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  1. What about Andy Serkis for spiders? Or for the more absurd, what about Dave Coulier? (of full house fame, Uncle Joey!) Or what about a flock of raving fangirls?
  2. Okay so there's really no official plans for an Avernum TV series... but I wish there was! One of the most captivating things about Spiderweb games to me is the story. It's unique and interesting and well written and the way it goes, I could imagine creating a TV series out of it. It has to be a TV series because it's too big to be a movie. It's also plot driven, so you need to have the story unfold and get all the important points, uberflashiness is not required. I'd be sad if it was limited to 13 episodes a season but 26 should do nicely. Realistically, I think the best you cou
  3. Anyone have a list of shortcut keys? In particular there use to be a key that would highlight stuff in a room, is that still available?
  4. Quote: Originally written by Randomizer: Jeff decided during beta testing of the Azure Gallery to end the era of the glass cannon. No more running around with minimal endurance and relying on augmentation and essence armor to provide health. Part of this was to balance out regular parties and the Anama ones and the other was to end the abuse of 200+ health spellcasters at this point in the game. It was a way of restoring balance to the game that you couldn't create tank like characters without using tank like stats. I took this as a bit of a surprise. Not an entirely unwelcome one, but I
  5. Quote: I didn't say the game was too hard, just that I found Normal difficulty in A5 to be a lot harder than Normal difficulty in A4. A4, I could get through pretty much every battle on the first try. A5, for most major combats after Chapter 2, I had to try once to figure out what the winning strategy was, reload, and then fight it out a second time knowing what to do. Fael gets what I'm trying to say, because he's been there too. Flat out, A5 is harder. Not too hard, and definitely not unfun, but definitely harder. It was more of a surprise than anything. If you are a power gamer who can
  6. Is it me, or is A5 significantly harder at normal level than A4? 1) Most of the strategy guides are saying I should be hitting twice as hard as I am. My mage and priest were quite happy with their meatshields, as they themselves did huge amounts of damage, but my warriors kinda wanted to be a little more important in each battle. They tended to pick off the stragglers while I pounded with DF+FB or DR+AB from my spellcasters. Or maybe I'm reading the damage figures wrong, because maybe they include MB or WAB. That's not clear in the melee party guide to me. Even then, I'm not sure I'm
  7. The Mandrake tincture in the pit of abominations is behind a secret door in the room where you fight the lich. The switch is outside the room.
  8. The editor allows me to edit any and all skills with impunity. Are there any options, in the middle of a game, to just redistribute points? I ask because I think I've not done well with my point distribution in my first go round so I want to experiment. I have lots of saved games from my first go through, so it would be interesting to experiment at different saves, then come up with a party mix I'd like and start my next run with that mix. I also noticed that a lot of the A5 strategy guides assume A4 knowledge. I played A4, but only once, as I found the plot less engaging than A1-3.
  9. It's behind another gate. You need to complete a quest for the Vahatni in the library first, and she'll open the first gate. Epiron-bok opens the second gate, beyond the first one.
  10. Slow got me through this fight. I have two buff warriors with Mighty blow wail on him, hit him with every spell I can (even if they don't do very much damage) and just make sure the slow spell stays on him, I got a grand total of 3 doomguards, including the original. Jeff, if you make a Doomguard immune to slow in A6, I will *#@!$%^ kill you Evil, evil man
  11. Go back to new harston and look for a bald-headed guy with dark blue pants and light blue shirt. He's usually wandering around. I like to call him the docboy NPC (Looks like Docboy from the garfield comic strip ) This guy appears in every chapter in one city so look for him.
  12. Claws are not entirely useless if you like armor elixirs... you can have the anama alchemist make some for you with claws.
  13. The great thing about any avernum game is the exceptional writing. For example, taken from one of Lark's quests after you return with the ectoplasm from the Moref the Shade. Lark then makes the soup and: "She takes some of it herself and gives the rest to you. Sadly, this soup is the most disgusting so far. You have to clap your hands over your mouth to keep it from flying out of your throat. Ghosts taste bad." I'm still trying to get over this one! LOL
  14. That's not what I meant. Even before I finish the demo portion, I get heavy enough equipment to max me at 60 lbs encumbrance. That seams like a lot. I'm making choices on equipment so soon for my warriors. I never had to do it so soon or so often. Right now my lead warrior is walking around without pants because regular pants put her 2 lbs over the limit!
  15. I seem to be very encumbrance laiden in A5. It's hard to get all the gear I want equiped. I have two characters, one with Strength 6, one with strength 7 (this one is a slith). both, however, are encumbered at 60 lbs. #1 either that is low, or I'm getting equipment very fast, and #2 why the same amount despite two different strength figures?
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