy list? If so, it's one of the links on Strategy Central, which directs you to http://www.spiderwebforums.com/forum/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=98652#Post98652


If you search for "Jinx Blade" you'll find everything with that attribute. Though generally, most weapons with a special title in the description (Jinx Blade, Poison Blade, etc.) have some special ability associated with their attack. Well, except Heartstriker, which just does more damage.

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