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  1. Ha, I just found him. Luck, I guess. Thanks anyway!
  2. I've checked both rooms - got a "it looks like someone sleeps here occasionally" message both times, and I've been back and forth between the two rooms, with no luck.
  3. It's day 93 in the game I'm playing, and for the last 5 days (game time) I've been looking for the Mage with No Name, in Kriszan and Delan. Kriszan is starting to look a little worse-for-wear, and I'm concerned the Mage is dead; this means that I won't be able to find the Tower of Zkal and get the Ring. Or have I just been shockingly unlucky in finding him? Does the Mage die after a certain day?
  4. I'm curious... with the "giveasnack" uber-cake worth 30000g... couldn't you just set the cake to be worth 120 000g and just sell one for your 30k? I'm gonna try that right now and see what happens. Okay - you guys probably knew already - if you try to be greedy you get told, "can't sell"
  5. Yeah, I recall - that was irritating, you could never tell if it was worth the theft or not.
  6. Originally Posted By: Sleeping Dragon 2. For the Lysstak's Spies quest in Harkin's Landing, be sure to get information from both Kelda and Kolata (by way of that guy outside the town) before visiting their ambushes in the tunnels under Drake's Pillars. If you have forgotten to do so, don't fret - when you finally find and kill Lysstak, just talk to Pefko then and you'll complete this quest.
  7. Right, right, that makes sense now! Kinda difficult to represent 3D in a 2D medium but I can kinda see how that would work.
  8. Originally Posted By: Insurgance Sorry for the double post... but A Song of Ice and Fire still has me wondering how in the world its gonna end.... Yeah, me too. I'm re-reading it for the second time (so, 3rd reading) and I just love it, it's so incredibly epic! My husband and I have been toying with getting the Game of Thrones campaign setting and playing it when we get tired of D&D.
  9. I'm curious now - I just looked at the maps and... I thought if you went east from Harston, across the river, you'd end up somewhere between Fort Monastery and Grindstone. Unless the caves are kinda spiraling downwards as you go around so by the time you end up in the Azure Gallery you're a fair way below NE Avernum itself?
  10. Hehe, I just did. I do like some of the loot I wonder... could the 30000gold cake trick work to deposit other items into your inventory? Say, the "cake" is actually a Jade Halberd or a Crystalline Aegis? You'd just be re-skinning the "cake" wouldn't you?
  11. I'd like to know, how do I remove certain quests from my list? I did the "Lysstak's Spies" quest in the wrong order (I questioned one person, acted on her information, then questioned another person and acted on his information; apparently you're meant to question both people first and THEN act on their information, get ambushed and then present your evidence to complete the quest...) I also want to remove the "Mined Crystals" quest from Fuller because I'm damned if I'll be returning to Harkin's Landing each time I get any mined crystals, and I know there's a vahnahtai that buys them too later on in the game. This isn't my first play through; it's just the first time I've played in about a year... I'm playing on medium and using the Editor (whee, arcane blast at full power on a bunch of mooky bandits!)
  12. (Sorry, thread necromancy) With respect to the gremlins, if you want to be able to succeed at their challenge what you need to do is (assuming you kinda know where the trinkets all are) haste all your party members and go into combat mode and just travel in combat mode. I guess you could do it without haste but haste gives you that extra movement which is the real big deal with the gremlins' challenge.
  13. I always got the impression that Starrus would be pro-advancement; anything for the good of Avernum. Imagine how the battle against the pylons beyond Fort Remote in A4 would have gone if the grunts had been equipped with even black powder weapons. Quite possibly would have turned the tables of the battle... if we're equating the power generated by a musket to be roughly equivalent to the power generated by a Bolt of Fire...
  14. I'm thinking it's the same anvil summoned over and over - once it's done its damage it returns to whence it came. Thus, no economic damage! But anyway, the screenies are very impressive, the spell graphics, so far, look very nice and everything looks smooth and pretty.
  15. I reckon that'd be an awesome feature! Or, maybe have craftsmen in towns who, instead of making custom items, upgrade existing items - you give them 2 rubies and an iron breastplate, they make you a ruby breastplate (or something). I can hardly wait for A6 to come out!
  16. There's a good chance he'd keep it to demonstrate cause-and-effect lol.
  17. I can answer the first question - in A5 the only weight that counts is the weight of what you're wearing, not everything in your inventory.
  18. Assuming, of course, that they're part of the same world. Incidentally, if GF and Avernum did exist on the same world, why do the worlds have different names? The world in which GF is set is Terrestia, the world in which Avernum/Exile is set is Ermariana. Ermariana has four continents so I don't think the "maybe they're different parts of the same world" argument would hold much water. And Iffy: Yes, the geography could change, but could you answer a question for me? How long did it take for pangaea to become the landmasses we know today? My geography is a bit rusty but I vaguely remember it being somewhere in the MILLIONS of years. So unless it's the same world millions of years later... No. No no no, so not going there...
  19. Don't worry, Adrian - I did this like, 2 or 3 times the other day! Not all of the dark spots on the walls are switches - I found this out the hard way after spending ages in one dungeon or another clicking away at every spot on the wall!!
  20. I found it depends on the characters you're using. My win party was a human soldier who used swords, a slith priest with fair skill with polearms, a nephil rogue who used bows and a human sorcerer who had a few points in swords so she could stab things if she ran out of MP. I don't recall ever being able to craft bows or pole arms when you bring steel, leather or crystals to crafty people, and by the time I had passed into the Azure Gallery I had weapons better than Blessed for each of my characters.
  21. Mate, I think you're grasping at straws, honestly. There are likely to be similarities between the games. This is a completely natural phenomenon, as the games are all made by the same person. However, I don't think having some similar creatures is enough evidence to claim that the Geneforge and Ermariana (Avernum/Exile & Empire) worlds are the same place at different points in evolution. The geography's not remotely the same AFAIK, and there really isn't any evidence to suggest it. It would be like saying, "Middle-Earth is the same as "normal" earth because they both have spiders and horses and bugs!" Uhm, no, the lack of logic in that statement enrages and infuriates me.
  22. Yeah, it should be the very last thing you do before you leave Anama Haven. There's no real reason to go back there.
  23. It is awesome. A5 is made of win! I'd give it 8.5/10 (only because I was expecting Dorikas to drop some AWESOME loot and he didn't lol). There are lots of side quests and heaps and heaps of replay value - there are several different options you can take that, I would imagine, affect the plot differently.
  24. Never mind, I just found them... brain isn't working today for some reason ;;
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