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A3:RW - Randomizer's Massive List (SPOILER)

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Avernum 3: Ruined World


Some information may have changed since this was done. Much like The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

where this is wrong, it is definitely wrong.


Tool Use, Arcane Lore, and Nature Lore are cumulative within the party

-- Tinker's Gloves gives +1 Tool Use

-- Forager Boots gives +1 Nature Lore

-- Utility Ring gives +2 Nature Lore

Vahnatai Lore (VL) is a special item for the entire party and counts as one level of Arcane Lore

-- except where does not count on some spell books

HER - Hostile Effects Resistance

res - resistance


Find World Map locations - 10 XP


Highest needed:

Tool Use 18 - need only 10 to finish the game

Arcane Lore 28 - need 6 for Fort Emergence spell books and 15 for almost all of them, 17 for spell book without Sage Lore trait, but can use Vahnatai Lore

Nature Lore 15 - can get most caches with buying 2 per party member and items

Vahnatai Lore 4


Keep for Quests:


Magical Notes

Iron Bar (1) if Nephil in party

Gold Ring (can be found in quest area)

Graymold Salve (can be bought in zone sometimes)

Curing Elixir (1)

Marble Bust (3)

Black Basalt (1)

- can turn in more for of the next three items if you haven’t turned in the maximum number

Bag of Meal (50) one extra to end quest

Fine Clothes (50) one extra to end quest

Fine Herbs (100) one extra to end quest

Harp for northeast of Gale

10 food units for dragon near Gale

Golem mindstone

Skribbane (5)


Keep for Potions:

healing herbs

spiritual herbs

energetic herbs


mandrake root


Keep for Crafting:

Fine Leather

Fine Steel

Focusing Crystal



Stone Pillar Circles:

1st - Curing

2nd - Smite

3rd - +1 Dexterity, Unshackle Mind

4th - Ward of Steel, XP

5th - Return Life

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DEMO - Upper Avernum only


Main Quest

QUEST - Go See Anaximander

QUEST - Go Up To The Surface

QUEST - Explore the Surface

QUEST - Evidence for Berra - completed after bringing 4 evidences

QUEST - New Formello Murders

QUEST - Investigate Orb of Thralni

QUEST - Deliver Message to Prazac - permission to enter Footracer Province


Fort Emergence



QUEST - Find Erin - XP

QUEST - Find Elsner - XP

QUEST - Find Gwost - XP

QUEST - Find Tucker - XP


Thereza - QUEST - Find Lost Papers - +1 reputation, XP

Commander Johnson 

QUEST - The Goblin Chief  - iron gauntlets, +1 reputation, XP

QUEST - Kill Bandit Leader - 100c, iron bracers, +1 reputation, XP


NE Guest Quarters

Starting room (north) - cabinet - 6c, healing potion

Middle room - cabinet 8c (steal)

Middle room - door [5] - cabinet - energy potion (steal)

NE Training room - Yanmitho

- Basic Training - (slightly expensive) Mage Spells

-- Bolt of Fire 80c

-- Call Beast 128c

-- Cloak of Curses 160c

-- Daze 160c

-- Haste 240c

-- Pool of Fire 272c

- Advance Training (need average party level 6)

-- Melee Weapons 1280c

-- Pole Weapons 1280c

-- Bows 960c

-- Thrown Missiles 960c


N North Courtyard


east of north gate - hidden switch opens north to wood chest - 10c, crude longbow, scroll: group heal

west of northgate - hidden switch opens north to magical barrier level 1 - metal chest - 98c, fiery wand

Exit to Surface opens after talking to Anaximander


CW Auxillary Supply Room - chain mail vest. iron breastplate, crude longbow, crude spear, bronze bracers

CW Captain Ko's office - door [9] - Fine Steel Waveblade

NW north of Main Storeroom - healing potion

NW rooms - Covert Services

-- NW room - Anaximander

-- W room - desk - healing potion

-- E room - Flanagan

-- NE room - Bandit Map

NW Office for Exceptional Supplies - Levy (merchant)

-- daily allowance 25c

-- rewards for plague quests

---- Slime Palgue - Shield Ring

---- Roach Plague - Iron Breastplate

---- Troglo/Giant - Crystal Symbol (2% armor, +2 Magical Efficiency)

---- Golem - Icedrake Greaves (7% armor, 1% evade, -5% to hit, +20% cold res)


W Dining Hall

-- Commander Johnson

-- Elisa - gives bread once a day

-- Kitchen storage - oven - crude broadsword, crude spear (this might be an indication about the food)

SW west barracks - hidden switch (west wall) - opens south wall to supply cache chest - fiery wand, 27c

SE Laboratories

-- speed potion, healing herbs, energetic herbs (steal all), vase - healing herbs

- Mazumdar opens to spell books after completing plague quest - level 3 spell books

— sage lore trait and Vahnatai Lore don't count to arcane lore needed

-- west spell book [6] - Move Mountains

-- east spell book [6] - Spray Acid

- Eva - training (slightly expensive) Priest Rituals

-- Minor Heal 80c

-- Curing 112c

-- Smite 144c

-- Protection 160c

-- War Blessing 192c

-- Call the Storm 240c


S Exit to Upper Avernum opens after taking to Anaximander



Upper Avernum


Near Fort Emergence

SE Fort Emergence

C concealed passage to body - Lost Papers (quest location)

NE Goblin Lair

N pool - XP

N wandering bandits on road - 80c

SW south concealed passage - goblin body - iron short sword



Goblin Lair

SE entrance

S chest - iron dagger

S 5c

C healing herbs

N Gravedigger Thuk - crude broadsword

NE Chieftan Chamber

-- Chief Cruncha (quest location) - gold ring, Goblin Cleaver (+1 Lethal Blow)

-- 5c

E chest - healing potion, 9c

-- hidden switch on west wall to boat

-- by boat vase - energetic herb. spiritual herb

C by boat trapdoor to level 2, pool - scroll: lightning

Level 2

-- E ladder up to C

-- W ladder up to NW side of level 1

NW hidden switch - spider area

-- chest 81c, healing potion

-- hidden switch on west wall - opens south to cave crawler room

NW cave crawler room - door [7]

-- shielding potion

-- hidden switch on west wall - opens to south

CN Cells

right cell - door [3] - dead Avernite soldier

left cell - door [2]

CW garbage area - hidden switch open east - emerald, scroll: Radiate Ice

SW Shaman Grelth - scroll: group heal, shield ring

-- chest - 38c, chest - 39c, curing potion

W ramp down to Wolf Pit



Wolf Pit


NE stone ring nest - Blessed Belt (6% armor)

-- hidden switch on north corridor opens east to stairs to Bandit Lair hidden room 

---- metal chest - 49c, scroll: spine shield, chainmail vest, carved crystal box with statue (quest location)

---- hidden switch to center training area

N spiritual herbs, hidden switch [4] opens east - move mountains level 2 - body - battle crystal, fine leather

NW Deadeye Dyva - Ash Longbow

W wolf nest - 10c

SW 10c

SW move mountains level 2 - body - 97c


Eastern Upper Avernum

SE Bandit Hideout

S Vahnatai hunting party in depression

W Silverlocke's Hut - need to have done 3 plagues - elixirs (exorbitant)

E concealed passage - Vahnatai body - razor disks

C Ghikra 



Bandit Hideout



Sage Zandre - Woven Silver Chain (+2% HER) 

north door [3] - chest - fine cloak, 29c, hidden switch opens north - trap [5] - wooden box - 183c, energetic herbs

south door [4] - wood chest - fiery wand


The Grinder (quest location) - Drake Hide Gloves (+3% magic attacks)

spiritual herb

-- bedroom - metal chest - healing potion, cabinet - 94c


NW door [2] - basin - enduring shield, wood crate - healing herbs, curing potion

-- hidden switch opens west - sacks - spiritual herbs, 10c

NW wheel to open portcullis to leave

C guard rooms

outside - wood chest - healing potion

center room - wood chest - 8c

west room - chest - 30c, wood box - 6c

east room - 64c



hidden switch in west of center passage on west wall opens route inside

hidden switch on east of center passage on east side opens route inside





Koriba - QUEST - Return Koriba's Statue - Spirit Prism, +1 reputation

Rentar-Ihnro- (after exploring surface) QUEST - Slimes and Rentar-Ihnro - Woven Silver Band (+1 Quick Action)


C Tekora-Tel (trains when you have Spirit Prism)

-- Capture Soul 560c

-- Simulacrum 700c


NW Rentar-Ihrno - permission  to see Crystal Souls

energetic herb    

-- box - energy elixir

-- hidden switch [5] on north wall opens to west to crystal box with gems

--  door [12] 

---- crystal box - emerald (steal), wave blade (steal)

---- crystal box - energy potion (steal), crystal: Vahantai Lore (steal)

-- beast storage - healing herb

NE guest area - chest - energetic herb

NE Koriba 

SW Hall of Crystal Souls -- Glantris-Bok (merchant)


by boat 

W learning crystals need Vahnatai lore

-- north crystal - Capture Soul [VL 1, AL 12]. south crystal - Simulacrum [VL 3. AL 12]

NW box - ruby, battle crystal


Southwest Caves

SE concealed passage to rat area

SW Portal Fortress

SW giant lizards - 80c, healing potion, scroll: Radiate Ice, crude longbow

NW Mushroom Patch - healing herb (2)

W wrecked boat - bronze shield

NW frozen worm (quest location) - emerald, lovely crystal



Portal Fortress


Walner - QUEST - Get Research Books - 40c and XP per book

Denise - QUEST - Find Denise's Amulet - scroll: Return Life, XP


SE outside iron shield

NW hidden switch [6] - wood box - wisdom crystal, teleporter notes (2)

NE Administration and Unspecified Services

- Library scroll - Mage: Call Beast [5]

- Kelner - energizing platform instructions

- Walner - alchemist - craft potions, helps read library scroll

-- healing potion - 2 healing herbs

-- curing potion - 1 healing herb

-- speed potion - 1 each healing, spiritual, and energetic herbs

-- energy potion - 1 each healing, spiritual, and energetic herbs

NE Energizing Chamber (one time only)

-- weapon - blessed +5 damage levels/armor - blessed increases armor roughly one and a half percentage

SE Crystal Workshop

-- inside door [6] - metal box - beautiful crystal (4) (steal)    

-- hidden switch [8] - piercing crystal, purging crystal

SW door [10]

S supplies doors [5]

SW Portal 

-- sacks - bag of meal (2)

-- teleporter notes (3)

-- crate - healing potion (2)

W kitchen - bag of meal

W Quarters

-- south east room - Rest - chest - 5c

-- north east room - cabinet - 21c

-- northwest room - Denise

-- southwest room - Carol - trains First Aid 800c


Western Upper Avernum


S cache - 125c, iron javelin

W body  - Greater shade - iron shortsword

C New Cotra

C Arvid the Merchant

NW concealed passage - Nephil village - 250c, Stability Bauble (+20% resist curse)

SW missing cows (quest location)



New Cotra


Hmurrr - QUEST - Find Hmurrr's Cows - graymold, dried meat, mushrooms, XP

Crisper - QUEST - Kill Ice Worm - 300c, reputation +1, XP

- QUEST - The Bunker? (if you ask about strange building)

Ostoth - QUEST - The Bunker - pick an enemy


SE Hmurrr - sells Foodstuff

E Phoenix Inn

-- Gointz - sell boat for 500c

-- Crisper

- Nance - after visiting surface tells location of Spell shard - Pool of Fire

-- door [5]


Miles - alchemist - potion merchant (slightly expensive)

Elspeth's Ironworks - door [10]


SW buildings

-- NW door [8] - 9c, scroll: stoneshatter

-- NE door [6] - desk - scroll: spine shield, healing herb, spiritual herb (steal all)

-- SE door [4] - chest - 67c

-- SW door [2] 


Northwest Upper Avernum

W Chitrach Tunnel (quest location) - 220c, Stout Hardwood Shield (+2 Hardiness)

NW New Formello

C concealed passage - pool - Blessing of Magic (+5% damage for 150 turns?) 

by boat NW ring - Fine Slith Spear

by Orb go west from New Formello - concealed passage - cache [6 or less] fiery wand



New Formello


Ahsoth - QUEST - Help Out Sliths - reputation +2


Inn - bag of meal (2)

Dominique (quest location)

NE door [7] - supplies

SW door [5] - metal box - 53c

NW door [6]


SW body - chain mail vest, 38c

W hidden switch on north wall opens north - mandrake root

NW Mall of New Formello

- NE room door [5]

- SW room - hidden switch [4] on west wall opens west - metal box - 112c (steal), healing potion (steal)

- NW room - Smithy - Dossor - merchant, hidden switch on west wall opens south to statue


Northeast Upper Avernum


SE lazy cave beasts - basilisk - 300c, Terror Wand

NE Erika's Tower

NW Slith temple - Vampiric Knife, 1000c, XP

N using Orb - patch [6] - spiritual herb (2)

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after going to the surface - guards in Upper Avernum near Fort Emegence ask about surface - tell +1 reputation


Erika's Tower (after defeating a plague)


Erika - trains Mage spells (exorbitant) Bolt of Fire to Lightning Spray

after ending two plagues (utterly ridiculous)

-- Spellcraft - 2500c

-- Arcane Lore - 1250c

-- Magical Efficiency - 1500c


west side

magical barrier - gold bar, fine steel

second door - kitchen - energy potion (steal), energetic herb, healing herb, spiritual herb (2), wood chest - gray mold

third door - crystal box 

fourth door - chest - Erika's Amulet (special item)

fifth door - pillar - small knife - Gleaming Dagger (weakness curse)

sixth door [10] - cells - north lever opens - body -93c

seventh door -  


north door [12] - [key]


east side

magical barrier level 2 - hidden switch [3 or more]

second door [10] - flawless crystal (3)

third door - Magical Notes (2)

fourth door - animals

fifth door - gold necklace

sixth door - cells - lever opens south portcullis - lever opens other portcullis - purging crystal, emerald

seventh door - door [7] - magical barrier - chest - 119c (steal), chest - scroll: acid shower (steal), chest - scroll: speed burst scroll, gold nugget, uranium bar, hidden switch - opens to back 


enter from north - Trash Pit

- hidden switch on west - hidden switch opens to south

— emerald (2), ruby, chest - Vahnatai Lore level (quest location), stand - Ward of Thoughts [20] 

-- south door [10] - rune - poison damage - door [key]

-- east -crystal box - Crystalline Wand - cone of cold 


Murder Cave near New Formello


SW body - 6c

hidden switch opens to north

NE Blast Chamber - Twisted Steel Key (special item), wisdom crystal



Tower of Magi


Mahdavi - QUEST - Read Vahnatai Notes - Vahnatai Lore level

Carrie - QUEST - Recover Lab Notes - XP, flour sacks in second tier store room 

-- Shining Silk Robe (12% armor, 10% energy res, 10%, fire res, +2% evade)


C Portal    

CE energetic herb

CE Mahdavi

CE door to bugs [6]

NE Alchemy n' Stuff

-- Brigid - trains (pretty average) Arcane Lore 700c, Cave Lore 700c

-- Vincent (merchant) (expensive)

NE Menlo sage

-- friendly warning - 25c

-- Erika - 100c

-- dragons - 200c

NE Temple of Seeking Soul - Mother Clarisse trains (pretty average) Rituals - Minor Heal to Heal

-- hidden switch in outside corridor to west opens room - healing elixir

NE hidden switch - gardening supplies

NE outside corridor - trash burner - fine leather

NW Apprentice Quarters - healing potion (steal), behind Spell book - scroll: spine shield

W Library - desk - spiritual herb (steal)

-- Magical Notes (steal), desk - scroll: stoneshatter (steal)

SW door [5] - door [9] - blesses (two times) - weapon +5 damage levels, armor roughly one and a half times old value 

SE store room - hidden switch - magical barrier (level 2?)

