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  1. Cool, so I guess they both borrowed from the same source -What is Banks's full name?
  2. Jus tfinished reading Jhon Grisham's "The Rainmaker" which emphasizes exactly why private insurance companies cannot be trusted. And his "The Firm" which will make me wonder next time anyone offers me . Another thing that popped up in Rainmaker was the name of one of the lawyers, which was Joshua Stone Leyman (sp?), which reminded me of amother place where I heard that name, and after several weeks of head racking it finally hit me it was from the TV series "the west wing" (minus the Stone) where I guess the producers/writers decided to borrow that name for the US deputy chief of staff.
  3. From Guardsmen trilogy moved to Anansi boys to Inheritance and now at Calico Jack, how bizzare
  4. So if we are already on the topic of old games, which ones are win 8 or RT (app only) compatible?
  5. So Win 8 is out, So what do you think? Is anyone else as unphased as I am?
  6. my FF 15 doesn't it puts the names in the tabs only
  7. Yup, they're gone (e.g. http://spiderwebforu...mg/#entry147392). Maybe we should link the posts to their parallels in the old UBBs.
  8. I think he means the existing poles seem to have vanished, I'll check it out and give you an answer in a bit.
  9. grartz sylae wow, these boards are gonna need getting used to, I nearly thought we also had a new mod named sixth circle wizard
  10. I've just started reading American gods, I'm at about chapter 4 and already enjoying it, Gaiman is truly a writing genious. However reading this does make me wonder if novelists get payed for hidden commercials like movies do, or are all the references to specific brand names are just there to improve the atmosphere?
  11. Scrap good and evil, human beings at their core are animals and as all animals we are survivalistic. Whether that is good or evil is your own choice to define. There is a definite preference in each man to preserve itself and those who are close to him, sometimes even at the expense of others. But at the same time it sometimes rises above its core programing and is able to show great feats of mercy and kindness, whether that is inherent or acquired is also a great matter of opinion. So in short man is a survivor, but a civilized one
  12. One more Wrong before the forum change: In the series brothers & sisters they discover all of a sudden that their ~70 year old uncle has dormant AIDS that he picked up in his 20s because he was a little promiscuous and his spouse and him never noticed any side effects until he went to get tested in his 70s, is this really possible or just another scare lesson to make teens practice safe sex? I mean, I know it can be dormant, but to go over 50 years and remain dormant seems like a bit of a stretch.
  13. Black forest? Isn't that pig's blood?
  14. Originally Posted By: Niko If I whould give a new skills for new coming avernum games, could there be alchemy skill, whould it be good? Then you should play Exile or the first A trilogy they had alchemy in a grand way (You needed to buy recipes from other alchemist and gather herbs, then you press a button and presto you have a potion or a poison you can add to your weapon)
  15. I suggest you read some of the works of Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett, 18th Baron of Dunsany to see just how far back these ideas of fantasy creatures exist (how odd, of all his names the only word the spell checker does not recognize is "Dunsany")
  16. I second Miramor's motion to lock. The OP has already been slighted ~2 times. This thread is not going anywhere good.
  17. Originally Posted By: Niko What I would like would be First person action 3d game from the world of avernum! I can even think it now... It would have the lore, world, characters, story and adventure!! xD Somehow the discussion always comes to the point of someone wanting Avernum to be more like Oblivion (graphic wise), well, it's not, and I sincerely hope it will never be.
  18. Originally Posted By: Tyranicus snip No, just No, buttoned trousers are my worst fabric enemy.
  19. I found this more terrifying once I thought about it enough from XKCD
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