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A3:RW - Spell Books (SPOILERS)

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Fort Emergence - After completing plague quest

Mazumdar opens to spell books after completing plague quest - level 3

— sage lore trait and Vahnatai Lore don't count to arcane lore needed

-- right spell book [6] - Move Mountains

-- left spell book [6] - Spray Acid


Portal Fortress

Need Walner's help to dechiper

- Library scroll - Mage: Call Beast [5]



Capture Soul [VL 1, AL 12] 

Simulacrum [VL 3. AL 12]


Erika's Tower (after defeating a plague)

Ward of Thoughts [20] 


Tower of Magi

Arcane Summon [12 or less], Dark Thoughts


Below Agate Tower

Pool of Ice [9]


Slime Pit

spell book [6] - Daze 


Inn of Blades

Arion - QUEST - Get Metal Lumps - unlocks room to spell book - Slow


Storm Port


Mayor Runkle - QUEST - Destroy Undead for Storm Port - see Dana - go to home northwest corner north room under bed - Minor Heal [9?]


Lair of Vahkohs

spell book [10] - Protection



Gremlin chest [12]


Lair of the Ursagi

spell book - Cloak of Curses [9]


Shayder - Anama member - Anama Temple

-- stands 

- southwest - Call the Storm, Summon Shade, Ward of Thoughts, Curse the Land, Move Mountains

- northwest - Minor Heal, Curing, Smite, Protection, War Blessing

- northeast - Unshackle Mind, Heal, Rain of Curses, Mass Heal, Mass Curing

- southeast - Divine Fire



War Blessing [7]


Shayder Sewers

Bolt of Fire [7]


Spiral Crypt

Minor Summons [11 or less]



- Purgatos room - Haste [9 or less]

- Lair of Drakos - Cloak of the Arcane [15]


Filth Factory

Blink [9 or less]



Sharamik Scroll quest reward spell book [?] - Dispel Barrier level 1

Starcap Hunt Down Zang quest reward - Cloak of Bolts


House on the Hill

Pool of Fire [9 or less]


Troglo Temple

Pool of Corruption [11 or less]


Under Castle Troglo

Heal [12 or less]


Adobe Hut

Hermit - Ritual of Sanctication level 1



- Library reward for Giant plague - Domination [?]

- Hawke's Manse - Cloak of Blades [10]


Grindstone Caverns

Rain of Curses [?]


Chasm of Screams

Mass Curing [14]


Monastery of Madness L1

Gymnastics [11] - no Sage Lore Trait


Monastery of Madness L2

Curse the Land [15]


Northeast Valorim

NE by Orb - tunnel - need item for song - harp - Ward of Elements [14]

NW Temple of Divine Lucre (quest location) - 5000c for Return Life, Divine Retribution, Divine Restoration

-- -1 reputation, Blessing of Lucre (+2% damage)


Gale Library

-- spell book - Bless the Land [12]

-- stand - Bolt of Fire [9 or less]


Pit of the Wrym

Divine Retribution [15 or less]



Sanctification Ritual [12]


Maddok Island 

Summon Shade [17] - no sage Lore Trait


Tower of Zkal 

Summon Shade



Library of Moon

stand [4] - level 1 - Call the Storm, Move Mountains, Divine Fire

stand [4] - level 1 - Bolt of Fire, Daze, Haste, Pool of Fire

quest reward - Divine Restoration [15 some VL]


Lair of Khoth

Domination level 1 [11 or less] 

Dispel Barrier level 3 [12]

Divine Retribution level 1 [11 or less]


Defiled Crypt 

Arcane Summon [14]

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On 3/22/2018 at 11:07 AM, Sade said:

In the Tower of Zkal.


Where exactly is that? Summon Aid is the only L3 mage spell I have left to complete. I’m sure I’ve been there before but A3 for the iPad isn’t quite the same as 1 and 2 were when it comes to updating the world map with side quest locations. It doesn’t even give all the towns. Major cities, some towns and major quest locations only. 


I’m also looking for L3 Summon Host. I know it’s in Blackcrag but not sure if something triggers it or I have to search. 

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The Tower of Zkal spell book is in the center in a portcullis shut room opened by moving a statue:

You need to read the book 3 times and you get a Dread Curse for doing it.


Divine Host in Blackcrag is behind a tool use 18 door, but you are able to use Move Mountains to enter from the north. It also has the highest Arcane Lore requirement in the game at least when i checked, but just now I got it with AL 6, VL 7, and Sage Lore 1.

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