SW Denise Quarters (quest location) door [5 or less] - cabinet - Silver rune Amulet (special item)

-- desk - focusing crystal (steal), scroll: acid shower (steal)

SW Solberg - Spell rewards

-- Slime - Icy Rain

-- Roach - Lightning Spray

SW desk - gray mold, metal box - speed potion (steal)

CSE store room - hidden switch - magical barrier level 2 - hidden switch 

- Infinite Sight - Deadeye Chainmail (20% armor, +3% evade, -5% to hit, +5% missile damage, +5% faster fatigue recovery)

- hidden switch [7 to 9] - magical barrier level 1 to north

SE Brantford (merchant)

-- hidden switch on north wall opens to north [7] - Unidentified Tome Holding chamber 

—- Arcane Summon [12 or less], Dark Thoughts

SE hidden switch - Triad Area - magical barrier (level 2?)

SE hidden switch - X, Xian Oil Lamp (restores spell energy) - Spell Rewards

-- Troglo/Giant - Fireblast

-- Golem - Arcane Blow

E Secondary Lab (quest location magical barriers)

-- south - dispel barrier level 1 - Carrie's Notes, fine steel

-- west - dispel barrier level 2 - Magical Notes. scroll: return life



Orb of Thralni quest - one time only access to this area and can't leave until final battle


Somewhere in Avernum


Arrival Platform

E Cultist Broom - energy potion

E wooden box - shielding potion, scroll: acid shower, spiritual herb


Subterranean Dock

Cultist Harp - scroll: group heal

Cultist Wrench - Mica Band

metal box - 10c, hidden switch - wooden box - 21c, energy potion

get boat


Cult of the Sacred Item

west doors [Stone key]

CSE kitchen - bag of meal (3)

south guard post - metal box - curing potion

SE door [10] - wood box - 29c, healing potion, wooden box - 7c

SE stand - Stone key

E cabinet - 10c, cabinet - 6c

E boat - go out - cache [5] - mandrake root

north guard post - metal box - piercing crystal

NE Mundane Item Storage - door [7] - crate - focusing crystal, wood box- 36c

NE Purification Chamber - basin - +40 spell energy

NE altar room - metal box - scroll: return life, wood box - Marble key

N crate - Magical Notes

SW Purification Walk - spiritual herbs

-- Chamber of Sacred Items

-- spell shard: lightning, Orb of Thralni - XP, uranium bar, Xian Pants (3% armor, +2 Sniper, +2 First Aid, -2 Strength)

NW Magical Notes (2), 6c

-- hidden switch - basin - hasted (3 turns), trap [6] - skribbane, scroll: domination

NW Teleporter - Cult Transporter book (5)

Zalactar - invulnerability potion, Magestone Band (1% armor, +5% magical damage)



Crystal Tunnel (after finishing Evidence for Berra quest)

tunnel has messages

hidden switch [7 to 9] on west wall near entrance open east 

- magical barrier level 1 - box - wisdom crystal, crystal: Vahnatai Lore

exits to Eastern Upper Avernum



After Day 160


Tower of Magi Disaster


W Start - Rest chamber - metal box - healing herb, healing potion


SW Library - Solberg - information - desk - scroll: stoneshatter, healing elixir

SW metal box - fine steel

SE Brantford’s shop - scroll: group heal - hidden switch to west - Ghost of Conruc - information about back entrance

SE X’s Library - Linda - information about closing portal - desk - scroll: recovery, healing elixir

E Laboratory - Ghost of Bernard - 

NE hidden switch - ghost - teaches spell - Divine Host level 1

NE Temple - altar - Blessed Athame (quest item), hidden switch in east passage opens area - energy potion

E skulls south of temple- ruby

NE Shop body - 67c, wood box - spiritual herb (2), healing potion, armor elixir

NE south of shops - 56c, energy elixir

NW book stands - move mountains level 1 - desk - healing potion, fine leather

NW wood box - 82c, energy potion

CSE Storeroom - crate - healing herb, spiritual herb

CW Linda’s Laboratory - spell book - describes back door, wood box - healing potion, energy potion

- rune circle opens to portal to take to Main Portal

CNW dining room - focusing crystal, mandrake root, body - piercing crystal

CNE refugee waiting area - cabinet - 74c

CE Haakai Avatrus - basilisk fang wand, invulnerability elixir

CS Mahdavi body - Symbiotic Cloak (5% armor, -1 STR, -1 DEX, +2 INT)

C Main Portal

- metal box - Marksman Vest (16% armor, +3% evade, -5% to hit, +10% missile damage)



Levy - reward - Assassin’s Shield (21% armor, -15% to hit, +12% parry, +3% melee damage, +2 Lethal Blow)

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Krizsan Province


Near Fort Emergence


C Fort Emergence

NE Unicorn Cave/Grotto

W cache [2] - healing elixir

W patch - healing herbs (3)

N Dryad Glade - QUEST - Beauty of the Dryad - XP, location of reward near Calloc 

- invulnerability potion, Tarnished Chain (3% armor, +3 Resistance) 

NW ogre body - bronze broadsword

N Distant Hut - Ernest (quest location)



Unicorn Grotto

SW nest - 24c

W healing herb

W nest - scroll: radiate ice, gold ring

C Benthron the Vile - Twisted Unicorn Horn (special item) (quest item)

C Gong - Borul the Imp - platinum ring, Electrum Bauble (+2% armor)

CS nest - 

N body - crude halberd, iron breastplate, 23c

NE nest - lovely crystal

NE move mountains level 2 - spiritual and energetic herbs



Distant Hut


outside NW - magical barrier level 1 - focusing crystal, door [8]

outside NE - healing herb

S Ernest - sells teleporter tickets for 50c to five major cities

C stand in east - Piercing the Lost Portals (quest item)


North of Krizsan

NW cache [2] - scroll: lightning

C Inn of Blades

N stone spires - quest location

E cache [2 or less] - gold bar

E patch - energy potion



Inn of Blades


Arion - QUEST - Get Metal Lumps - unlocks room to spell book - Slow, XP


N outside walls - healing herb

Claw Hardblade 

Arion trains Mage spells - Bolt of Fire to Pool of Fire (expensive)


west room door [9] - cabinet - healing potion (steal), spiritual herb (steal)

north room door [key] - cabinet - emerald

north room - cabinet - 10c

SW storage - sacks - bag of meal (2)

SE storage - Chef (slightly expensive)

SW crate - fine wine


Southwestern Valorim (north section)

SW concealed passage - south to stone pillar circle  

SW battle with ogres - healing potion dropped, reward - energy elixir

NE Farport

N using Orb - cache [4 or less] - Yew Bow

N using Orb - undead - Duelist's Rapier (+8% critical ht chance, +5% parry)

NE by Orb - northeast corner of island - iron bars, fine steel (2)





Nell (if not Amana member) - QUEST - Kill Roaches for Nell - crystal: resistance, crystal: efficiency, +1 reputation, XP


SW east door [5 or less]

SW west door - sacks - bag of meal (9)

W Nell sells scrolls (expensive)

-- metal chest -spiritual herb, 20c (steal)

NW door [15] - room to rest by paying Orseena

NW Orseena's Bed and Breakfast

E Chef

NE Mrrhrr - weapons (expensive)

-- Steel breastplate - 2 fine steel, focusing crystal 

N Vok sells boat tickets - Port Townsend or Sharimak - 10c


Southwestern Valorim (south section)

NE bridge

E Abandoned house - 200c

CE cache [2] - scroll: Group Heal

C Guhkbar's Pit

S Delan

S snake encounters - can get fine leather



Guhkbar's Pit


QUEST - Free Illyree - XP, if Guhkbar killed then 200c


CSW healing herb

C Guhkbar (quest location)- Helm of Khar (7% armor, +12% Mind Effects res, +1 Sharpshooter, +1 Sniper), emerald 

E chest - 37c, potion of speed

E Swamp Shoes (4% armor, +10% poison res, +10% acid res), metal chest - Giant's key (special item)

NE wolf nest - fine leather, hidden switch to east - battle crystal

N door [Giant's key] - Illyree (quest location), wooden box - Dryad's Hair (quest item)

-- hidden switch on north wall opens to body - invulnerability potion, 67c

NW graymold





outside west wall - slimes drop - ruby, iron breastplate

NW Sweet and Savory - chef (food merchant) (slightly expensive)

S sacks - bag of meal (2)

SW Inn - Churdan, Strange Wizard in NW room when not in Krizsan

NE Tailor (very reasonable)

NE Fletcher 

SE north door [5 or less] - wood box - 47c (steal)

SE south room [7] - wood box - 10c (steal)


Area Around Krizsan

NW bridge

SW Krizsan

NE wolf pack - 120c

E Friendly Farmhouse - very reasonable

E Silvar





Job Board 

QUEST - Message - Ernest - 250c, XP

QUEST - Unicorn Spiral - see Sara in Shaydar - Crystal-Woven Chitin (12% armor, +4% evade, +1Resistance)

QUEST - Wolfrider Bounty - see Mayor Arbuckle - 300c, invulnerability potion, +1 reputation, XP

QUEST - Dryad's Hair - see Dawn - Oozing Wand, XP

QUEST - Slay Guhkbar (after Dryad’s Hair) - see Captain Maxine - 400c, scroll: Return Life, +1 reputation, XP

QUEST - Message Shayder (after Message - Ernest) - 500c, XP


Mayor Arbuckle - Destroy the Sllmes - 1500c, Lava-Fired Spear (+5% fire res, +5% critical hit, +5% magical damage), +3 reputation, XP

-- QUEST - Search Agate Tower (for information on slimes)

-- get QUEST - Investigate Shayder

Fellows - QUEST - recover gold ring - Lucky Charm (+1 Luck), XP

Benedict - QUEST - Find Dominique - healing potion, curing potion, speed potion, reputation +1, XP

Captain Agrod - QUEST - unicorn horns - 10c per horn and 20 XP


SW Warehouse District

-- SW room - door [3] - food

-- NW room [8] - vase - graymold, crate - ruby. trap [10 magical damage] - metal chest - focusing crystal

-- NE room south door [6] - metal chest - gold bar (2)

-- SE room east door [4] - healing potion, curing potion, crate - healing herb, spiritual herb (steal all)

S Fellows - sells Lucky Charm (+1 Luck) (exorbitant) - 660c

- metal chest - 133c (steal)

W door north of gate room [5] - metal box - 9c

W door south of watch tower [7] - wood box - 83c

W outside wall - hidden switch [3] - gold ring (quest location)

CW Weapon Shop - Jinx (merchant)

CW Armor Shop - Benedict (merchant)

CNW Provisions - Herron (merchant) 

NW Shrine of Revealing Light - Terry

NW  Rowdy Oar (Inn) - McElroy

SE middle room - metal box - 36c

SE Crusty Sailor (Inn) - Kessle, Dawn


C Job Board


NE City Hall

Mayor Arbuckle


Empire Liaison - Captain Agrod - buys Unicorn Horns

Job Dispatcher - Valoda, Delivery Job Board

Cindy's lab - west door [10], east door [12]


E east of City Hall - door - Strange Wizard - location of Wand of Endless Magery (2500c)

N Barracks - cabinet - shielding potion

SE outside wall - Smuggler tunnel - hidden switch to open passage [5] - hidden switch into town, hidden switch opens south - crate - 109c, energy potion





SE Temple of Divine Lucre - Kilborn - trains priest rituals Minor Heal to Summon Shade (exorbitant)

- Ritual of Add Value (50c, focusing crystal)

— iron broadsword - Fine Steel

— steel spear - Fine Steel

— iron greaves - Fine Steel

— Blessed Boots - Fine leather (8% armor, -5% to hit)

— Grounded Cloak - 2 Fine Leather (4% armor, 10% energy res)

S Weaponsmith (pretty average)

S Chef (pretty average)

C Tinker (expensive) - mundane items

C Gardner - merchant

SW door [3 or less] - desk - scroll: group heal, cabinet - 20c

NW door [8] - metal chest - 34c (steal)

