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  1. Thank you for your answer ! Well I talked to the prisoners at the beginning of the game and thought it was enough but apparently not, now I'm at the end and can't access to the tower anymore so I guess I can't finish that quest (no, I won't re-do it just for that one !) Too bad, I should have thought about it earlier. That scenario was good fun nonetheless !
  2. Just finished this scenario (it's a good one !) and every quest in it - except one, Family Trouble. The commandant told me the sorcerers got arrested, the mother just nod when I talk to her and that's all. Is there something I missed earlier ? I talked to the apprentices when they were trapped in the tower at the beginning of the game, did I skip some step ? Because I can't find anything more to do about it, no prison to visit them or such, and the quest won't disappear.
  3. Thanks ! Can only rely on random encounters I guess as I killed the serpent west of Kriszan since a while.
  4. Hello, I got that mission from the job board : I tried to bring him a limb, some fine leather, meat, a serpentskin helmet... But the answer is always I'm near the end of the game and killed most of the monsters that could be found in the game, even the dragons & drakes (bad, bad Roberto) so I really have no idea what I'm supposed to bring to that goddamn Arbuckle mayor (is he related to Garfield ?) Any help would be welcomed !
  5. Hello, I'm stuck on the second floor of the Golem factory since a while. How am I supposed to dispeal the barriers in the south ? Ok there's a mirror, I guess I must do something with it but for now I don't know what. I tried several combinaisons on the control panel of the lower level (most switches on off) but if it made a difference I can't see it. And I already cleared the 4 Golem spires. I'd be glad if you could help me
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