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  1. I had a conversation with five or six of my closest friends the other day. While we all agreed that there must certainly be some form of life somewhere else in the Universe besides Earth, we also came to the realization that I was the only one in the room that did not believe that we had already been visited by some form of intelligent life at some point. I'm a fan of Drake's equation and all, but alien conspiracies? I like to think my friends are smart people, but I think perhaps the bit of beer we had that night may have gone directly to their heads. Or is this simply a very popular belief, even among thinkers? You guys seem like an intelligent bunch, what are your thoughts? Oh, and I liked the chorus from that video. I may have to steal it for my signature.
  2. She would leave you anyway as soon as you exit the Whitespires. You're probably not missing out on that much, if anything at all. And don't worry, no matter what, you haven't seen the last of her.
  3. I'm going to hit my 1000th post soon. It feels strange. Like someone should try to stop me, you know? Isn't anyone going to stop me before it's too late?
  4. That makes sense. People aren't going to like playing a game that they can't win. Winning is the American (and human) way!
  5. RTSs actually have some of the best stories around. Starcraft and Warcraft had amazing stories. Much better than Diablo at least, which was an RPG (and RPGs are supposed to have the good stories). Age of Empires 2 and 3 had really neat campaigns as well (especially if you're a history dork like me). Also, I actually despise multiplayer RTSs. Probably because everyone is better than me at those, so I always lose.
  6. Ah, well I was always more of a trekkie myself anyway.
  7. Me too. Huh, maybe he's just been a fan of Palpatine since his first appearance in 1983, which is also before many of us were born.
  8. Spidweb_theme. I immediately got nostalgic when the board was upgraded.
  9. Sleeping Dragon


    That makes sense. If you put the time into making a nice, well constructed hamburger with fresh ingredients, of course it will look very different from the hastily assembled mess they wrap up and serve you when you get there. The nicer one isn't necessarily fake. It's not hard to make a nice looking burger, it's just not fast. And we're all about fast.
  10. Aw, you killed Raven as a Celt? Poor Raven, I really like that guy. I wonder if that'll effect the ending text at all. Doesn't he appear briefly in the Celt ending text?
  11. Originally Posted By: I need no introduction Spiderweb software forms. It's funny because there have indeed been a few times I've found out about a major event from this site before anywhere else. Obama's Peace prize comes to mind. I guess it is highly likely that one of us from here is bound to be searching the internet for news at any given point in time, and once we find something, this is probably one of the few places on the internet that we think to go to first for a relatively decent (compared to the rest of the internet) conversation about it (because going somewhere besides the internet to talk about it would require additional movement). So yeah, I admit I've gotten news (complete with colorful commentary) from this very site before.
  12. Sleeping Dragon


    Originally Posted By: Nalyd; Also, Nalyd is much more self-deprecating. FYT
  13. Originally Posted By: VCH I still think post count should be deleted, and member number displayed. I don't see why viewing either of these things is necessary. Registration date gives an idea of how long the person's been around, but any other numbers just give people reasons to make assumptions. For example, one might assume that someone who took so long to reach 1000 posts is a fairly obscure member, an assumption that Toby-Linn proves false. Congrats!
  14. I may be remembering incorrectly, but I believe there is a dialog option that starts a fight with him. I tend to use those whenever they're available, seems a waste not to. Totally my own fault, but a mistake that anyone could make, I suppose.
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