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  1. Your guess is as good as mine. It was a very late save file, so the game might simply be protecting me from losing resources when there are only a few quests/dungeons remaining. All I know for certain is that I have never seen the uninspired message during normal gameplay.
  2. I tried loading one of my later saves to see how long it would take for resources to stop generating, and it turns out that my colony had become endlessly inspired at some point. Even after resting in bed for months, resources were still generating normally.
  3. I am fairly certain that the Steam user kirill-busidow is correct: enemies have a certain minimum level depending on the area, and once your party exceeds that level, their level scales to (party level − 1). On my playthrough, I was almost always fighting enemies that were exactly 1 level behind my party.
  4. Caligula Nero Genghis Khan Leonidas I Burger King Redbeard
  5. Also note that all resistances are capped at 90%, so the ring couldn't have increased your mental resistance much further anyway.
  6. The awkward thing about the second Avernum trilogy games is that one of their biggest flaws is the lack of a separate outdoor mode, and straightforward remakes could not really address the issue.
  7. You have to stand on the patch of white mushrooms and then walk directly south to make the stalagmites disappear. You are not supposed to get through this cave without the corresponding map, which you can get...
  8. Yes, you will get 2 skill points per level up to level 35 in A3:RW. Your calculations (73 total skill points at level 35, 75 at level 40) are correct.
  9. Dark Thoughts seems to increase your mental resistance by 1%, but it has no other effects on gameplay. There are no set bonuses or anything similar in this game, but you do get achievements for finding certain artifacts and 8 of the Xian items. Xian Rock spawns (useless) bricks in your inventory. The second Perfect Flower is likely intended as a spare. In addition to the events you listed, rats can appear in the storeroom. It's nothing particularly interesting.
  10. The bonuses from War Blessing affect all kinds of attacks: melee, ranged, and magical.
  11. There is a hidden switch in the SE corner of the Slime Pit (upper level):
  12. Jeff Vogel said, four years ago, on Reddit: "No more Blades games. Making a working scenario editor is a huge, painstaking job, and I'm just not cut out for it." Blades of Avernum was a huge commercial failure for Spiderweb Software, so it is extremely unlikely that Jeff would ever be willing to remake it again.
  13. You need to press this hidden switch to access a lever that clears the way to the Fury Bow:
  14. Huh. Redbeard and his escort can very easily get killed by the three Hands, especially on higher difficulties. Since this breaks the game, I would never have guessed that the ability to involve Redbeard in this fight was an intended feature.
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