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  1. Thanks! OK. I have my anvil banner, inside my carpentry shop, not outside where I would like it to be. How does one go into "edit" mode, and how can it be placed outside the shop where it would be actually useful? Later: Ah well, never mind. I was able to choose the banner that would be placed inside the shop, but it appears there isn't one for carpentry. (or is it archery? I dunno.) I'll live without them. Thanks, Randomizer, as always, for your help.
  2. I looked it up: This is what Randomizer lists as "contents of chest," which I assume must be the hoard: chest - 195c, Steelturn augment (+5% to physical evasion), Blademaster rune (+4 physical damage), Charm of the Vol (+1 to Tower of Might, +10% stun resist) So yeah, I shoulda fought her. Think I might go back and re-do it if I can find a saved game that doesn't lose too much.
  3. QQ: I also let the drake go. Stupid, because I probably could have won. So, what did I miss in the hoard? Thanks!
  4. Thanks folks! Got it! Yes, I was inside the fort, but I did not hover my cursor over the crucial icon. Now I know.
  5. OK, so this undoubtedly is the silliest question ever asked on this forum, however: I have reach Deepwood Keep. The game says I can get new cast members by using the "edit party" button. I have searched the screen high and low and cannot find an "edit party" button. My guys are fine, but I would like to see what the game has to offer. Thanks!
  6. Yep. Makes sense. I will go out and conquer! Thanks!
  7. I'm having trouble buying shops for Fort Muck. I have bought a Bakery, but a blurb says that it can't make money unless I also build a mill in that fort. OK. But the game won't let me buy a mill. I have a mill in Fort Haven, but none in Fort Muck. The plus signal is dimmed out. A bug perhaps? This ought to work. Or, I'm missing something. Also, I went back to Fort Haven to build a bakery, but again I get a dimmed-out plus sign. Can't buy it. I'm pretty sure I have the requisite materials to build these shops. I've already bought the buildings. That works fine. Help? Thanks!
  8. Oopsies. I found my problem. My keyboard is getting really patchy, and it seems that my escape key isn't working. I'm imagining that might be the cause of my difficuilty. Knew I should have gone out and bought a new keyboard, but I wanted to play Queen's Wish!
  9. Choosing a ranged spell, then realizing that I wasn't close enough to the enemies for it to be at all effective. No way to cancel it that I can find, so far. Thanks!
  10. Another probably excessively stupid question: how do you cancel actions? If I start an action, but decide not to complete it, so far I haven't found a way to get out of it. The "escape" key doesn't work for that. Often there's only a green check mark at the bottom right, but no red cancel square. Help? Thanks!
  11. A related question: how do you get rid of stuff in your inventory? I have a spoiled health potion and I can't get rid of it. Thought I might be able to stow it in a random container but there appears to be no way to get the thing out of my inventory. Anybody know how? Thanks!
  12. Thanks, as always Randomizer! I think you might know these games better than Jeff! You're really amazing. I'll try Shahpur again, as long as I'm going wandering anyway to find that verdamnte stone circle. But I'm only gonna try to find the soldier's possessions ONE more time! Will update tomorrow night! Having blazing fun with the game with the notable exception of the Golem Factory. I was super satisfying to go back there, at least! I felt vindicated.
  13. So I've made it to the Great Walls. I've destroyed the alien beasts and was just ready to enter the final gauntlet to what I presume is the endgame, when I realized I hadn't done a few things. Because I'm silly like this. I want to do EVERYTHINGish! 1. I went back to the Keep of Tinraya just to see the place and clean it out (I had gotten into the sewers first and did all the fights there and beat the Vahnatai. Then decided to go back for some sightseeing because I'd missed most of the town). There is a room with three chests in the back on the right side behind a portcullis. There appears to be no way into it. I used Move Mountains to get into the area on the left side, but so far haven't been able to get into these chests. Is Jeff just teasing us? Yeah, I know I don't need money anymore, but it would be nice!! 2. I never found the fifth stone circle. Where oh where is it? 3. The Level 3 spell for Call Beast is supposed to be in the Portal Fortress. I should have found that weeks ago. Can't find it. I suspect it's on those mica sheets in the library, but so far I haven't found out how to read them. 4. Shahpur in Angel's Rest wants to meet somebody who has met Empress Prazac. I met her the first time and found Shahpur, but never got the prompt to tell her about it. Maybe I have to try that again now that the contract is in place and it's OK for me to talk about it? 5. Soldiers Possessions for Lorelei. I went to the Giant's cave three times looking for the last one. I freed all the prisoners. I couldn't have missed it. How did I miss it? There are a few other Level 3 spells I never got (got all the Priest ones except Return Life), but I got the medals for 'em, so I'll let those go I guess. So far I have not got the medal for "a Home," although I bought Hawke's Manse weeks ago. Maybe that medal isn't for buying my house? So these are stupidish questions, but I wanna know!! I've got plenty of time to go back and do these things if I can. Thanks!!
  14. Well, I got the solution by looking up higher in this thread. I didn't actually figure it out on my own! And really I knew that this is an optional portion of the game, but cheeez, who wants to skip anything? I always try to do everything! I paid for the whole game, not just part of it! Because of the constant job board quests this is the first Spiderweb game that I won't be able to do absolutely everything in--but I think that might help replayability. Anyway, thanks for the encouragement. And in fact, somehow on my first pass I managed to destroy one of those quad beams. If you can do one you ought to be able to do them all. I just have no idea how I did it. But yeah, having done it once, I think I may skip the Golems on my next playthrough. Once is entirely enough.
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