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  1. Oh my God he is perfectionist like always. Nothing new so less surprising than before. It would be more surprising if he missed something. Though I saw him watching this topic in who is online may be he edited it without marking or may be I failed to saw his perfection just for this time. My God he has even mentioned place. How can somebody think about nothing but Avernum and Geneforge.
  2. When Randomizer trains a newb there nothing remains to increase others post count. Welcome to the forums. Edit: hold, Randomizer missed something this time. You will need tool use skill for some switches.
  3. I have Avernum3 1.0 registered and I have Avernum3 1.1.4 demo. How to register the newer version safely?
  4. Originally Posted By: Skeeter And why did you cut off the text from the bottom? Hindi.
  5. @ Slarty: Good hands of my sister on drawing board and my mobile camera Description of the pic: as I said the pic is conceptual. The people in setup are not standing on their place. Actually you will need some programming NPCs. Modern time researchers have failed to make the full view and they have only managed to find 4 doors. The original setup had 7. The most deadly one still need to be searched. However let me explain it. Start from outside. If you consider it as a gate you will see the soldiers standing next to it making a 2nd gate. By now its pretty easy. But what you will say if the outer soldiers start to move in clockwise and the 2nd one in anti-clockwise? And so on and so forth for all the lines. Now see what you are looking is the still and the easiest escapable setup which you will never create. It is just the easiest setup which has least probability to happen at a given time. You should start the battle with all the gates randomly placed and make the soldier tough.Say party is fighting with clockwise moving soldiers. Party will have to use trick to wait and actually reach the second door. It will be a foolishness to fight. It need to be a escaping battle needed to be reach in middle. If you are interested in knowing the history and success. This setup was created by the most brilliant person of fight in Indian history. Only he and his dearest disciple Arjun knew the solution but circumstances made them to fight against each other. So he fought cunningly and forced Arjun to go away from battle field by bait. He ambushed entire enemy army. No one knew the solution and they were dying. Then cute newb 18 year Arjun's son came and said that he know the solution of 6 doors he must be allowed to go for it may be he can luckily break the 7 too. They had no choice. The 18 year guy managed to rock through the 6 doors because his father told him solution once. Whereas his entire army stuck at the first door. The mighty whole army got stuck. So was the boy too powerful? No it was a great puzzle. Eventually he died because he was alone and failed to solve the 7th door himself But he showed the escape door which gave standing to his army till Arjun does not came back. See if you fight blindly even a whole battle is weak if you fight with mind. A new warrior is enough. What a puzzle.*wonders*
  6. Nope going back to Vahanatai land. I was here to pump my powers. I repeat, location of mighty chain helpful for a thrower.
  7. I have nice battle setup. I told location, if someone is interested he can use it. I have some names, if someone is interested he can ask.
  8. 1: you are on perfect place. 3: turn by turn. 4: strategy guide. Welcome to the forums. You wont go wrong in story. Trust me. Especially in Avernum 2 and 3
  9. Originally Posted By: Skeeter Correct answer: nothing. Looks like Salmon's joke about designing on a mobile 'phone is about to become a sad reality. No plan to be a designer in near future. I was trying to help if someone is interested. I can repeat *i advice for those who trying to help you
  10. A tricky combat. Not easy directly, easy after solving.
  11. Using net in mobile has made me handicapped. I am just trying to help. No thats not a custom graphics. Its a concept pic from battle setup from Mahabharat. I have posted it on my community "spiderwebsoftware" on orkut. You may not like it in first look but its a concept pic and has some description with it which I know. So if it look interesting bring it here may be I can help someone in creating the tricky fight ever. Also I have a lot of non playing character nice names in mind if someone is interested in some brand new names please let me know. May be I can help someone. Thank you.
  12. Do not taunt the happy fun ball? Come and explain this in welcome to the forums thread Randomizer. I started to collect some info and I encountered a new sentence.. Great. Man I am not joking, I really cant understand this sentence. Hey dude, listen our main dialogue, Randomizer is providing pirated stuff."Hello and welcome to the Spider Software forums, leave your sanity at the door and watch out for the turtles, both fluffy and the flying ones." now seriously Randomizer I am curious, is this also a forum dialogue about which I dont know?
  13. I will say that I am very happy while writing this post. There are a lot of reason of being happy. I feel I have reached a corner in game where Jeff lowers the difficulty to give you some rest. Or probably it is the result of fighting with all the buff including arcane shield ( 11 buffs if you wanna know). Either way it is just enough to give me some easy gaming. I started with giant diplomacy and then completed Vahanatai quest to expel muck. Then I killed the giant queen and then the Anama scroll and Soulberg paper. With this, going back to old places is come to an end and I will go back to kill soulberg only. After completing Shafir quest, I was very rich, about 17000 coins! I spent my money in training and then completed Pasquale's quest and the cultists. And now the soultaker pit. Soultaker pit gave me pearlscent band and now battle frenzy is available to mage. Master of the pit is the easiest fight. Mind this, master of the pit is the easiest fight of the game. And the trick is just send your priest near altar. He will sitting here casting return life whenever the whole party dies. All you need is reviving party four or five times(means some patience) and this is his/its last fight. However I was enough wise to left soultaker alive:-) Oh do I mentioned this? Well probably no. Ok, FC near Highground is now in the list of empty towns and the list also include FC in northern isles, Harkin Landing, Hartson dock, Ahonaria. After coming back from soultaker pit I did some remaining boring job including looting Highground treasure and getting duelist gloves by fighting while being exposed to those exploding shrubs. Aaah a risky job. However I gave all fire resist. stuff to my Slith, he survived and revived the party and in this way I made it. The next was Morbo, needless to say priest did great job with control foe and thus Morbo died with its own summoning power;-) This was just enough to leave the Azure gallery for now. The first thing I did after entering Vahanatai lands was to kill those boring boring boring terror wolves. I just hate this fight. However listening nice music and clicking mouse blindly eventually resulted in the death of all those fools. Then I killed more wandering monsters. Heck, they are available in acumecocy. Fine, I did it in one sitting which is a new achievement for me. Then I went to Thalants to do the dark presence quest. After this I leave everything else even the job board quest and leave Vahanatai land from the mani gate. I said hello to Ruth again and telling about my mercy was enough to keep her happy. Eventually my todays gaming stopped after reaching Mel keep and completing his wish instantly. Also, I have now the pustulant gloves which will make my fights easy in Vahanatai lands. Finally, I encountered a very humorous thing. Do you know what is tribut for GIFTS? Mel says that they are so irritating that I asked them to go away and this is their tribute. His dialogue was really nice. He also told about those cultists. Some human also leave here. Everything is ok but worship of dragon, he shakes head. The description was really nice hey kindly tell in detail about the chain which gives +4 to thrown missile. Obviously I need it and thats too bad but I dont know its location.
