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  1. I thought you guys would absolutely adore this project. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/851906756/clique-refresh It's more or less going to be a comic about the amazingness of internet friendship. I'm excited for when it starts in November.
  2. Spddin Ignis


    I really hope this happens... I'm feeling more optimistic about the space program and I think with the so-far-success of curiosity, if NASA chooses to go ahead with it, it is likely to get the necessary funding. http://www.newscient...oons-orbit.html
  3. I've always played with about equal intelligence with my Shaper and Agent characters
  4. Hey all, I've recently picked up the G games in my spare time and I've totally forgotten the scripts to reset canister usage. Would anyone be happy to divulge them? G3 is the only one I really care about, but the others would be nice.
  5. "It's not college until you and your roommate are up at 3am in the morning hugging a pot of ramen noodles for warmth in the dead of winter before finals."- A friend of mine
  6. Shapers all the way for me. I realize that they have their flaws, but their laws and restrictions are for the best and keep things relatively peaceful and prosperous.
  7. With what Alorael said, eastern and western Terrestia fit together pretty nicely. You can probably find a map from a game we used to play on the forums some where. Drypeak is just east of Gazaki-Uss and probably just ever so slightly north as the Drakon fortress extends into eastern Terrestia. I just want to see the second continent =/
  8. Friendship, love, volcanoes, betrayal, money, cookies, books, nerds... and quotes about anything. Go!
  9. Canisters matter most in g3, not so much in anything after.
  10. I remember when I played G3 I just sat back and sent creations to fight while I chilled at the start of the area. Super safe... the Shaper way
  11. I've totally forgotten where the door for the access crystals are. Also, while I'm at it, does anyone remember where the all mighty Ornk canister is?
  12. Usually by the end of the game as a shaper I have at least 1k essence to burn through and I make lots of powerful creations. I do not like the fact that we can only have 5 different types though.
  13. I totally forgot the code I used to use in GF5 to make it like I use 0 canisters even though I use like all of them. Anyone remember it?
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