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  1. Have been banging the door and crying for bugs for weeks. No attention. Alas, nevermind then I am done with the game already.
  2. They shouldn't make a difference, but they are. Tested a trillion time and no, it is bugged.
  3. That doesn't work if you have flags like erika's amulet and dark thought I think.
  4. Ok, I created a new game and just skipped everything and walk to Island and see if I can join Anama and enter the member quarter. Yes, after some maneuvers going around towns, I managed to join, and the barrier came down accordingly. There are some flag problems, that's it.
  5. I tested with an older savegame and eh… it doesn't work either. Just stuck at the door and cannot go thru as a member of the church even.
  6. Funny enough, I even prayed at the altar to rid the fake ring and then joined anama cult, but still the door is too complicated to open and can't pass thru the barrier.... so back to the basic question: how can you enter the member area? Is it bugged or something?
  7. Just explored and impulsively attacked them,no particular reason… but there was a hint about exploiting the religious division within the four clans of giants,and yet I could never interact with any of the four villages outside of the forge,very wierd indeed.
  8. hi, just wonder what would be the consequences of cleaning up the giant forge before working on the trog disaster… i kind of spent some hrs to do the forge and at the treasury room what the giant overlord said suggests i have already screwed it up…
  9. If I massacre everyone in the temple will I screw up something later on? We are towards the end and such a terrible mass killing I think should provoke the empire to continue the war effort instead of breaking them down…
  10. I put a handicap on myself playing normal: not using any heal fighting anyone, and managed to kill velusa without any. I think you can only do it in normal…
  11. gonna kill redbeard at the end anyway,and it is fun to play like littlefinger faking loyalty and backstabbing at the end =D
  12. Just a question: what would happen if I don't choose any of the three groups to ally with there? Took me a lot of attempts to kill the ogre effectively without too many heals (at normal of course, those basilisks and fatigue bats… )
  13. Hi, finish the game already but I saw an easter egg called peculiar cave, just wonder if it is still available? If yes, how should I get there? thanx
  14. Found it, but this spellbook is the worst of all, esp that spot requires move mountain doesnt look like a crack on wall to me (probably to most people), and because only one person is permitted to go thru the portal, only the TU level of that individual would be counted towards the requirement. That makes this spellbook more difficult to get than killing gharzad(or whatever name)
  15. Ok, I see that area, but cant get in.... move mountain already at lvl 3, still no avail
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