  14. Hold, try the reverse of Randomizer post. If you fail, read the link of Avernum 5 strategy central. sdf, oop fixes by microphage. Even if that fails I have an ultimate solution
  15. Strange. This is what worked for me. If I remember correctly, ring was of no use. Say, do you really want the items? No matter you solve puzzle or not?
  16. Hello and welcome to the forums. Read Randomizer post. See you have to change the NE once to green and once to no sparkle. Changing NE condition is the key.
  17. And now I am almost unbeatable. I have return life spell. Going Thalants is easy. You need to kill only those rockhounds. After that go west till you do not reach bridge. Then, go south. Walk through Kherbass killing two mutant lizard and pass training test if you want and then you will be in Thalants. This is helpful because this is the place where you will find maximum number of wandering monster. Hmmm, now everything will go change. The money wow, I sold 104 mined crystal. Hey I have new information, selling mined crystal also gives xp I learned this only because my priest changed his level when I sold the crystal. Great. Next is a journey to Anama lands. -Abhishek, who is very disappointed that no one came to give some suggestion about spell point. Hey, I said no experiment, then why no reply?
  18. 8 points in endurance will in late game. What you think unlocking anatomy or making it more hell and unlocking lethal blow? Mage and priest will keep going on their path. Thats not a overflow. The case of overflow is true for warrior to some extent and especially with thrower because after few sharpshooter, 8 endurance and 3 points in tool use he will be doing nothing.
  19. You are repeating my post. I already clarified it in first and third para. whatz your name dude? Calling untamed banana slug sounds strange.
  20. Sir may I? Ok, start a new a game, take a mage character with divinely touched and leather armor and buckler. Hmmm, what you expect? Well whatever you expect, result will be 0 blocked. So untamed banana slug is correct here in that case. Hey whatz your name dude? Wait, lets take more observation, go to Azure gallery, in remenent area. Take all the buff but dont take the most basic buff of priest, protection, it just cost 4 spell point, what difference it can make in late game? The endured warrior will die within one shot no matter how many buff he has, if you wont cast protection, the cute mage will last two shots if you will cast protection. Not getting? Take invulnerability potion, but dont cast protection, you will take just as much as damage what you will only expect from a death curse. What such a small buff can do? Play dude... You will see.(this is not related to this research but this is really very frustrating). 3: The best place to take some hostile effect resistance is Haakai, take all the fire resistance and all buff.Fight. Write all your observation(write damage resisted and taken separately), now take only steel skin, write observations again, now play without buff and write again, compare all the three columns damage with the amount of resistance game displays, you will see that the actual mathematical observation what you were expecting to see without any buff will lie in steel skin buffed fight. Untamed banana slug is correct again. This is all I can help.
  21. At last Harkins Landing is empty and same is true for Khora-Vyss and Howling depths including ogre mage. Then I entered Soultaker pit for learning fire blast and then came out. And killed all the wandering giants. Azure gallery is empty from any wandering monsters now the only thing remaining are set targets. Dozens of knowledge brew is now resulting in overflow of skill point. Now I have some ideas, but if you have something in mind please let me know. I am just giving the main stats. See the last stats for equipment bonus if you forget. Warrior: Str: 12(+4,+2) Int: 2(go for 4?) Dex: 6 End: 4 Pole: 13 Quick action: 8 Quick strike: 2(what about this?) Parry: 13 Blademaster: 11(only 2 points invested, go for 6?) Max Discipline: battle frenzy. Thrown: Str: 6 (+4) Int: 2 End: 4 Dex: 12(+4, +2) Throw: 20 (still it cost only 7) Bow: 7 Tool use: 15 Sharp: 12 Maximum Discipline:Battle Frenzy. Priest: Str: 3 End:4 Int: 6 Dex: 2 Priest: 14 Spell craft: 6(yes I know) Magery: 7+ divinely touched Discipline:Focus spirit but still need to purchase 2 points from trainer. Mage. Str: 3 End: 4 Int: 6 Dex: 2 Mage 14 Spell craft 6 Magery 7+ divinely touched. Discipline:Mighty blow. If you are thinking I wont listen you due to my madness of experiments then it is limited to giving 4 point in priest spell to warrior out of which 2 will come from Thalon of 10 eyes. So you see, I am not planning for any big experiments like a mad player share your ideas to make the game easy. Oh please, please, please.
  22. Abhishek is interested in listening your adventures againist Black Horror. Thanks:-)
  23. Go to Avernum 3 folder. Click on data folder. Scroll down, you will find four dat file format: outfight, town, outdoor, Avernum 3. Copy - paste, Avernum 3 somewhere else(for safety) and then delete it. Thats all.
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