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  1. I've been patiently waiting for Geneforge to come out on IOS, but I'm getting antsy. Has anybody heard rumors of a release date, or estimated date?
  2. Oh duh. Never mind, I just discovered that move mountains is a priest spell!
  3. I’m playing my second time through as Anama characters. It’s going great except there are some things I need that are behind fallen rock piles and I don’t have any more shatter stone scrolls. The move mountains spell is a mage spell so I’ll never get it. Can I buy scrolls somewhere?
  4. I don't post here often, but have been a fan for more than a decade now. I play lots of games on my ipad but Spiderweb is the only developer who is an insta-buy for me. When Jeff announced this Kickestarter, it was also an insta-donation. There are some things I'd like to suggest changes for also, but the bottom line for me is that he delivers really engaging, immersive, quality games - at super affordable prices - and compared to all the competition out there, well.... Jeff is a rock star in my book. I hope he sees the fact that he got fully funded in one day as the show of appreciation t
  5. I’ve been completely through the slime pit, cleaned it out and went through a second time just to be sure. Still haven’t found this Erin person. I assume she’s one of the dead bodies lying around but which one, where?
  6. I snuck into guhkbars pit following the fairy’s advice. Is the only way out again to kill guhkbar? If so, I’m boned.
  7. I have the rebels marked on my map in the corrupted lands area and when I go to take care of that quest, they wipe the floor with me. My character is a blade master and I usually take a shadow walker and sorceress, but have also tried taking a tinkermage to set up some turrets. No joy either way. If I was playing Avernum, I know to go explore other places and come back when I'm stronger, but I've explored everything I'm allowed access to here, so can't do that. I could sure use some help, a hint for another quest I can do or hidden place with monsters to fight, anything. Here are the qu
  8. Ah okay, thanks guys. I'm okay with the castle quest sticking in my list knowing it's a bug. I just didn't want to miss something that I should have found/done. Also interesting about the wrapped bug. I totally DID miss that, so I'll head back over there and check it out.
  9. Okay, Jeff says that my saved game was normal, no bugs and that I am in the wrong place to kill Garzhad. So here is what I think happened. I actually did get the crystal soul the first time through that area, fought with Garzahd on the rooftops but he was kicking my behind and I realized that I didn't yet have Demonslayer, so I took the soul and ran for my life. I definitely returned two souls but just lost track of which two. It would be nice if the quest description updated with some kind of a status on a large, multi-part quest like this. For example, it would be nice if it said "you'v
  10. I'm late in the game now, and have a few things I want to ask about: I have a quest in my list called "Vahnatai Castle". I've thoroughly explored that castle and pretty sure I haven't missed anything. I've learned what can be learned there, but don't know how to resolve the quest so that it drops out of my quest list. The description doesn't say who to go talk to or who assigned the quest to me. Anybody know how to resolve it? Also a random item I've picked up in my travels that doesn't seem to have any purpose: a wrapped up bug. I never got a quest from the cute spiders or an ar
  11. I restarted the program, rebooted and reinstalled and it's still the same, so I'll email them about it. Thanks Randomizer. I understand how some things are very hard to beta test, so I'm not upset about it. Spidweb games are still head and shoulders above EVERY other game I play in terms of quality and customer service.
  12. Thanks I'll do that. But I'll do the restart checks first just in case one of them works and saves them the trouble.
  13. Worse, actually I realized I didn't have Demonslayer when I was chasing him, so I ran away and am now back to finish him off... but he's nowhere to be found!
  14. ChronoTravis, if it makes you feel any better, I'm in the same situation. I triggered the trap, chased Garzahd onto the roof and away, and am now back wanting to get the crystal soul. Can't find a way to drop that pink barrier. Hmmph!
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