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A3: RW - Level 3 Spell Book Locations (SPOILERS)

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Mage Spells


Bolt of Fire - Shayder Sewers, Gale Library

Call Beast - Portal Fortress

Cloak of Curses - Lair of the Ursagi

Daze - Slime Pit

Haste - Kneece

Pool of Fire - House on the Hill

Slow - Inn of Blades - Reward for Arion

Icy Rain - Tower of Magi - Reward for Slime Plague

Acid Spray - Fort Emergence

Cloak of Bolts - Starcap reward in Sharamik

Minor Summons - Spiral Crypt

Lightning Spray - Tower of Magi - Reward for Roach Plague

Blink - Filth Factory

Pool of Ice - Below Agate Tower

Capture Soul - Ghikra

Simulacrum - Ghikra

Cloak of Blades - Lorelei - Hawke's Manse

Dispel Barrier - Khoth's Library

Summon Aid - Tower of Zkal

Pool of Corruption - Troglo Temple

Howl of Terror - Rakshasa Lair

Fireblast - Tower of Magi - Reward for Troglo/Giant Plague

Arcane Summon - Tower of Magi, Defiled Crypt

Cloak of the Arcane - Kneece - Lair of Drakos

Arcane Blow -Tower of Magi - Reward for Golem Plague




Priest Rituals


Minor Heal - Storm Port - Reward for Destroy Undead for Storm Port

Curing - 1st Stone Pillar Ring

Smite - 2nd Stone Pillar Ring

Protection - Lair of Vahkohs

War Blessing - Shayder through the Sewers

Call the Storm - Northpoint Lighthouse

Summon Shade- Cairns on Maddox Island

Ward of Thoughts - Erika's Tower

Curse the Land - Monastery of Madness L2

Move Mountains - Fort Emergence

Unshackle Mind - 3rd Stone Pillar Ring

Heal - Below Catle Troglo

Rain of Curses - Grindstone Caverns

Mass Heal - Squiggus

Mass Cureing - Chasm of Screams

Ward of Steel - 4th Stone Pillar Ring

Divine Fire - Anama Temple

Domination - Lorelei Library

Bless the Land - Gale Library

Sanctification Ritual - Torria

Ward of Elements - Northeast Valorim by Orb in tunnel

Return Life - Temple of Divine Lucre, 5th Stone Pillar Ring

Divine Retribution -Temple of Divine Lucre, Pit of the Wyrm

Divine Restoration - Temple of Divine Lucre, Library of Moon

Divine Host - Blackcrag Fortress

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9 hours ago, mercy said:

Capture Soul level 3 doesn't work on Altered Giant!



Why?  Deliberately designed as a feature?  Why?

Tried to cast it multiple times with mage skill 21 and everything on max. No cigar.

Altered Giants are not bosses, but maybe your mage's level was too far below the level (not viewable apparently) of the target. Which is too bad, b/c those boys are pretty cool.

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Whether an enemy is a boss or not is not determined by what type of enemy it is.  Some instances of enemies are set as bosses and some are not.  For example, most minor enemies that have a name and that you have snippets of dialogue with before fighting are marked as bosses.  But sometimes it's less obvious, and it's just an enemy that shows up in an earlier area than is typical for them, which is handed special characteristics.

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14 hours ago, BenS said:

Altered Giants are not bosses, but maybe your mage's level was too far below the level (not viewable apparently) of the target. Which is too bad, b/c those boys are pretty cool.

Aha! Level differences in monsters vs. party maybe because of the Torment difficulty.

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I think that Blink is the only spell whose level 3 upgrade is in a location that can become inaccessible, although...




...technically speaking, level 3 Divine Fire will be permanently lost if you dispose of the fake Anama rings and become unable to join the Anama for real before getting the spell upgrade. But why would you ever do that?


Also, while the Tower of Magi becomes inaccessible after the day 160 event, the level 3 spell givers in there (X and Solberg) relocate to Fort Emergence at that point.



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The Gale library has Bolt of Fire level 1 (basic knowledge), not level 3.


Which is frustrating for me, since I’ve got a mage stuck at level 2 on that spell, unable to train further at a trainer and unable to find anything I’ve missed in the Shayder sewers to level him up. :/

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