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  1. Ah, found my problem, I'm a moron: I was opening the package contents of the SHORTCUT. *facepalm* Aaaand... success. It seems I've mastered this little toy. Fun. Thanks, guys.
  2. @Alorael: I'm having trouble finding the scripts. @THe TUrtle Moves: When I used Show Contents on the Avadon app, abd went into resources, all I found was the icon file.
  3. Oh, awesome. Mind telling me where you found 'em? Cuase it's beyond me...
  4. Er... I don't mean using other people's editors, I mean tracking down the folder of game files and personally altering the item stats etc.
  5. Unless I happen to be a moron and am incapable of finding said things... I don't think the Mac Steam version of Avadon has the capacity to be modded any more than the App Store version. Someone, please tell me I didn't just waste another 9.99....
  6. I love you and your games Jeff, and I understand the reasoning, but I still wish you could put them on the mac for steam.... But nah, not like Mac users were your original fanbase or nothing.
  7. I don't mind buying the game, and having it on steam would be nice: any mac users know?
  8. I think the title says it all: are the item files etc. editable if you buy Steam? because I already got burned once by the App store version. >_<
  9. Well frag. And I'm guessing Jeff's retun policy can't apply, since it's iTunes. >_< HE'S SOLD OUT, MAN!!!
  10. After I purchased Avadon from the App store, I was unpleasantly surprised to find that I couldn't find the game files any more. Is there a fix for this, or am Is tuck having wasted $20 for a game I can't mod?
  11. I went with Sorceress on Casual. I was always a fan of magic intensive classes. Aso, I misunderstood what it meant when it said "Unlock". I thought they meant like a spell, a la genfeorge. No such luck.
  12. God I feel stupid. Sorry. It was even in bold.
  13. Bwahahaha... I'm the guy with 400 in spellcraft and battle magic. Thanks, randomizer.
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