NE Inn - Kelda

-- SW door [12] - cabinet

-- Vorgar


Southwest Valorim


E cache [2] - Fiery wand

C Pergies

C Remote Iron Mine north of Pergies - extremely cheap - fine steel (2)

NW cache [2 or less] - steel breastplate

N cave entrance from valley - 600c, drake - Serpentskin Helmet (7% armor, +12% poison res, +12% acid res)

N wandering refugees - +1 reputation when you tell them Slime plague ended

S slime fight 

SW Delis

S Agate Tower





Paulo - QUEST - Recover Paulo's Package - Aranea Silk Vest  (6% armor, +5% chance to parry, +1% to evade), XP


SE crates - fine steel (steal) gold bar (steal), iron bars (24) (steal)

SW barracks - metal box - 37c (steal)

SW Tinker - Merry (exorbitant) - mundane items

NW Inn - Ilsa

-- Paulo - Priest Rituals - Minor Heal to Summon Shade (slightly expensive)

N Chef

NE north door [9] - magical barrier level 1 - cabinet - fine steel, armor elixir

NE south door [7] - cabinet - speed potion (steal)





NE north door [5 or less]

NE south door [6]

SE rooms

north room - metal box - 29c (steal)

middle room door [5 or less] - cabinet - scroll: domination

south room - door [5 or less] - wood box -38c

SW Chef (expensive)

NW Inn

Glydden - helped patrol - reputation +1, XP

outside on north wall hidden switch to room with Paulo's Package in wood box (quest location) - Stolen Package



Agate Tower


outside in west trees - hanging sack - 100c

outside SE vase - 38c

CNW trapdoor - 

SW Gootender Vimwa - shielding potion

-- wooden box - 26c

-- west door - metal chest - 51c, Magical Notes, healing herb, scroll: radiate ice

---- hidden switch - hidden switch - outside

-- east door [4 or less] 

NE trap to chute pit on lower level

S south stairs, lever to block traps

E Gootender Blasto - Slime-Stained Tunic (6% armor, +10% to blessings/curse you cause)

-- 10c


Below Agate Tower


CNW pit

C stairs up to lever fro portcullis and trap back down

NW lever to open portcullis to ladder up

-- goblin shaman - healing potion

-- south - hidden switch - black basalt (quest item)

-- wood box - 6c, hidden switch - body - scroll: stoneshatter

CW Dark Altar - scroll: speed burst - destroy with sanctification ritual for XP

W MegaSpineflinger - Bladeshield Chain (1% armor, +3% to riposte)

-- hidden switch - metal chest - 50c, energy potion, scroll: group heal 

-- door [5] - Magical Notes, basin - ?

--- hidden switch near entrance to area - rune  - hidden switch [6] - wood box - 93c, shielding potion 

—- move mountains level 2 - spell book - Pool of Ice [9]

-- hidden switch near basin - opens passage to east

---- door [5] - slime spawner, S stairs up

---- SW slimes open way to Bojar - Reflective Pants (2% armor, +10% curse res)

---- door [5 or less] - spell book - Map to Slime Pit (XP), Magical Notes, metal box - oozing wand, desk - ruby, fine leather

NE Barracks 

-- 22c, cabinet - 19c, sacks - healing herbs

-- Brigand Khorale - Lizardskin Helmet (5% armor)

-- NE room door [4 or less] - desk - speed potion, 26c, wood box - 7c, Magic Notes, basin - Enduring Shield

---- hidden switch - Slime Pit map, metal chest - 32c, healing potion

-- Armory door [4 or less] - cabinet - iron breastplate, iron helmet

-- door to boat [5]

SW ladder up

SW boat to crate - gold nugget (2), spiritual herbs, Magical Notes


Southern Valorim


SE Colchis

S cache [3] - scroll: sanctification

C Wolfrider Warrens - entrance east (quest location)

CS fire pit - goblin 50c or fight

SW Slime Pit (need to get directions from map in Agate Tower)

CSE Nephilim Hut - need Nephilim in party - QUEST - Poor Nephilim - iron bar - Yew Bow, XP

C unicorns at patch - spiritual herb (2)

SW concealed passage - Hill Dwellers sell after ending slime plague wine, curing potion, curing elixir (expensive)

SE Bolton

SE ogres (quest location)

SE Sludge River Ferry - 10c

CE concealed passage - Dragon Stergnos 

- reward for helping Dragon - Fibrous Breastplate (20% armor, +5% evade, -15% to hit, +12% energy res, +6% HER)

E across bridge - Mold Patch [7] - graymold (2)

E cache [3] - oozing wand

NE house - Bolun - discount to slightly expensive for ending goblins

CN cache [5-] scroll: stoneshatter

N Troglo ambush

N cache [3] - Shielding Knife (6% armor, +5% to parry)

E Nephil Clan - Nephilim Outpost - shaman sell rare herb (exorbitant), Nephilim weaponry (slightly expensive)

E stone ring - Xian Skull

SE north side of river - cache [3 or less] - purging crystal

NE hut - QUEST- Deliver Notes to Huts - total 390c, XP

NE Trogo toll pass - 30c

NE Trogo Camp - 800c, ensnaring wand, Ivory Band (2% armor, +15% MER, +5% missile damage)

NE concealed passage on southwest side of pass - steel javelins (12)





SE hidden switch to ghost for location of items at pillar and anvil, bag of meal (4)

E barrel - healing herb, pillar - Frostcaller Band (2% armor, 15% fire res, 2% magic res), metal chest - 98c

E door [5 or less]

NE door [5 or less] - cabinet - 9c

NE door [5 or less]

C anvil [party STR 10] - iron helmet

N cabinet - 32c



Wolfrider Warrens


NW nest - 67c

C Chief Driznik - Tribal Symbol (2% armor, +1 Spellcraft, +1 Hardiness)

N Shaman Frygha - scroll: group heal

-- door [5 or less] - lever to west portcullis

CNE - wood box - 38c

C - magic barrier - metal box - spiritual herbs, healing potion, crystal: Luck (gain Luck), crate - scroll: stoneshatter

E wood box - shielding potion, fine leather, wooden box - 34c

-- hidden switch [5] - wood box - 102c, scroll: lightning - passage blocked - move mountains level 2

S lever to worg pen portcullis

W door [5 or less] - 

W portcullis to goblin mine and last stand - 1000c



Slime Pit


C Control Panel 

E ramp down

E slime zombie - scroll: group heal

NE hidden switch - basin to watch Alien Slime

CNE hidden switch - body - 25c, body - speed potion

NE body - scroll: spellward, body - healing potion

NE ramp down

N magical barrier - metal box - healing potion energy potion, curing potion

CNW move mountains level 2 - flawless crystal, battle crystal

NW piercing crystal

W slime zombie - Thick Wool Tunic (6% armor, +10% cold res)

W move mountains 2 - wood box - fine steel

SE wooden box - spiritual herb

SW Avernum sun symbol - hidden switch to body (Erin) (quest location) - Ash longbow, heavy boots 

SW door [5 or less] - desk - scroll: Stoneshatter - door [magical runes] can bypass with move mountains level 1

-- spell book [6] - Daze

S ramp down

S magical barrier to ramp down


CS vase - spiritual herb

SW hidden switch - healing herb - hidden switch - pool - healing

CSW ramp down

CW skeletal hand by crystal - Crystal: Hardiness

SW ramp down


Slime Pit, Level 2


CNE button

E body - Girdle of Strength (2% armor, +1 Strength)

SE piercing crystal

SE healing herb

CE Spawner Chamber


NE button

NE ramp up, Spawner Chamber, basin - +12 energy


S button

crypt - Drakeskin Bracers (6% armor, -5% to hit, +2% evade, +8% fire res)


N Royal Oozebeast - XP after fight path to north opens to see rune - Evidence: Drawing of Rune

W Spawner Chamber - hidden switch - hidden switch - metal box - 44c, energy potion, scroll: stoneshatter


S Experimental area

-- Nimble Sandals (2% armor, +1 Dexterity), Magical Notes, flawless crystal

-- door [5 or less] - energetic herb, scroll: radiate ice





Voster - QUEST - Hunt Ogres Near Bolton - Discipline Blade (+30% faster fatigue recovery, +2 Melee Weapons, +3 Pole Weapons), +1 reputation, XP


SW building 

-- SW door [10] - cabinet - 75c, spiritual herbs

-- SE door [5 or less] - wood box - scroll: spine shield

SE building - Oppenheimer - 

NE building - Armorsmith (slightly expensive)

N building Voster - weapons (slightly expensive) - Warrior's Kilt (4% armor, +1% to evade, -5% to hit, +10% faster fatigue recovery, +1 Blademaster)

C Chef

NW Inn

-- Meiko


Southeastern Valorim


W Porter’s Retreat

W wandering Tinker

N Gidrik

CS concealed passage - Fiery Pit

C Golddale

C Golddale Mine 

CN by orb - Mine - 300c, fine steel (2)

-- by Orb passage east to body - Momentum Gauntlets (8% armor, -5% to hit, +1 Quick Action, +1 Lethal Blow)

S Libras

S Lost Island

SE Dryad Grove

CSE Flowery Valley - Perfect Flower (quest item)

SE Gorst Ferry

SE Storm Port

SE ferry from Storm Port to Gebra -12c

E stone pillar circle - needs Orb 

E body - bronze ring - Mica Band (2% armor, +15% acid res, +15% poison res, +15% curse res)

E Lair of Vahkohs

E by Orb - Island - Alchemist Gerompel - sells alchemy equipment (exorbitant)

-- by Orb - cache [6] - steel greaves (8% evade, -10% to hit)



Porter's Retreat


Kendrick sells map for 30c (quest location)

SW kitchen - bag of meal

NE door [7] - metal box - 5c (steal)

SE door [8] - wood box - 29c (steal)





outside NE trapdoor - troglodytes - crate  30c, armor elixir

outside walls NW - 7c

SE barracks - desk - 94c (steal)

SW door [11] - cabinet - 31c (steal)

SW Zamora (alchemist) (merchant) (exorbitant)

-- sells map in Aminro for 500c to lumps of metal

NE armorsmith (utterly ridiculous)

NE weaponsmith (utterly ridiculous)






-- QUEST - Slay Lizard Chief - 1000c, +1 reputation, XP

-- QUEST - Clean Out Ursagi Cave - Singing Rapier (+2 Quick Action, +! Blademaster). +1 reputation, XP

Ivanova - QUEST - Steal Book for Ivanova - XP. -1 reputation, +1 Resistance


outside SE fine steel

SW Burr (crafter) (200c and focusing crystal)

-- Deadeye Cloak - 2 fine leather (4% armor. +1 Sharpshooter, +1 Sniper)

-- Treated Leather - 3 fine leather (10% armor, +2% evade, +3% HER)

-- Girdle of Endurance - 3 fine leather (2% armor, +1 Endurance)

-- Warrior's Kilt - 5 fine leather (4% armor, +1% to evade, -5% to hit, +10% faster fatigue recovery, +1 Blademaster)

-- Serpentskin Helmet - 5 fine leather (7% armor, +12% poison res, +!2% acid res)

SW Ore storage door [5-] - door [12]

SE door [8] - metal chest - 22c (steal), scroll: lightning (seal)

CSE Delenn

CSW Ivanova

CNE Londo trains (exorbitant) - Hardiness 1540c, Resistance 1540c

N Chef

NE Inn

-- SW room - wood box - 29c (steal)

NE door [9] - magical barrier level 1 - rod of battle by spell book, door - wooden box - 33c, purging crystal (steal all)



Golddale Mine


first row trap [10] fire damage, second row [12] fire damage, third row [14] fire damage - door [12]

W body - scroll: spell ward, iron greaves

Store rooms

- SW wooden box - curing elixir, sacks - gold nugget

- NW door [7] - wood box - energy elixir, wooden box - fine steel

N Gorsscha-Thsss (quest location) - Slith Warspear , scroll: speed burst

Slith Shaman - battle crystal

wood box - healing elixir, 61c

east of building - 5c

CE crate - piercing crystal

Slith shaman - scroll: recovery

S hidden switch - focusing crystal

SE body (quest location) (Gwost)

NE healing herbs



Fiery Pit


SE ring - 96c, focusing crystal, curing potion, scroll: stoneshatter

S move mountain level 2 to terror wand

W wisdom crystal

N crystal: Hardiness

NE on leaving - drake - fine leather



Dryad Grove (only one character)


QUEST - Remove Ogre From Dryad Grove - XP

Gremlins can help get through Grove and finish quest

N spiritual herb

C energetic herb

C healing herb

SW Xian Harp (Daze), wood box - Dryad's Hair (special item) (quest item), wood box - 85c speed potion, fine steel, invulnerability potion, crystal: Efficiency, girdle of intelligence (2% armor, +1 Intelligence)





Mervin - QUEST - Libras Courier Job - buys herbs at 100c


outside SE wall hidden switch - chest - Magical notes

SE Merchant's Guild - Mervin

SE Tinker (exorbitant) - mundane goods

E door [5 or less] - Dot (slightly expensive) - herb merchant

E door [5 or less]

NE door [8]

NW door [8] Fletcher - wood box - 62c (steal)

W Inn - Vincent sell Lost Island Ferry tickets - 15c

SW Warehouse - trap [7]



Storm Port


Mayor Runkle - QUEST - Destroy Undead for Storm Port - see Dana - go to home northwest corner north room under bed - Minor Heal


outside walls SE hidden switch - hidden bandits - wooden box - 33c, gray mold, scroll: group heal

SE Chef

SE Armorsmith (uttery ridiculous)

S Laika - Storm Port Ferry - 10c

SW Mayor Runkle

SW Dana sells fine clothes cheaper than Mervin

NW buildings

SW door [11] - wood box - 68c, armor elixir (steal all)

SE door [7] - cabinet - focusing crystal (steal)

