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Avernum 3: Ruined World Strategy Central (**NEED HELP? LOOK HERE FIRST**)

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Expect this post to expand greatly as more information is added!

Please make a new topic if you have questions to ask that aren't answered here.


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There is a "Hospital" in Shayder, but not a building called the "Infirmary". The only trees near the hospital are five trees on the east side of the building: no sick boy there. Is there some other "infirmary" to which you are referring? There are trees northwest of the hospital, but no sick boy there either..

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I'm not sure what you could have done to make Sick Boy leave.  Unless an exceptionally long amount of days have passed and you haven't taken care of the roaches, and you got unlucky with a random attack (though even then I'm not sure how possible that is in Shayder).  I do remember him being a bit hard to spot, and I think he's pretty mobile.


What's your day counter at?

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7 hours ago, Preferential Depletement said:

Unless an exceptionally long amount of days have passed and you haven't taken care of the roaches ...


Good catch, Slarty!


Have you tried checking in the inn right next to the dock, weperkins? Sick Boy moves in there as time goes on, since the innkeeper takes pity on him.


Let me know if that doesn't work. If you've stumbled on a bug, or a situation where you can't continue with the Fury Bow quest somehow, I might be able to give you an sdf code to allow you to keep going.

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Preferential Depletement: The roach filth factory was destroyed long ago (I do still occasionally find random groups of roaches roaming around on Bigail.)

Ess-Eschas: Sick Boy not around the dock or in the inn. What is an sdf code?  Would it allow me to find the Pit of the Wyrm even though I can't talk with Sick Boy?  I wonder if there is some way to update the game software without losing my progress in the current game.  My characters are at level 32 and I am almost ready to go face the End Game.

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3 hours ago, weperkins said:

What is an sdf code?


This game uses 'sdf's – short for 'stuff done flags' – to make a record of various things you do over the course of your adventure. An sdf code changes these, allowing you to make the game think you've done certain things, even if you actually haven't. These codes are very powerful!


In this instance, if you want to proceed with the Fury Bow quest, do the following. First, hold down 'shift' and press 'd'. This should bring up a little text box. In this box, type this:


sdf 6 11 1


This will make the game think that you've spoken to Sick Boy. If you now talk to Judith, you'll be able to ask her about the Fury Bow.


However, I think it would be interesting to do one more check, if you're willing. When you're in Shayder, press 'shift' and 'd' as above, and type in:




This will bring up a little piece of text telling you where you are in the town. X increases as your first character moves right, and Y as you move down. Try to find this spot:


X = 17, Y = 47 (Town = 4)


You should be standing just to the left of a rug on the ground. Is there anyone standing on this rug? It's entirely possible that Sick Boy is gone (he might have been killed by the brigands in the house just to the south), but it would be useful just to check this!

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1 hour ago, weperkins said:

I tried looking around location 17, 47: no luck.


Thanks for checking! I thought it was really unlikely that you were checking in the wrong place ...


This is a nasty bug that you've found. However, now that we know it can happen, it will make it a little easier for us to help people in future. Thank you!

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I have been collecting magical notes but who is it who wants them? I can't find them, been too long since I last played it and forgot who it was. 


Currently bumbling around doing stuff I haven't gotten around to waiting for the Tower to Blow, already been down to Rentar's Fortress just to get Demonslayer from her rooms. 

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I've just found out how to kill the annoying wandering Anama around Farport etc Just rob the Anama treasury and they will attack you of their own volition. What fun. 


BTW the way to get off Bigail after doing the deed is to make your way to the docks, getting your mage to cast How of Terror and then get on the boat to Marish. You pay on the boat and you can do that whilst in combat. That whisks the party off to Marish. 


Since the latest version blocked off the option of flying across near the roach factory this is the only reasonable way. BTW make sure you have done everything you want to do on Bigail first including any courier jobs. 

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Hello, I got that mission from the job board :



Magical Supplies: You must slay a Serpent and take its body to Mayor Arbuckle of Krizsan within 45 days.


I tried to bring him a limb, some fine leather, meat, a serpentskin helmet...

But the answer is always



You try to make your delivery, but you haven't found the right sort of creature yet.


I'm near the end of the game and killed most of the monsters that could be found in the game, even the dragons & drakes (bad, bad Roberto) so I really have no idea what I'm supposed to bring to that goddamn Arbuckle mayor (is he related to Garfield ?)


Any help would be welcomed ! ;)

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You need to find a place where you can attack and kill a Serpent, then you get a message that you get the parts for delivery.


See this topic for a list of places to usually find the monster needed..


Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. That way you know where it went. :)

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Hello everyone. From what I understand, dispel barrier cannot be acquired from trainer?

So where should I find the spell. I already acquire the first level from a book somewhere. I have not completed a quest for Sharimik mayor yet


Thanks a lot!

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12 hours ago, Randomizer said:

Lair of Khoth has the level 3 spell book for Dispel Barrier.


There are trainers that sell the spell at very high costs in Dellston and Calloc.

Thanks @Randomizer 

I am currently at level 20. My mage and priest respectively have 19 points in mage and priest spells

Does it make sense to put all remaining points into fighter tree bases for Adrenalin Rush? I have the discipline blade that put +5 toward discipline, is there anymore item like that in the game?

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Discipline Blade is the only item that gives that much of a bonus for fighter skills. Others are only +1 or +2 to a single skill.


Having Adrenaline Rush is extremely useful for quick fights where you can cast several area effect spells in one round to take out groups. It is usually recommended since you can wait out the cool down period between those fights.

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Posted (edited)
On 7/25/2021 at 8:53 AM, Randomizer said:

Discipline Blade is the only item that gives that much of a bonus for fighter skills. Others are only +1 or +2 to a single skill.

The Farstriker's Cloak gives +4 to ranged weapons skills (+2 for Bows and +2 for Thrown Missiles), and they also count for battle disciplines.

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