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  1. Sorry about that. I actually wondered aloud if typing that word that way was going to be a problem. I should adopt the rule that if I have to wonder about it I probably should not do it. Also, sorry for the multi-post thing. I got spoiled by forums that automatically combine such posts.
  2. Okay let me put it this way: There is a disturbed kid sittin in his basement, refusing to take his meds for the last week. He eventually comes to the 'realization' that the only thing for him to do is to head over to the school/bus station/grocery store/daycare and kill a few dozen people. This kid is going to target the place where YOUR kids/family will happen to be. Now, which of the following places would you want to be living when this occurs: 1)The USA - Where you not only have to worry about the psycho-kid and the ease by which he has access to military assault weapons, but also
  3. I know I will somehow catch Hell for this but I will try to say it, maturely and without insulting, anyway. 1) The Second Ammendment not only applied to a time when we had NO MILITARY aside from the typical citizen with his musket/rifle, but also at a time when the founders could not even imagine a day when fully automatic assault rifles, Uzis, etc. existed. If they could have seen what todays guns can do to (a LOT of)people in mere seconds, they would surely ask us if we had lost our minds in not enacting severe controls on who could own and use what guns. We have a real military now. The
  4. Hey, though some of that stuff is undoubtedly outdated, I am wondering if anyone has those old articles that Spiderweb used to host in the "Scenario Workshop"(BoE) area of the web site? I used to learn a lot from those articles and now there is no similar source for such information. I wonder if the BoE community may have resigned themselves to thinking the only people designing or planning to create scenarios already know the editor inside and out?
  5. Just a quick note/observation/question: I see this rationale for not correcting certain game-balance issues or adding features which might alter game balance because old scenarios will not work(as well) because those designers, way back in the day designed their scenarios with these bugs/balance issues in mind. Correct me if I am wrong(I probably am) but if someone wants to play the old scenarios shouldn't they do so using the original BoE instead of new open source updated versions? I mean I myself have both versions on my hard drive(they are ridiculously small in size in this day a
  6. Was watching a Pat O'Connel video a while ago where he lamented people voting for ANY of the big three parties in England. He made the case that all of them are 'Pro-Islamicization' of Britain and said he was going to vote for whom he felt was the only party not being cajoled into voting FOR Islam out of fear of terrorism(I believe the part he was endorsing is called the British Independence Party" or some such). Need to dig up link but what say you to this? I cannot have a very valid opinion because I don't live there and am not all that well informed obviously.
  7. Originally Posted By: Randomizer Originally Posted By: The Turtle Moves Yes, there have always been lunatics, but they haven't always had national platforms from which to spew their lunacy onto the gullible and under-informed. Sure we have, we had them before World War II on the radio stirring up the masses against Roosevelt. We have them now on radio, TV, and the internet. We will have them in the future on whatever comes next to allow mass communication. While this is true, I think the point here is that since the removal of the Fairness Doctrine by Reagan(a payback to the Christ
  8. I think we are mostly all in agreement here so I will try to keep this short. Master Ackrovar above tried to make the case for Beck being just as radical as Carlin(or vice versa really) by citing Carlin's denial of a supreme being/God. Maybe I am not reading you right here but if I am then...REALLY?! THAT is now a "radical"/extremist assertion? I will stop there because I don't want to drum up the theism vs. atheism thing here but that is quite a stretch. There is no such thing as being "too opinionated" in stand up COMEDY. And I cannot see any problem with a commentator being too opinion
  9. Originally Posted By: Triumph Originally Posted By: Dantius Originally Posted By: boggle what is this Great Pumpkin of which you speak? PHILISTINE! QFT Also, see this for a decent explanation.. Decent but fails to take into account or even mention that Charles Shultz was, in his own words "A secular humanist". It seems unlikely to me that he did not intend for the Great Pumpkin to be a metaphor for Christianity(though one can easily see why he would deny this charge decades ago when it could have cost him his career or worse).
  10. Originally Posted By: Master Ackrovan He isn't any more of a radical then George Carlin was. Woah. I guess that depends on what you mean by "radical"? The extent to which Carlin stretched the truth was that he was a stand up comedian and that is their JOB. It is a necessary component of comedy. Beck is acting as a serious analyst of politics & the news and he is saying things WAYYYYYYYYYY more untruthful than anything Carlin could have imagined! He is not just exaggerating for comedic purposes(as John Stewert or Stephen Colbert might). He is literally asserting that Obama(and pret
  11. How does what Glenn does = entertainment though? That seems a lot like saying "Fred Phelps is an entertainer, not a Christian preacher.". Not really disagreeing with the gist of what you are saying(that he is no journalist and ideally should not be given the credence of such) except to say that I think it is imperative that people debunk, ridicule and expose such people whenever they open their mouths. Will rational minds be swayed by Beck or our criticisms of Beck? No. They already know he is an imbecile. But the general public is another matter. When the average person is surrounded by
  12. This is seemingly a moot point since the coders do not seem interested in such alternatives but Goblins do not have to be uninteresting 'adventurer-foddder' and such and even at their least interesting they are still more interesting than humans, cat-people etc. IMO. RPGs have always been full of humans,lizardmen, cat-people/furries, elves, munchkins etc. I just think it is high time someone thought a little outside of that box. Goblin PCs could be a cut above the goblins one encounters as enemies in scenarios. For example allowing PCs to select one of several possible 'mutations'(extra a
  13. One's personal subjective opinions about which races are more interesting are fine and good but should not be used to LIMIT the game's potential. Ideally creators should have a checkbox type option for which 'extra' races would be included in his/her scenario as PCs. Personally I am not much impressed with so called 'original' fantasy races that generally turn out to be the same old fantasy races we have seen a thousand times(i.e. cat people, lizard people, strange bulbous-eyed aliens etc.) only with ugly names(re: Elves that are in some game called "Venrila k'thasians" or some such nonsense
  14. I am not a programmer so keep that in mind as you read this... I don't think that weapon bonuses(to hit) are necessary or even sensible for the Vahnatai. Even if Jeff scripted in one game or another that they were superior swordsmen or throwers of edged weapons or something I think that could be ignored(BoE sliths has a bonus to Intelligence but Jeff wisely did away with that in BoA didn't he?). What seems to make most sense in my mind is: +2 Int Bonus to Spell Points(+%25?) Penalty to Hit Points(-%25?) Experience penalty -15%? That is assuming the current code is no
  15. 1)The Elric saga by Michael Moorcock: Beginning with Elric of Melnibone'(and now up to like 9 or 10 books I am aware of), these are action packed, fast moving books but they are also noted for the Gothic and political drama(as well as the most famous/imitated sword in all of fantasy fiction and gaming(with the possible exception of Excalibur ), Stormbringer). Series includes Elric of Melnibone'(an older version from the 60s was called The Dreaming City), Sailor on the Seas of Fate, The Weird of the White Wolf, Stormbringer etc. Moorcock is considered the Godfather of 'Dark Fantasy'.
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