N door [9] - cabinet - 131c (steal)

NW door [5 or less] - cabinet - 57c (steal)

NW 3c    

NE Valentino (merchant) (slightly expensive)

-- crate scroll: speed burst, curing potion (steal all)



Lair of Vahkohs


outside NE gold nugget, curing elixir

NE - 68c


west lever opens portcullis to east

east lever opens portcullis to southwest store room - door [10] - sarcophagi - healing potion, gray mold, energy potion


west lever opens portcullis to east

east lever opens portcullis to northwest store room - door [10] - sarcophagi - scroll: sanctification, focusing crystal, healing herb

C Vahkohs

C south hidden switch [8 or 9] - after defeating Vahkohs magical barrier is gone

-- south spell book [10] - Dark Thoughts, north spell book [10] - Protection

C north hidden switch - spiritual herb, 

chests -

 shielding potion, scroll: stoneshatter, ruby

 40c, steel breastplate

 65c, energy potion, scroll: group heal, Shadowy Shield (12% armor, -15% to hit, +10% parry, +5% evade)

87c, healing elixir, emerald

hidden switch - magical barrier drops after defeating Vahkohs by entrance

-- hidden switch [6] opens back past chest - move mountains level 2 - crystal (you figure it out)

-- magical barrier level 1 - metal chest - 144c


by entrance Vahkohs - Drakeskin Cloak (12% armor)


Remote Islands


Lost Island


NW Harmon - potion maker

-- healing elixir - healing herb and graymold

-- gray mold salve - gray mold and mandrake root

SW west door [9]

SW middle door [6 or less] - wood box - 5c (steal), fine steel (steal)

S east door [6 or less] - cabinet - piercing crystal (steal)

NE Chef - bag of meal

E door [5 or less] - wood box - Magical Notes


- east door [9]

- middle door [5 or less] - cabinet - 5c, fine steel (steal all)

- west door [5 or less] 

Ferry to next island 10c 

SE animal pen (if you bought secret in Lorelei) - Girdle of Endurance (2% armor, +1 Endurance)


cache [6] - fine leather

Ferry to next island 10c - nest - 500c, 

Tinker's Gloves (2% armor , +1 Tool Use), stone ring - [10] - Mandrake root (2)



Gorst - 10c ferry

basilisks - Warmth ring (2% armor, 15% cold res, +5% melee damage)

cache [6] - battle crystal


Town of Gorst

SE Anzovin - herbs (slightly expensive)

NW - cabinet - fine clothes, 9c, desk - healing elixir, metal box - 55c

E door [8] - desk - fine herbs,  bone caller demon - fine leather, Samaritan Sandals (+2% armor, +10% healing)

-- 40c, spiritual herb



Gebra (from Storm Port)

E building  fine herbs

NW building area - SW building door [10] - fine clothes, 15c, skribbane (steal all) 

SE building - basilisk fang wand, skribbane


cache [6] - shield ring



Next Island


Monastery of Madness (need to have bought key from Foxfire and have Orb)


SE Hall of Statues - hidden switch [6] open outside to wood box - rod of succor

SE pustulant zombie - purging crystal

SE cabinet - healing herb, metal box - 7c, scroll: acid shower

E Ninja Instructor - speed elixir

NE metal box - healing potion, hidden switch on north wall - body - healing elixir

NE stairs up

N master monk - wand of death, altar - Sanctification - XP

-- wand of Carranos

CSW door [9] - spell book [11 no sage lore] - Gymnastics +1, desk - scroll: group heal, cabinet - ruby, emerald

C Vest of the Ninja (20% armor, +2 Quick Action, +6% healing, +5% magical damage, +`10% to blessings/curses you cause)

S west of entrance door [7]

SW metal box - 9c, wood chest - 52c, hidden switch [8]- rune disk - opens to rune disk in Anvil Room - opens 

 access to hidden switch in northwest room - opens to rune disk that places platform in center pond

-- and move mountains level 2 - body - scroll: return life

W Ninja Instructor - graymold salve

CW basin - enduring Shield

NW wood chest - 5c. metal box - shielding potion

N store room - sacks - bag of meal (4), healing herb

NW stairs up


Monastery of Madness (L2)


NE healing herb

SE Vernita - healing elixir, spiritual herb

SE move mountains level 1 - stand [15] Curse the Land

CW move mountains level 3 - basin - Enduring Armor

CSW cabinet - healing elixir, hidden switch - magical barrier level 2 - metal chest - Magical Notes, invulnerability elixir

SW The Spouse - spiritual herb, scroll: recovery

W hidden switch [7  to 9] on north wall - magical barrier 3 - metal chest - scroll: return life

C 23c, wheel for faster exit

W Sacred Library - wood box - Magical Notes (3), stand - The Sacred Tower (25% armor, -15% to hit, +15% parry, +20% HER, +25% Mind Effects res)

NW solo duel - Another Monk - wisdom crystal, Elle - scroll: speed burst, Warrior Monk - hexagonal bar

-- metal chest - 153c, ruby, fine leather, metal chest  - mandrake root, Lightstep Band (6% armor, +2 Quick Action, +2 Gynastics), metal chest - scroll: sanctification, wand of Carrunos, gold nugget (2)

-- move mountains level 1 - disclaimers


Valley of the Ursagi


E Lair of the Ursagi

N mine - ursagi - 350c, iron halberd

N cache [5] - gold necklace

SW mine - 100c



Lair of the Ursagi


S body - steel breastplate, iron greaves

SW Drake Lair - Drake Issicle - fine leather, ring - 41c, healing potion, ruby, Sniper's Vest (4% armor, +1 Dexterity, +3 Sniper), armor elixir

NW hidden switch - 5 gold nuggets

C gold nugget

C Shaman Gvilta - ensnaring wand

-- wood box - healing elixir, 34c

-- wood box - speed elixir, 6c

E energetic herb

E body - scroll: domination, body - 8c

-- hidden switch opens in northeast by dark altar to trapdoor - magical barrier - spell book - Cloak of Curses [9]

NE Hrrackra (quest location) - Girdle of Nimbleness (2% armor, +1 DEX)

NW healing herbs

-- final fight - scroll: acid shower

NW exit



Eastern Valorim


CS Squiggus

SE Gem Tree - emeralds (8) (quest location)

SE patch - fine herbs

CSW Lennus

E cache [5 or more]

C Fading Tower

W cache [5 or less] energy elixir

W north of Troglo Temple - concealed passage - [6] crystal: Sniper

NE bandits - 50c or fight, flee if high reputation

NE Isolated Inn (quest location)

CN village - 250c, scroll: return life

CN Herb Patch [5 or less] - graymold, healing herb

N cache [6 or 7] rod of succor

NE cache [6 or 7] - Armor Elixir

NE Lorelei Refugees - XP





Shirley - Squiggus Courier Job - 50 fine clothes, one extra to remove quest


E rooms

-- south room - cabinet - 39c, healing potion (steal all)

-- dire wolf room - wood box - healing herb (steal)

-- door [9] - wood box - 20c, scroll: speed burst (Steal)

-- door [5 or less] - Magical Notes (steal) , wood box- 10c (steal)

NE Chef (pretty average)

NE Barracks - desk -87c (steal)

W Voltok's Crystalworks - crystal (exorbitant)

-- hidden switch [15] - magical barrier level 1, move mountains level 1 - crate - wisdom crystal, flawless gem (4)

NW Squiggus Courier Guild - Shirley - buys fine clothes at 75c 

N hidden switch [6] to Gremlins - wooden box - Mass Healing [12]





Carmine - QUEST - Metal for Carmine - 1000c and lumps of metal 

- Radiant Soulblade (8% armor, +2 Dual Wielding, +2 Lethal Blow, +2 Gymnastics)


NE building - hidden switch [6] - Carmine 

-- metal box - 27c

NW Laverne - Innkeeper - 5c, cabinet - 72c (steal)

Lennus B&B [key] - rest area if pay Laverne

door [5 or less] - wood box - 73c (steal)

door [5 or less]



Isolated Inn


NE door [6] 

E room - 7c

CN room - body - scroll: lightning, cabinet - 20c

C room - cabinet - 36c, scroll: group heal

need to rest in north room

Vengeful Innkeeper - Girdle of Life (5% armor, +2 Endurance)

by pillar - Incantor's Ring (6% armor, +8% magical damage, +10% to blessings/curses you cause)



Fading Tower (vanishes after passing through)


N entrance

-- west wall - hidden switch - to west

-- NW basin - enduring shield, W of door basin - poison, SW basin - +75 spell energy, E of door basin - ruby, NE basin - drains magical energy, SE basin - hasted - 15 turns 

NW room - fine wine, hidden switch to outside - door [6] - box - crystalline wand, mandrake root

-- magical barrier level 1 - efreet - ruby, focusing crystal

CN room - healing herb

CNE room - gazer - scroll: stoneshatter, energy elixir

NE room - magical barrier level 1 - hidden switch to outside - door [8] - box - flawless crystal, crystal: Resistance 

- body - Cloak of Blessings (6% armor, +20% curse res, +10% to blessings/curses you cause), gray mold

CNW room - rakshasa - scroll: speed burst, rakshasa - fine leather

W move mountains level 1 to pass south

E door to demon room - basin - +75 spell energy, hidden switch - to sign

CS spiritual herb

SW hidden switch to outside door [11] - basin - +1 Dual Wielding, hidden switch to get back past pillars

S lever to exit, outside hidden switch opens in Chaldrath's room

SE door [10] - Chaldrath - Talisman of Might (+8% melee damage)

-- door [9 or less] - chest - 348c, fine steel, energy potion, gray mold salve (4)

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Isle of Bigail 


S Port Townsend

SW cache [4 or less] scroll: domination

SW cache [4 or less] - fine steel gauntlets (8% armor)

SW Point Contemplation

SW Southpoint Lighthouse

W Shaydar

S Bavner

S Lone Nephil camped - Murrhr - QUEST - Retrieve Charm for Nephil - XP, Lemonwood Longbow

SE Friendly, Happy Spiders

SE cache [4 or less] - focusing crystal

SE body - terror wand

E Herb Patch - patch of flowers [6] energetic herbs (2)

NE Friendly Roaches

N wandering Anama - QUEST - Find Curing Potion - curing elixir - 200c, +1 reputation, XP

N Northpoint Lighthouse

W body - iron broadsword

NW Hectar

NW cache [5] - scroll: acid shower

NW Gremlin party - speed potion (3)



Port Townsend

S Martha sells ticket to Farport - 10c

SW Storage Depot door [8]

SE Port Townsend Weaponss (pretty average)

NE Shrine of the Anama - Father Rice

NW barracks - desk - 68c (steal)

W barracks door [7]

W door [7] - guarded stores

SW barrel - 8c



Southpoint Lighthouse


Elspeth - QUEST - Find Elspeth's Crystal - XP, reputation, crystal - Hardiness


C Garnak - supplies (expensive)

SW Elspeth - crytals (exorbitant) - spellshard: Domination

NW door [5 or less] - lighthouse maintenance

N door [8] - metaal chest - fine leather (steal), desk - scroll: lightning (steal)

SE barrel - bag of meal (steal)

S room - hidden switch - metal chest - spiritual herbs





Mayor Bernathy - QUEST - The Cockroach Infestation - Ten Blessing Band (4% armor, 1% evade, !0% to blessings/curses you cause, 5% healing), 2000c, XP, +4 reputation

-- QUEST - Go to Sharimik - XP

Irvine - QUEST - Package to Lorelei - in box to southwest - 1000c, XP, can enter Thieves' Guild

Jed - QUEST - Graymold Salve for Jed + 2 reputation, XP

Wearing Anama Ring - Grunder - QUEST - Find Grunder's Ring - 500c, +1 reputation


Job Board 

QUEST - Sharimik Dispatch - 250c, XP

QUEST - Southpoint Lighthouse - 250c, XP

QUEST - Point Contemplation - +1 reputation, XP, piercing crystal, wisdom crystal, purging crystal

QUEST - Stalker of the Sewers - 200c, +1 reputation, XP, Sield of Succor (12% armor, -10% to hit, +8% parry, +10% healing)

QUEST - (after Southpoint Lighthouse) Northpoint Lighthouse - 350c, scroll: sanctification, XP

QUEST - (after Stalker of the Sewers) Mysterious Crypt - crystal: Luck, +1 reputation, XP


SE Bohman - potions (utterly ridiculous)

SE Job Board for deliveries

SE Sara - Mage spells (pretty average) bolt of fire to spray acid

SE door [12] - desk -54c (steal)

SE door [11] -wooden box - 20c (steal)

SE Grunders - Job Dispatcher, sell expensive

SE door [10] - cabinet - 9c (steal)

E City Hall - Mayor Bernathy - XP for having Mayor Arbuckle's quest 

-- stand - scroll: lightning

-- desk - 32c (steal)

Shaydar Bazaar

CSE Renton's Armor (utterly ridiculous)

CSE Begbie's Weaponry (slightly expensive)

CSE Rippel's Rations (slightly expensive)

E north door [9] - metal box- 7c (steal)


SW east door [5 or less]

SW middle door [12] - 6c, scroll: sanctification, healing potion, cabinet - fine leather, 35c

SW west door - wooden box - Suspicious Package (special item) when quest

Sick Boy tells you Judith knows about artifact - 1000c to Judith for Fury Bow location

Judith sells potions (exorbitant) also appears in Bavner

SW boat to Marish - 10c

W west store room door [5 or less]

W east store room door [9] - metal box - speed potion, curing potion, focusing crystal

CW Inn - Mickie - sells secret after buying drinks and paying 20c

-- Irvine will give quest if Mickie tells you to ask

-- door [10]

-- east room - cabinet - curing potion (steal), cabinet - 48c (steal)


CNE Hospital 

door [9]


