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  1. Malkasphia used the Quiet Marshes near the east exit. Just an example.
  2. But aren't they already technically dominated by you?
  3. Money on my mind. And ladies. I like ladies. Ladies are good.

  4. Do you have to manually attack them? The button with the knife?
  5. Is it just me or do living tools remind you of duct tape (because it fixes everything)?
  6. Now... I... am... just... a... NUMBER??? What has this world come to???
  7. Same thing as 0 int added. Welcome to Spiderweb Software, please leave your sanity at the door so we can all go rogue.
  8. *facepalm* Black Ops: Vietnam War Black Ops 2: 2nd Cold War (2025) Black Ops 3: Will probably be even more into the future
  9. Most of the classes (including rebel) have shrouds over the character's faces.
  10. One reason Agents are so hard to play in G1 is that you have low health and it is almost necessary to shape at least a couple creation to help you.
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