-- healing potion - 2 healing herbs

-- curing potion - 1 healing herb

-- protection potion - 1 healing and 1 spiritual herbs

-- speed potion - 1 healing, energetic, and spiritual herbs

-- energy potion - 1 healing, energetic, and spiritual herbs

NE Library - Arkley - map - 20c, suggestions for solving plague

NW Temple of the Anama

Ahonar - Priest Rituals (pretty average) Minor Heal to Curse the Land

-- report about Point Contemplation in dialogue for XP

- can cure Dread Curse at loss of about half a level's experience

Meena - can appear in Hectar - after doing Jed’s quest can train (extremely cheap) - Cave Lore 500c, Bows 600c

door [key] - need Anama rings

door [8] - desk - scroll: domination



Member of the Anama  - Can now enter Anama Temple upstairs

south door [key]

Danza - crystals (extremely cheap)

room - wood box - 58c, hidden switch to back of Danza's shop - wood box - 80c

-- hidden switch to key room to the south - return life scroll

--- hidden switch opens to east to Treasury [10]

---- (steal all) healing potion, curing potion, shielding potion, energy potion, speed potion, invulnerability potion, piercing crystal (2), focusing crystal, purging crystal (2), wood box - 205c

---- door [12] - wisdom crystal, invulnerability elixir, wood cheats - 244c, fine steel (steel all), metal chest - 2000c

northeast - Library - Magical Notes, desk - 8c (steal). desk - scroll: group heal (steal)

-- stands 

- southwest - Call the Storm, Summon Shade, Ward of Thoughts, Curse the Land, Move Mountains

- northwest - Minor Heal, Curing, Smite, Protection, War Blessing

- northeast - Unshackle Mind, Heal, Rain of Curses, Mass Heal, Mass Curing

- southeast - Divine Fire level 3


N trapdoor to Sewers


Shaydar Sewers


NE ladder up

NE hidden switch - wooden box 75c, skirribane, fine leather

E below grate - oozing wand

SE bodies - 40c

SW ladder up into old part of Shaydar or move mountains level 1 from outside walls on southwest side - (quest location)

- desk - War Blessing [7]

CSW Rotting Tome - move mountains level 1 - Magical Notes, stand - Bolt of Fire [7]

C healing herb, spiritual herb, flawless crystal (2)

W muck piles - aranea - scroll: recovery, grounded shoes (4% armor, +10% energy res)

- with Find Grunder's Ring quest - Dirty Anama Ring (special item)

CN Sewer Stalker (quest location) - curing elixir





Mother Loomis - QUEST - Visit Point Contemplation - +1 reputation, XP


S Voorn - trains (exorbitant, drops to very reasonable when Roach plague done) 

- First Aid 1100c, Resistance 1540c, Hardiness 1540c

SE building - by table [Luck ?] - 150c, Ivory Band

NE Shrine - Mother Loomis

W Barracks - wooden box - 10c

NW wooden box - 45c, Spurn (quest location) - can intimidate with enough reputation [13]





S weaponsmith (exorbitant)

S tailor (expensive)

SE door [5 or less] - cabinet - 8c

N shrine - Oriathon 

NW Chef (slightly expensive)

W Barracks - desk - 5c (steal)



Friendly, Happy Spiders


Spider - QUEST - Help Some Spiders - location of friendly roaches


SE move mountains level 2 - door - fine steel (2), gold bar (6), hidden switch to body, hidden switch to exit

-- lever for box - blesses 2 uses - weapons +6 damage levels, armor is one and half percentage value

E spiderweb - 8c

NE 37c, 34c, roachranea - Nimble Chain (+1 Gymnastics), 9c

N 32c

N Chief's Chamber - spider web - 32c, Spider, spiderweb - 58c

NW door [5 or less] - Dark Shrine - altar - sanctification - fiery demon - scroll: powerlash, energy elixir

NW healing herb

W spiderweb - 23c

W door [10] - hidden switch - wood box - scroll: recovery. curing potion, shielding potion

SW spiderweb - emerald



Friendly Roaches


SW hidden switch on west wall - energetic herb, mandrake root

Filth Spreader can give Filth Factory location or map in NW

N healing herb, graymold



Northpoint Lighthouse


CSE door [7] - magical barrier level 1 - stand [13 or less] Call the Storm

NE cabinet - healing herb

CSW Nekaros (quest location)

NW hidden switch - Horrid Specter (quest location) - Blue Crystal Spiral (special item), focusing crystal, flawless crystal

-- hidden switch into light house





Mother Melamed - QUEST - Find Mundt - Xian Coin, +1 reputation, XP


N Shrine - Mother Melamed, healing herb

SE Bagzath - curing elixir

SW Zog - iron breastplate, scroll: spineshield

S Ogla - ferry to Kneece - 30c





Purgatos - QUEST - A Fiery Device - Egg of the Phoenix (special item)


N Magical Notes

NW crate - energetic herb

W salamander ring - emerald, 77c

E lava bat ring - 33c

C crate - bag of meal (6) (steal)

-- door [5]

-- Purgatos - gives when you have Filth Factory location - Egg of the Phoenix (special item)

— wand of inferno (steal)

— door [key] (can bypass with hidden switch outside the building on south wall [9] 

---- spell book [9 or less] - Haste - metal chest - Magical Notes (3) (steal)

SW two magical barriers at level 1 or use move mountains at level 1

S door [12]

SW door [8]

-- Xurphus the Drake - fine leather, invulnerability potion

-- 98c, Magical Notes, steel breastplate, energy potion

-- ring - 76c, healing potion, Mercuric Leather (10% armor, 2% evade, +1 action points, -1 Strength), scroll: acid shower



Lair of Drakos


outside wall SW on north wall hidden switch - hidden switch - inside

SW rune circle - removes pillar

SW hidden switch on west wall opens east to bypass fights - move mountains level 3

CW stone - removes pillar

NW hidden switch opens to south - body - wand of the inferno, 58c

NW on west wall move mountains level 1 - sarcophagus - crystal: Efficiency

E nest - 69c

SE magical barriers level 1

- south - healing herb, spiritual herb, energetic herb, spell book - Cloak of the Arcane [15]

- lever opens pillars to west

S rune disk opens pillar - move mountain level 1 on north wall - move mountain level 2 and 3 

- hidden switch on north wall at east end open to center - hidden switch on north wall east end opens to portal and stairs

- portal to outside in northeast 


Inner Lair of Drakos


NE stairs up

N after efreet - bridge to north after defeating Drakos - move mountains level 3 

- metal chest - 497c, mandrake root, fine leather, fine steel, scroll: return life

SE graymold (3), mandrake root (3), sarcophagus - wisdom crystal

SW vase - 30c

NW Lair of Drakos - ruby (7), emerald (12)

- Drakos - fine leather, Pachtar's Platemail (34% armor, +6% evade, -20% to hit, +50% faster fatigue recovery, +20% melee damage)

- metal chest - 71c, healing potion, rod of alacrity, metal chest - 62c, energy potion


Far Western Valorim


SE Point Contemplation

NE Filth Factory



Point Contemplation


NE bag of meal (2)

SE barrel - 10c

SW basin

-- oozing cockroach - Carnelian Breastplate (22% armor, 4% evade, -10% to hit, +12% fire res)

center room - hidden switch on north wall - wooden box - 98c

west room - door [5 or less] -cabinet - 5c, curing potion

south room - door [6] - crate - scroll: radiate ice

NW Keeper's Quarters

-- east room - cabinet - 81c

-- west room door [5 or less] - wooden box - sheep pen - warmth ring, cabinet - healing potion



Filth Factory


CW lever opens portcullis to NW and SW

NW door [7] - wooden box - healing potion, curing potion

SW Emergency Treatment Room - break in case of disease

S giant cave slug - Treated Carapace (18% armor, -15% to hit, +10% parry, +20% poison res)

SW hidden switch in northeast room on north wall - metal chest - 96c, shielding potion

SW move mountains level 2 - wooden box - healing potion, scroll: sanctification, fiery wand

SW move mirror to block beam - wood box - razor disks, energy elixir

CE door to Power Channel

CNE Control Room - portal for only one character

- cabinet - Magical Notes (2), controls

--- release Swamp Scavangers opens in northwest, near portal, and south

--- northwest hidden switch - oozing wand

--- by portal hidden switch - wood boxes - scroll: group heal, energy potion, healing potion

--- south - stand [9 or less] - Blink

-- door - curling potion, fine steel, 18c

CSW past Power Channel - Elsner (quest location) - 78c, Polar Fur Cloak (4% armor, +10% cold res)

-- trapdoor to Lower Filth Factory


Lower Filth Factory

E scavenger room - healing herb, ruby

E portal to northeast corner

NE portal to northwest corner

SE portal back to northeast corner

SW portal back to southeast corner

SW middle wooden box - Woven Golden Chain (1% armor, +3% evade)

NW portal back to southwest corner

N corridor - hidden switch - northeast door [5 or less] - wood box - mandrake root, basin - +20 energy

 southeast door [8] - healing elixir, energy potion, scroll: return life, southwest room door - scroll: recovery, curing potion, fine leather

NE crack in the wall to main area

CNE healing herb (2)

-- hidden switch on north wall - wood box - healing potion

W stairs up to leave

CSW doors [5 or less] - lemonwood longbow

CSE guardian cockroach - Spectral Gloves (5% armor, 10% energy res, +2% evade)

CSE move mountains level 2 - body - wave blade, energy potion

CE by power channel spiritual herb (2)

CE energetic herb

CS Evidence - Withered Scales (special item)

C (quest location) use Phoenix Egg - XP

exiting - Guardian cockroach - Swampwalker Leather (17% armor, 2% evade, +10% poison res, +10% acid res)


Central Valorim


NW patch [4 or less] - graymold (2)

SW body - blessed boots

W Stone Pillar Ring

W House - Vanvor - scribe mage - expensive

W Spiral Crypt

W Fenris Port

SW Kuper



Spiral Crypt


XP when you can escape (quest location)

S Ghast with riddle - blocks access to lever opens one near gate

-- body - emerald

SE 31c, body - 9c, scroll: domination

N southwest sarcophagus - spellshard - shade call, body -8c

NW skulls - oozing wand

W lever in new room opens area in north part of spiral - lever opens exit

S east of ghast move mountain level 1 opens to magical barrier level 1 - 

-- 10c, steel breastplate, hidden switch to center - magical barrier level 2 to center

-- Gorvifal - Frozen Blade (+10% cold res, +10% faster fatigue recovery, cold damage, chance of weakness)

-- 101c, energetic herb, sarcophagus - 51c, body - armor elixir, battle crystal, wood chest - shielding potion, healing potion

-- hidden switch [7 to 9] - spell book - Minor Summon [11 or less]



Fenris Port


W Shrine - Gavlax

W Kurtz - sells (exorbitant)

scrolls - need papyrus and herbs:

-- lightning - healing, spiritual, energetic

-- domination - healing, spiritual, energetic

-- healing - healing, spiritual, energetic

-- sanctification - gray mold and healing, spiritual, energetic

-- spellward - mandrake root and healing, spiritual, energetic

NW barracks - desk - 39c (steal), cabinet - 10c (steal)

NE crate - skribbane

E Volb - ticket - 10c to Softport

E warehouse - wooden box - Magical Notes (steal)

CNE - wolf pen door [5 or less]

SE Inn - Johanna

SW weaponsmith (exorbitant)

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Karnold Province


Sharamik Area


SW Sharamik

W Wandering merchant (expensive)

NE cache [5 or less] fine steel




Mayor Knight

QUEST - Corie and Levin - XP

QUEST - Sharimik Scroll Quest - 500c, +2 reputation, XP, access to spell book 

QUEST - Go to Lorelei

Captain Corie - QUEST - Destroy Altar for Corie - get permission

Ginny - QUEST - Get Ring for Ginny - mandrake root, fine wine, XP

Starcap - QUEST - Hunt Down Zang - +1 reputation, XP, spell book in library - Cloak of Bolts

Sandra - QUEST - Entering the Bunker - talk to Capt. Johnson


Job Board

QUEST - Black Basalt - healing exilic, energy elixir, XP

QUEST - Proper Decorations - 3 marble busts - 400c, XP

QUEST - Siha the Sage - +1 reputation XP, Rat Tail Band (+2 armor, +1 Dexterity, +2% parry)

QUEST - Message - Lorelei - 250c, XP


E Job Board Deliveries



marble bust (quest item)

Mayor's Office - Mayor Knight

 -- hidden switch [12] - trap [13 to 14] magical damage - wood boxes - 459c, 333c (steal all)

Internal Affairs Supervisor - Levin (quest location) - sells map for 50c,

-- gives permission for 1000c, fight troglodytes in town, or high enough reputation

Library - scroll: group heal (steal)

guard's inner east wall hidden switch [13 to 14] or finish Sharamik quest - spell book [?] - Dispel Barrier level 1

guard's inner south wall hidden switch [7-9] - spell book - scroll: powerlash

NE Barracks

Captain Corie (quest location)

NE Sloan in guard tower

E Shrine of Happy Thoughts - Ellyn - Priest Rituals (pretty average) Minor Heal to Divine Fire

CE Ginny's Rations - food (pretty average)

CSE shops

Ballard's Adventuring Supplies - tools (slightly expensive)

Starcap Training - (exorbitant) - all weapons

Fine Missiles - Isaac (pretty average)

C Grove - weapons (expensive), augment weapon for 1000c (blesses armor/weapons)

NW Store rooms

-- Sharamik Key Item - Xian Shrub, Depot [key] - can enter using move mountains level 2 from outside

--- metal box - spell shard: blink, scroll: sanctification, fine steel

--- magical barrier level 3 - metal box - 236c, invulnerability elixir

-- Trogolo ambush - armor elixir

W Grassi  - alchemist

-- healing elixir - healing herb and graymold

-- curing elixir - healing herb and graymold

-- armor elixir - healing, spiritual, and energetic herbs and gray mold

W Kurt - tickets to Farport for 15c

SW Inn

Quinn - buy bourbon for rumor at 100c

Ehrenfeld - armor (slightly expensive) 

-- door [10] - trap [12] magical damage - metal chest - fine leather, gold bar, 27c, steel breastplate, steel helmet (Steal all)

SW Rooms

-- door [9] - marble bust (quest item)

-- door [7] - metal chest - speed potion (steal)

-- door [5 or less] - bag of meal (5) (steal), 

-- Spragins - Magical Consultation - door [8 or less] 

---- (expensive) Mage Spells - Slow to Summon Aid except Capture Soul and Simulacrum

---- after aiding against Troglos can go into west room and try device to bless armor/weapon

SW use move mountains level 1 to get to body outside wall (quest location) - Sharamik Ring

NE outside walls - healing herb



Central Valorim (mainland)


W Softport

W cache [5 or less] - Flesh-Fused Greaves (4% armor, +1% evade, -5% to hit, +2 Strength)

W wrecked merchant train - mandrake root

CN Graymold Patch [5 or less] gray mold (2)

CW House on the Hill

CS Merchant Hideout - QUEST - Bring Fine Meal - 25c and XP per bag 

-- or attack for 2000c, crystal: Luck, focusing crystal, wisdom crystal, -4 reputation

NE cache [5 or less] - ruby

NE by Orb - focusing crystal, battle crystal

NE Anama Facility - need Anama rings to enter - wands (exorbitant)

C concealed passage - Troglo ambush - Castle Troglo

C Aminro

CE Angel's Rest

E Troglo Temple

E north of Troglo Temple - concealed passage - [Luck?] crystal: Sniper

SE by Orb - concealed passage - wisdom crystal





Mayor Scowcroft - QUEST - Find Zik - +2 reputation, 10c, Reward Slip - Silk-Woven Cord (6% armor, +5% melee damage protection, +2 Spellcraft, _1 Magical Efficiency, +1 First Aid)


NE outside walls - 10c

SW Temple - Nydia 

W Armorsmith (pretty average)

NW City Hall - Mayor Scowcroft, desk - healing potion, scroll: group healing (steal), spell book - scroll: acid shower

NE Tailor (slightly expensive)

NE Fletcher (expensive)

S Terry sells tickets to Fenris Port for 10c

SE Inn

-- Tucker (quest location) - XP



House on the Hill

door [5 or less]

-- bedroom - Rest - wood box - Magical Notes (2), desk - 29c

-- door [10] - spell book - Pool of Fire [9 or less]

door to pen [key]





Mayor Najib - QUEST - Kill Kling Vothkaro - Armor ring , +2 reputation, XP


E room - cabinet - 52c (steal)

CN concealed passage - Metal Note if you bought information in Gidrik

NE door [8] - trap [9 or less] - metal box - fine steel, black basalt (steal all)

N door - trap [10] - metal box - black basalt (2)

NW door [6] - focusing crystal (steal)

W Inn - door [key] - room to rest

- Mayor Najib



Angel's Rest


Masok sells map to Black Halberd for 2000c

Shahpur - QUEST - Meet Empress Prazac - +2 reputation, XP


W door [9] - cabinet - healing herb, 8c (steal all)

SW door [12] - desk - 93c (steal)

SW Siha (quest location) - door [7] - Magical Notes, energy elixir, cabinet -18c, desk - scroll: group heal (2),

-- metal box - healing potion (steal), energetic herbs

SE door [5or less] cabinet - 29c (steal)

E Tinker (expensive)

NE Weaponsmith (slightly expensive)

NE Armorsmith (slightly expensive)



Troglo Temple


SW door [5 or less] - gremlin wine, magical barrier level 1 - door [10] 

-  wand of death, stand [11 or less ] - Pool of Corruption

SW wood box - scroll: speed burst, fine leather

S metal chest - 27c

E Temple Sentinels - emerald (2), battle crystal

E Troglodyte Lord - Clover Boots (4% armor, +3 Luck), energy elixir

NW hidden switch on west wall [6] opens near entrance - trap [10] summons two drakes - metal chest - healing elixir, armor elixir

NW healing herb

N metal chest - 26c, metal chest - 25c

N kitchen storage - Gremlin wine

E Slith statue - Slith Warspear

E stairs to Upper Troglo Temple


Upper Troglo Temple


W stairs down

E Altar - kneel - Dread Curse, Sanctification - XP

Ghavus - Starlight Greaves (4% armor, 1% evade, -5% to hit, +8% healing)

skulls - 100c, 20c

NE door [5 or less] - Houndskin cloak (7% armor)

S cabinet - 77c, basin - Enduring Shield, metal cheat - scroll: group heal, 64c

S door [6] - Chamber of Prayer Tome - book stand - trap, hidden switch on north wall 

-- Altar of the Khazis - Sanctification - XP

-- Drakeskin Shield (15% armor, -10% to hit, 8% parry, +15% fire res)

-- magical barrier level 2 - metal chest - 117c, speed potion, healing elixir, fine steel, scroll: return life



Castle Troglo


King Vothkaro 

-- QUEST - Slay Elhioc - XP and Troglodyte Message

-- QUEST - The Troglo/Giant Barrier - +3 reputation, XP


SE Your Cell

Other Cell - piercing crystal

CSE Throne Room - King Vothkaro (quest location) - Assassin's Falchion (+2 Blademaster, +2 Lethal Blow)


hidden switch in cell to lower level, hidden switch to open into cell on return

hidden switch in corridor to exit


After Barrier Comes Down or finish Slay Elhioc quest


E stairs down

E Library - metal chest - scroll: recovery, shielding potion

E scroll: domination

CE energetic herb

NE door [key] - use move mountains level 1 in room to south - magical barrier level 3

- metal chests - 85c145c, crystal: Efficiency, invulnerability elixir, focusing crystal, scroll: return life, 250c, mandrake root

CNE metal chest - 20c

N cabinet - healing potion, healing herb

N cabinet - 23c

C smithy - gold bar (2)

NE outside - spiritual herb

NW outside - energetic herb

NW flawless crystal, cabinet - 84c, healing potion

NW rooms - wood chest - 10c, wood chest - scroll: group heal, purging crystal, cabinet - healing herb

-- basin - +50 spell energy

CW basin - ????

CNW cabinet - 94c

CSW stairway down, altar - Sanctification - XP

W Hall of Testing - Wand of Carronus

SW armory - energy potion, healing potion

S cabinet - 10c

outside wall SW - 9c



Under Castle Troglo


SE ladder up to cell, hidden switch opens south

SE sack - healing herb, sack - mandrake root

E graymold

NE Halls of Concordance

-- stairs up

-- Sniper's Belt (2% armor, +2 Thrown Missiles)

N Massive Barrier 

N 32c, nest on east - 104c, healing potion, body - 72c, web - Magical Notes, scroll: stoneshatter, body - 5c

NW move mountain level 3 - body - crystalline wand

NW Control Panel - move mountains level 1 

-- stairs down

---- Elhioc - Foil Helm (4% armor, -5% to hit, +20% Mind Effects res, -1 Intelligence, +1 Luck), rod of defense,

---- wisdom crystal, Molten Halberd (8% armor, +2 Lethal Blow, +10% Fire res)

-- door [6] - metal chest - skribbane (2), spiritual herb, basin - spell energy +40

-- hidden switch to spell book [12 or less] Heal

W stores - crate - gold bar (2)

W cabinet - 38c, healing potion, cabinet - 23c

SW Altar - Sanctification - XP

-- Old Elder Ballah - Forager's Boots (6% armor, +3 First Aid, +1 Nature Lore)

-- door [7] - middle spell book - Vahnatai Lore

CSW metal chest - 14c, vase - healing herb, spiritual herb

-- hidden switch on north wall - vase spiritual herb, metal chest - 143c, healing elixir, energy elixir

CSW kitchen - sacks - bag of meal (2)

S stairs up

CSW Scourge Hynyah - Archer's Band (+5% missile damage), metal chest - skribbane

-- metal chest - 10c

C fine leather

CN metal chest - 29c, speed potion


Central Valorim (north of Lorelei)


E Bengaro

CE Malloc

C Adobe Hut - Sanctification Ritual location

C concealed passage - armor ring

CW cache [6 or less] scroll: speed burst

CW cache [6] - Steel Halberd

NE Stone Pillar Ring northwest of Malloc

NE stone pillar - silver necklace

NE by Orb - second island - silver ring (quest item)

N by Orb - cache [6 to 9] focusing crystal





N pen doors [5 or less] - east (if bought secret from Thieves' Guild) - scroll: return life

NE weapon smith (expensive)

E Merry (slightly expensive)

SW door [7] - spell book - mung demon - basilisk fang wand, cave demon - piercing crystal

-- wood box - 25c  (steal)

C Kagan information about Smite in Giant's Forge

C Foxfire (sometimes) - 500c for Silver key to cult in Remote Islands





Mia - QUEST - Find Son's Silver Ring - +1 reputation, XP


NE Library - Magical Notes, Mrrrr - trainer (extremely cheap) - Bows 600c, Thrown Missiles 600c, Sniper 900c

SE Tinker (pretty average)

NW Inn - Mia



Adobe Hut


NW spiritual herb

C wood chest - black basalt, Xian Rock, metal box - fine clothes, box - fine herbs

C Hermit (Ritual of Sanctication) level 1 (quest location)



Valley of the Giants


NW house with Troglodytes - 150c, Crystal-Woven Chitin (12% armor, +4 evade, +1 Resistance)

N Dellston

CN Gate

CW Giant's Forge

CE Grindstone

S passage between northeast of Sharamik and Valley of Giants south end - cache [5 or less] fine leather




SW outside walls - healing herb, vase - healing herb, vase - spiritual herb

W Armorsmith (very reasonable)

Macitar - Mage Spells (utterly ridiculous) - Slow to Pool of Corruption except Capture Soul and Simulacrum

NE barracks - door [10] - desk - 26c, scroll: group heal (steal all)

SE Inn - Rita

C deserted room - hidden switch on north wall - trap [7 to 9] fire damage - wood box - 58c, energy potion

C outside wall in corner - move mountains level 1 - scroll: acid shower


Giant's Forge


C move mountains level 2 - hidden switch to altar room - crystal: Luck

-- hidden switch on north wall - wood box - 116c, scroll: acid shower

CS Shaman Wilom - rod of succor

S move mountains level 2 - hidden switch to Mauler Infernal

S wood box - 95c

W crate - fine steel, gold bar

W gold bar, metal chest - uranium bar

W Main Forge

-- Smithmaster Gluth - Smite (5% armor, +10% faster fatigue recovery, +5% critical hit)

N hidden switch to enter altar room from north

NW Infernal Curselord - fine leather

-- 36c black basalt, Spectral Boots (8% armor, -5% to hit, +2% evade, +10% curse res)

S mandrake root

-- Mauler Infernal - Nullity Shield (18% armor, -15% to hit, +10% parry, +20% curse res, +15% Mind Effect res)

SE hidden switch on north wall - wood box - ruby, speed potion

E metal chest - 37c, energy potion

SE path to Grindstone Caverns



Grindstone Caverns


SE path to Giant's Forge

SE corner path up to Grindstone

-- wood chest - 23c

S Barrier Sentinel Shaman  - Girdle of Genius (5% armor, +2 Intelligence), energetic herb

-- magical barrier level 2 - wood chest - healing elixir, energy elixir

CSW Giant Stonemaster - purging crystal, battle crystal

CW healing herb

C Forge - gold bar (2), metal chest - fine steel, metal chest - gold bar

N rabid hellhound nest - 42c, body - platinum ring

NW altar room - Stoneshaman Frigga - wand of death, vase - 50c, vase - spiritual and entergetic herb

-- basin - enduring armor

NW ladder up to Grindstone

E Chamber of Deep Beast (locked in until find lever)

-- scroll: stoneshatter, scroll: group heal, 91c

-- level to open gates, metal chest - Large Iron key

NE path up to Grindstone

NE skulls - emerald

E sarcophagi - scroll: domination, focusing crystal

E door [Large Iron key] - control panel - need to get all 7 names to open east gate 

-- Overseer Domaroth - Hellhound Helm (7% armor, +2% evade, +15% cold res)

-- metal chests - Xian Pouch, piercing crystal, 94c, stand - map to Barrier control (quest location)

-- hidden switch in southeast niche - move mountains level 2 - boat

---- 172c, gold nugget (8), scroll: return life, Gremlin wine, hidden switch in southeast - body - invulnerability elixir

---- magical barrier level 1 - spell book - Rain of Curses




SW party down to Grindstone Caverns

SW door - spell shard: Terror, metal chest - lemonwood longbow scroll: spell ward, nest - 31c

-- metal chest - Good Luck Charm (Soldier's Belongs - Quest Item)

SW - metal chest - armor elixir

W wood box - Locket With Painting (Soldier's Belongs - Quest Item)

S hidden switch in north wall - metal chest - 43c, fine steel

S hidden switch by cell in north wall - opens to outside cell - door - prisoner (quest location)

-- S move mountains level 1 - hidden switch - area behind door [11] - prisoner (quest location)

S door [11] 

CS healing herb

SE one way exit for prisoners

SE Soul Death Clan - metal box - 32c, hidden switch on north wall - crystal: Efficiency

CNW Shrine - 129c, emerald (2), ruby, altar - 500c, Tribal Warblade (+2 Dexterity, +2% evade)

-- hidden switch to button

NW Deathrock Clan - Overseer Doshda

-- west room - prisoner (quest location)

-- trapdoor down to Grindstone Caverns

-- door [8] - metal chest - energy potion, healing potion, 230c, scroll: acid shower, Radiant Boots (14% armor, -5% to hit)

-- room - 10c, speed potion, metal chest - 28c, healing elixir, fine leather

N bag of meal, metal chest - Love Letter (Soldier's Belongs - Quest Item)

CN cell door [8] - prisoner (quest location)

CN vase - spiritual herb

NE stairs down to Grindstone Cavern

CNE skulls - mandrake root

E entrance - hidden switch on north wall - move mountains level 2 - hidden switch - hidden switch - magical barrier level 1

-- hidden switch - stairs down - trap [9 or less] - trap [10] - ruby (2), metal chest - rune Jade Necklace (2% armor, 15% poison and acid res), 140c, metal chest - 78c, ruby, emerald, metal chest - 239c, wisdom crystal, healing elixir

CSE magical barrier level 1 - metal chest - Embroidered Favor (Soldier's Belongs - Quest Item)

-- metal chest - energy elixir, speed elixir, scroll: recovery, scroll: stoneshatter



Eastern Valorim (Giant side of mountain)


SW concealed passage - Stone pillar ring - mutant giants - return after battle - 300c, wand of the Inferno

W concealed Tunnel (east side of mountains)

W Giant Village - Temperate Necklace (2% armor. +15% fire and cold res)



Eastern Valorim (east side of mountains)


Concealed Tunnel (after finding map)


C cabinets - purging crystal

NW move mountains level 2, move mountains level 3 - mirrors 

- metal chest - Radiant Belt (8% armor), Coated Cloak (4% armor, +10% Fire res), Grounded Cloak (4% armor, +10% energy res)

SW Portal Chamber - need to route power here using mirrors

SE gate opens with power - metal chest - emerald, ruby, fine leather, scroll: spine shield

NE move mountains level 3 - energetic herb. box to bless armor/weapons

NE wood box - fine steel

NE move mirror for access to chamber with 4 wood chests - healing elixir, focusing crystal, 238c


Through Portal 

body - Jade-Studded Chain (3% armor, +3 Spellcraft)

need north mirror to send power to ball to open gate to lever to open second gate or move mountains level 3

-- Barrier Cavern entrance


Barrier Cavern


SE wood chest - spell shard: Consecration

C smash crystal - Evidence: Crystal Shards

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Midori Province




Dervish Bruskrud

QUEST - Soldier's Possesions  - 300c and XP for each, Ever-Rotting Bow (+50% bonus damage, acid chance)

QUEST - Free Empire Soldiers - 500c, Girdle of Might (5% armor, +2 Strenght), XP

QUEST - Tevrono and the Golems (after ending the Troglo/Giant plague)

Mayor Bruette - QUEST - Find Way into Blackcrag - +1 reputation, XP, Ruby Necklace (2% armor, +15% fire res, +15% energy res)


Job Board

QUEST - The Anama Camp -300c, +1 reputation, XP

QUEST - Poulsbo Worms - 200c. Skribbane, XP

QUEST - Mysterious Inn - 400c, XP

QUEST - Urgent Dispatch - 100c, XP

QUEST - Appleton's Destruction (after Poulsbo Worms) - +1 reputation, XP, Suede Gloves (3% armor, +10% to blessings/curses you cause, +2 Resistance)

QUEST - The Gem Tree (after Mysterious Inn) - rune Helm (10% armor, +2 Spellcraft, +6% Mind Effects res), +1 reputation, XP



SW Anama Shrine - Mundt (quest location) - sell herbs (pretty average) to Anama

CSW Library - Yessenia (quest location) - sells maps to Karnold and Midori provinces

-- after giant plague - spell book - Domination [15 or less]

S Job Board

S Carrying Cubbyhole Inn - Winterhouse - 50c for rumor

-- wood box - 10c (steal)

SE rooms

-- NW room - door [9 or less]

-- NE room - cabinet - healing potion, 19c (steal all)

-- SE room - magical barrier level 2 - metal box - 25c (steal), vase - scroll: spine shield

SE deserted room with sun symbol - hidden switch - Dwaine

E Divine Lucre Blades - Carson (expensive) 

E Training Hall - Yukikio - trainer (expensive) - Hardiness 1260c, First Aid 900c, Nature Lore 900c, Quick Action 1350c

C Ligaya - food (slightly expensive)

C Barracks - Dervish Bruskrud

-- door [10] - cabinet - steel shield (2), energy elixir (steal all)

-- door [14] - rod of alacrity

CNW Randall's Item Shoppe (expensive)

CSW room - magical barrier level 3 - cabinet - 84c, healing elixir, wood chest - basilisk fang wand, ruby, 54c

CSE Lyle - Empire Internal Affairs - Hawke's Manse for 8000c

-- tells about Foxfire and artifact

E rooms

-- SW room door [5 or less] - wood box - 10c (steal)

-- SE room door [7] - wood box - 193c, shielding potion (steal all)

-- N room - Carlos - potion for 50c and ingredients

- healing elixir - healing herb and graymold

- curing elixir - healing herb and graymold

- armor elixir - healing, spiritual, and energetic herbs and graymold

- speed elixir - spiritual and energetic herbs and mandrake root

NE Armory - Gertrude (exorbitant)

N City Hall - Mayor Bruette

NW Hawke's Manse

W Kendra's Gloves - Kendra (exorbitant) (quest location)

W Geoffrey - Thieves' Guild

-- sell Skibbrane (very reasonable) - 30c

-- information about Blackcrag Fortress - tunnel - 2000c for permission

-- Anama Rings - 2500c

 -- secrets - 500c


Hawke's Manse

N kitchen storeroom - hidden switch to open NW storeroom - wisdom crystal

W healing herb

SW bedroom - W hidden switch to open secret passage - E hidden switch to open to magical barrier level 1

- chest - healing elixir, 91c, Crushing Plate (28% armor, +5% evade, -15% to hit, +5% melee damage, +7% critical hit)

W bedroom - box -53c

W bedroom storage room - spell book - Cloak of Blades [10]


Central Valorim


SW Herb Farm (exorbitant)

S Poulsbo

C cache [6] Basilisk Fang wand

C Stone Pillar Ring - Dryad - QUEST - Liberate Dryad Grove - invulnerability elixir, XP

N Appleton





Daltrey - QUEST - Hidden Poulsbo Giants - +1 reputation. XP, Lethal Blow +1


outside walls on east side north of gate - hidden switch (quest location) - worms 

- metal chest - 51c, scroll: recovery, invulnerability potion

outside walls SE corner - 7c

outside walls SW corner - vase - energetic herbs

outside walls NW corner - trapdoor

-- giants (quest location) - giant spymaster - fine steel wave blade, 2 sacks - bag of meal (7). crate - 63c

NE Tinker (expensive)

N Chef (extremely cheap)

NW Inn - Kirchner - healer (exorbitant)

SE Barracks - Daltrey

S room - cabinet - 30c

SW room - wood box - 34c (steal)

SW door [5 or less] - wood box - 84c, healing potion (steal all)





C Hill Giant Diviner (quest location) - crystal: Hardiness, rod of defense

NE door [9 or less] - cabinet - 21c, message about items

-- painting - Spectral Robe (10% armor, 5% energy res 3% evade, 20% Mind Effects res)

-- north of town - Steel Shield (21% armor, -15% to hit, +12% parry)

SE desk - 7c

SW cabinet - 27c

W wood box - healing elixir, scroll: group heal


Northeastern Valorim


SW Mernia

SW Spineridge

W by Orb or concealed passage - mine - gold nugget (5)

W concealed passage - Stone Pillar Ring - 





Alzon - QUEST - Map of Valorim - Complete Map - +1 reputation, 400c, XP


NE Job Board Deliveries

NE Monoroe Province Internal Affairs Office - Alzon (utterly ridiculous)

NW Inn - cabinet - bag of meal (steal), wood box - 6c (steal), wood box - 24c (steal)

S Tinker (slightly expensive)





SE outside walls - crate - healing herb

SW skribbane (2)

NE door [13]

CN armor smith (extremely cheap)

Sydow - Priest Rituals (very reasonable)

-- Bless the Land 840c

-- Sanctification 960c

-- Ward of Elements 960c

-- Return Life 1080c

-- Divine Restoration 1200c


Western Valorim


N Alakas Colony - herb patch - energetic herb (2)

N cache [6 or more]

NW Calloc

NW northeast of Calloc cache [9 or less] wand of Carronus

NW Nephilim camp (quest location)

NW ursagi den (quest location)

NW island west of Calloc by Orb - cache [9 or less] fine leather

C Ogres in Swamp (quest location) or QUEST - Kill Vampire by Sea - +1 Lethal Blow, XP





Rabellino - QUEST - Eliminate Calloc Raiders - (if you stop the raids) 500c, +1 reputation, XP


SE north room - trap [7 or more] fire - cabinet - spiritual herb (steal)

SE door [8]

SW energetic herb

S Chef (slightly expensive)

S Tinker (pretty average)

CE Black - Mage spells (exorbitant) - Dispel Barrier to Fireblast, map (quest location)

C barrel -energy potion

C Inn - Rabellino

- door [key] - room for night

NW Empire Deserters

- Cultist Turnface - Duelist Gloves (3% armor, +10% faster fatigue recovery, +2 Melee Weapons)

- cabinet - 89c, gray mold, fine steel, wand of Carronus

NE west door [5 or less] - cabinet - 9c, scroll: lightning

NE east door [9] - wood chest - 5c, fine leather



Far West Valorim


SW Marish

SW camp (quest location)

S cache [5] speed elixir

W Icy Tunnel - Vampire - QUEST - Kill Ogres in Swamp - +1 First Aid, XP

W Chasm of Screams (quest location)





QUEST - Clear Out Odd Dungeon - Helm of Klin (9% armor, -10% to hit, +12% Mind Effects res, +1 Hardiness, +3% riposte), +1 reputation, XP

QUEST - Dispose of Marish Brigands - Corruption baton, -1 reputation, XP


SW door [5 or less] - cabinet - 9c, hidden switch - fine steel

S Inn - Yale (mayor)

SE Udell's Miscellany (exorbitant)

NE door [11]



Chasm of Screams


SE body - speed potion

SW body - 5c, web - scroll: powerlash

W web - ruby, body - scroll: group heal, mandrake root, body - healing herb, curing potion

NW Lich Dafnyr (quest location) - Lost Mage's Robes (9% armor, +1 Mage Spells, +1 Spellcraft, +1 Magical Efficiency)

 -- invulnerability elixir

- focusing crystal, body - scroll: spine shield, metal chest - scroll: group heal, wood box - spiritual herb, speed potion

- wood box - scroll: stoneshatter, scroll; domination, scroll: recovery, Magical Notes (2)

CN 3 hidden switches open north, south [6], and east [7 or more]

-- south move mountains level 2 - spell book [14] - Mass Curing 

---- move mountains level 3 - hidden switch - wood box - scroll: return life

-- east - wood box - gray mold salve

-- north move mountains level 3

N magical barriers - level 1, level 1, level 2 - metal chest - 39c, energy potion, metal chest - 128c, armor elixir,

-- metal cheat - 223c, Bow of the Deep Woods (+2 Gymnastics, +5% healing), fine steel, Magical Notes

-- hidden switch [6] - basilisk fang wand

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Monoroe Province


Northeastern Valorim


S Gale

SE cache [6 to 10] focusing crystal

C Tevrono

SE Remote Aerie - by Orb

W Greendale

SW Drake Aerie

CN battlefield - crystals and purging crystal

CN East Golem Spire - focusing crystal

CW South Golem Spire

CW by Orb - Western Golem Spire

CW Golem Factory

CSW Hidden Empire Camp -  QUEST -  Message to Baziron - 300c, +1 reputation, XP

CN by Orb - lizard guarded body - Lost Mage's Robe

N Herb patch [10 or more]

NE Lone man by campfire - vest for 2000c - Xian Vest (18% armor, +2 First Aid, +2 Magical Efficiency, +2 Lethal Blow, +2 Sniper)

NE by Orb - tunnel - need item for song - harp - Ward of Elements [14]

NE cache [10 or more]

E gremlin - after destroying the Golem Factory - 3000c for Blessing of Restoration - +10% healing

E by Orb - island - cache [9] fine steel, Mushroom Patch - spiritual herb (2)

W Greendale

W concealed passage - skribbane processing - attack - 750c, skribbane (4)

W wandering rogues - skribbane (2)

W camp past palisades - Deserter Camp - 300c, Slith Bloodspear (5% armor, 8% critical hit, +4% riposte)

W by Orb past snakes - cache [6 to 9] speed elixir

W Pit of the Wyrm (after paying Judith for location)

W path southwest of Greendale - eye beast - Eyestalk (crafting in Bremeton)

-- concealed passage -cache [6 to 10] scroll: return life

NW cache [10] rod of battle

NW refugees - +1 reputation when telling them that Golem Factory is destroyed

NW Temple of Divine Lucre (quest location) - 5000c for Return Life, Divine Retribution, Divine Restoration

-- -1 reputation, Blessing of Lucre (+2% damage)

— attack - Dread Curse, 7500c, mandrake root, fine leather, focusing crystal, fine steel, scroll: powerless, invulnerability elixir, basilisk fang wand, Mercuric Plate (34% armor, +6% evade, -20% to hit, +1 action points, -1 Strength)

NW Church of Divine Lucre patrol - 500c, -1 reputation

N Camp of group with eye - patch of fungus [9?] mandrake (2)

N cache [10] fine steel





Nantier - QUEST - Find Heroic Brew Recipe - healing elixir, curing elixir, speed elixir, energy elixir, armor elixir, invulnerability potion, XP

Asp - QUEST - Bring Skribbane Herb - 5 skribbane to see special weapon stock


Job Board

QUEST - Message: Tevrono -200c, XP

QUEST - Dragon Research - healing herb, spiritual herb, energetic herb, grsymold, mandrake root, fine leather, focusing crystal, fine steel, XP

QUEST - Maddok Island - 500c, +1 reputation, XP

QUEST - Cult Clearance - XP, energy elixir, skribbane (2)

QUEST - Message: Terak (after Message: Tevrono) - 200c, XP

QUEST - Darkness of Maddok (after Maddok Island) - +1 reputation, XP, Basalt Band (8% armor, -10% to hit, +10% faster fatigue recovery, +5% HER, +1 Hardiness)



SE outside walls - healing herb

NE outside walls - Pasi - opens trapdoor into Gale

NW outside walls - spiritual herb

NE Inn - Langley

-- Alba - (exorbitant) Skribbane

NE Job Board

CNE door [15]

CE door [12]

E room - desk - 33c (steal)

SE room - Mario (utterly ridiculous) food

NW Temple of the Shining Beacon

-- Zachariah - Priest Rituals (pretty average) - Call the Storm to Ward of Elements

-- door [10] - metal chest - 27c, scroll: speed burst (steal all)

NW hidden switch on west wall - hidden switch - Herb House

-- Herb Seller (slightly expensive) Skribbane, sell Library key - 5000c (Electrum key)

CNW Nantier - Alchemist 

-- potions for 50c and ingredients

- healing elixir - healing herb and graymold

- curing elixir -  healing herb and graymold

- armor elixir - healing, energetic, spiritual herbs and gray mold

- speed elixir - spiritual and energetic herbs and mandrake root

- energy elixir - spiritual and healing herbs and gray mold and mandrake root

CW Velnas the Mage - Mage Spells (exorbitant) - Slow to Cloak of the Arcane except Soul Capture and Simulacrum

CSW Stern - Fletcher (pretty average)

C Kalen - trainer

CNE weaponsmith - Asp (utterly ridiculous)

CE armor smith - Dharas (exorbitant)

- door - trap [7 to 9] poison - desk - 92c, energy elixir (steal all)

S along wall - hidden switch - opens to back door of Gale Library [Electrum key]

-- spell book - Bless the Land [12]

-- stand - Bolt of Fire [9 or less]

-- stand - Pachtar last location on Isle of Bigail

-- stand - Energy Elixir recipe (quest location)

SW Jail cell - hidden switch - trapdoor to outside SW wall

S Hssrrr

S storeroom door [9]

S door [11] - skribbane (2), healing elixir (2) (steal all)

SE Sailor's Inn - Mrrurr - sells skiff to Maddok Island - 100c

CS City Hall - Mayor Rali

- hidden switch [11 or less] - trap [13 or more] fire damage - magical barrier level 3 

-- metal chest - Blessed Breastplate, skribbane (10), wisdom crystal, fine steel, scroll: return life, rod of battle

-- metal box -738c





General Baziron 

QUEST - Eliminate the Golems - +4 reputation, 300c, XP, can now get "supplies" (loot)

QUEST - Destroy Golem Scouts - +1 reputation, XP, Tenuta can now train

-- XP for helping with the bridge ambush

QUEST - Into Blackcrag


W focusing crystal

NE General Baziron (quest location) - ruby, desk - 77c, 

SE Inn - Ozmo - map for 50c (quest location)

-- cabinet - 35c (steal)

SW Tenuta - weapons (utterly ridiculous) - fine steel (3)

training (utterly ridiculous)

-- Hardiness 1750c

-- Parry 1875c

-- Riposte 3000c

-- Gymnastics 1500c

Craft (after ?) - 8 fine steel, 3 focusing crystals

- Flaming Sword (+10% fire res, +10% faster fatigue recovery, fire damage)

- Caller's Bracers (9% armor, -5% to hit, +2 Spellcraft, +5% critical hit)

- Seeking Gauntlets (10% armor, 5% critical hit)

- with gazer eyestalk - Quickblade Plate (34% armor, +6% evade, -20% to hit, +5% riposte, +8% critical hit)



Remote Aerie


Zalifar - QUEST - Deal with the Drake - gives information about golem source


N spiritual herb (3), mandrake root, healing herb (2)

S outside 10c

E Wizard Zalifar

- Magical Notes (2), healing herb, desk - Magical Notes (2)

C magical barrier level 1 - door [9 or less] - bag of meal (steal) - door [10] - skribbane (steal)

-- magical rune - Dread Curse - cabinet - 89c (steal), cabinet scroll: spine shield, energy elixir (steal)



Drake Aerie


Dalakros - QUEST- Destroy Golems for Delakros - trove - 387c, ruby, harp, skribbane

- kill - fine leather, Putrified Gauntlets (9% armor, -1 STR, - 1 DEX, +50% acid res, +8% magical damage)




SW McElton - magic items (exorbitant)

-- metal box -skribbane

S door [9] or move mountains level 1 - Abruzzo tells about statue - 200c, Farsight Band (+8% missile damage)

W hidden switch on west wall to vase - healing herb, mandrake root

NW crate - skribbane , battle crystal

SE lever and box - blesses armor/weapons



Pit of the Wyrm


SW entrance

NW door [12] - wood box - scroll: heal group, 9c, desk - scroll: group heal, cabinet - 9c

NW door [6] - cabinet - 38c

N wood box - 99c

CN hidden switch opens south

NE wood box - 88c, ruby

E old box - 94c, emerald, platinum ring

E gold nugget (3), hidden switch on west wall opens west 

S hidden switch [7 to 9] on north side of passage opens south to magical barrier level 1

- metal chest - 234c, focusing crystal

- magical barrier level 1 - vase - gray mold, mandrake root, spell book - Divine Retribution [15 or less]

- portal takes to southwest - skulls - Lodestone Bracers (10% armor, -10% to hit, +2 Dual Wielding, +2% evade, +20% curse res)

S path down


Lower Pit of the Wyrm


SW path up

W energy elixir

NW magical barrier level 3 - basin - Enduring Armor

E mandrake root (2)

S Deathstalker - Shadowstep Chitin (21% armor, -15% to hit, +12% parry, +5% evade, +25% Mind Effects res)

altar - 58c, emerald, graymold, Sanctification - XP

C bodies - fine leather, energy elixir, mandrake

C hidden switch - rune platform opens north gates - sarcophagi - 63c, invulnerability elixir, healing elixir

-- hidden switch in south crypt opens way to lever to open tomb and shortcut out

S Tomb of Sairos - sarcophagus - Fury Bow (+25% critical hit, +25% missile damage, +50% faster fatigue recovery)

S mandrake root


Golem Factory


E body - 38c

SW vase - spiritual herb

SW move mountains level 2 - chest - scroll: speed burst, scroll: powerlash

SW stairs up to higher area around walls

-- SE basin - Enduring shield

-- W body - 61c, wand of death

-- W healing potion (3), curing potion (2), speed potion

NW Golem Supervisor - Immaculate Shield (25% armor, -15% to hit, +15% parry)

CNW Secured Tower [Blue Crystal key]

CN vase - healing herb, spirtual herb, vase - graymold

CSW - chest - Magical Notes (3), emerald (2)

CSE wand of the inferno

E move mountains level 2 - chest - energy elixir, healing elixir

NE chest - wisdom crystal, Firesight Bow (+2 Quick Action, +3 Bows, +2% HER)

E vase - healing herb (3)

CNE trapdoor to Under Factory


Under Factory 


SW move mountains level 3 - body

SW move mountains level 2 opens to north - fine razor disk (6) - move mountains level 2

SW use NW mirror to block beam - basin - regenerating (30) turns, lever [TU 7 to 9] turns off beams

-- move mountains level 2 - body - fine steel wave blade

NW vase - healing herb, mandrake root, NW vase - healing herb (2), vase - spiritual herb (3)

NW lever [AL 10] turns off beam in southwest

NW magical barrier level 2 - box - wisdom crystal (2), Xian Amphora (for 6 turns - shielding chant, spinehield, regenerating)

SW healing elixir

NE vase - graymold, vase - energetic herb

NE magical barrier level 1 - chest - Magical Notes (3), box - Blue Crystal key

NE lever [AL 6 to 15] turns off power beams in southeast

N beta symbol when open path to North Golem Spire - wisdom crystal

N lever to turn off beams on return

C crystal summons Demon Golem - Jade Halberd (8% armor, +10% HER, +10% melee damage protection, +15% faster fatigue recovery), lever turns off power beam in southeast behind magical barrier


Upper Golem Factory


NW stairs down

NW magical barrier level 3 - miscellaneous weapons and armor

NW hidden switch - vase - mandrake root, lever - ? 

NW hidden switch to east - chest - healing potion, shielding potion, invulnerability potion

W alpha symbol stairs up

N box - fine razor disk (6), box - battle crystal

N lever changes power beam paths

CN move mountains level 3

CNW graymold

CN chest - energy elixir, fine steel wave blade, fine razor disk (6)

CN hidden switch in inner power conduit to other side of move mountains level 3 - box 

C chest - fine steel wave blade, steel helmet, invulnerability potion, Acid-Etched Leggings (6% armor, 2% evade, -10% to hit, +15% curse and acid res)

C southeast needs move mountains level 3 to clear path

CSW from inner conduit - dispel barrier level 3 to bless armor/weapons

SW fine steel, gold bar, chest - gold bar, lever - changes power beams from center

S chest - scroll: recovery, purging crystal, chest - scroll: spellward

CS magical Notes (2)

SE basin - insight - XP

SE magical barrier level 2 - box - healing elixir, curing elixir, box - mandrake root

SE Control Panel - change settings to get past power beams blocking paths to North Golem Spire and alpha

-- gold bar, gray mold, spiritual herb, Magical Notes (3)

CSE hidden switch opens path to south middle conduit

CSE move mountains level 1 opens path to inner conduit - move mountains level 1 opens way to inner SE room 

CW box - uranium bar

NE Magical Notes (2), basin - +25 spell energy

N inside middle conduit - magical barrier level 2 - chest - ruby, speed potion, fine leather

NE hidden switch opens to south - hidden switch opens to south

NE chest - Magical Notes, chest - healing herb, spiritual herb, energetic herb, graymold, mandrake root

NE east basin - ?. west basin - poison

N lever to redirect beams

N move mountains level 1 to west - past multiple beams - move mountains level 1 - box with lever to bless armor/weapons


Golem Spire


N stairs down - star plaque

NE mandrake root

NE  magical barrier level 1 - chest - gray mold, mandrake root, chest - speed elixir , armor elixir

E ruby, chest - ruby (2) , gold bar, vases - spiritual herb, energetic herb

E protypes - corruption baton

SE Magical Notes, magical barrier level 2 - chest - invulnerability potion, healing elixir, magical barrier level 3 - scroll: recovery (2), scroll: speed burst

SW box - healing herb, spiritual herb, energetic herb

W fine steel, gold bar (2), emerald (3), chest - emerald (3)

NW emerald, magical barrier level 1 - chest - rod of succor, chest - healing elixir, curing elixir


C Spire's Heart - need to move mirrors - XP, Evidence - Hot Crystal Shards

-- wisdom crystal, Sensor Band (6% armor, +5% missile damage, +8% critical hit)

-- Pyrrhic Gauntlets (8% armor, +5% evade, +10% critical hit), box - Magical Notes (3), box = scroll: acid shower (3)

leaving Demon Golems - scroll: powerlash, scroll: speed burst


Northern Valorim


SE Wandering Merchants

SE Bremerton

SE Farmhouses - QUEST - Hunt the Unicorns [NL 8] - kill 6 groups 

- Stability Bauble (+20% curse res), Charged Bauble (+3 Spellcraft), cake

CS cache [6 to 9] fine steel

CE cache [9 or less] energy elixir

NE Metal Lumps if you used map from Aminro (quest location)

NE concealed passage - shade gives information for entering Blackcrag Fortress

N ursagi remains - steel spear, 350c

CN by Orb - cache [6 to 10] - scroll: powerlash

CN by Orb - tunnel - 250c

CNW beggar - 5c - +1 reputation or rob and 30c, Ten Blessing Band, -2 reputation

CNW Moon

N by Orb - Herb Patch [5 or less] - healing herb (2) - by Orb - backdoor to 3rd Army base camp - -2 reputation if attacked

N cache [11] wand of death

N Guarded Tunnel (quest location)

NW cache [12] scroll: return life 

NW (west of Blackcrag) Herb Patch [10] - healing herb, spiritual herb, energetic herb

CN Draigoth

W cache [9] scroll: speed burst

W cache [10] wisdom crystal

W south of river - cache [10] invulnerability potion 

W east of river near Footracer south gate - cache [10] 

SW Vlosto the Archer - 5000c for group

SW Dorngas

SW south of Dongras - cache [6 to 10] Clarity Talisman (4% armor, +4% magical damage, +10% to blessings/curse you cause)

SW north of Dongras by Orb south of wall to west cache [6 to 10] wand of the inferno

W island northwest of Moon by Orb - body - terror wand





W Chef (exorbitant)

CW Craswell's Fine Leather - craft - 500c, 7 fine leathers, 3 focusing crystals

- Warrior's Cloak (5% armor. +1 Melee Weapons, +1 Pole Weapons, +3% melee damage protection, +2% melee damage)

- Dervish Boots (8% armor, -5% to hit, +3% melee damage. +5% riposte) 

- Bandit's Cap (7% armor, -10% to hit, +1 Dual Wielding, +2% evade)

- with gazer eye stalk - and 2 more fine leathers - Dragonskin  Gloves (8% armor, +2 Strength, +2 Quick Action, +5% melee damage)

S door [5 or less] - desk - 51c

S door [12] - cabinet - oozing wand

SE graymold (2)

SW desk - scroll: group heal, 5c (steal all)

NE Tinker (expensive)

NW  Vagro - sell crystals (exorbitant) - Magical Notes (steal), tells to talk to Abruzzo about loot





Cerulian - QUEST - Find Grimore of Thren - XP, stones in Library [15 and some Vahnatai Lore] - Divine Restoration [15]

--  demand payment to get Ring of Utility (+2 Luck, +2 First Aid, +2 Nature Lore)


SE southeast door [5 or less] - cabinet - 30c, 9c (steal)

SE northeast door - metal box - 95c (steal), desk - healing herb (steal)

SE northwest door - wood box - 9c (steal)

SE southwest door - desk - 28c (steal) - Zang (quest location) alternate spot in town XP for 3000c

NE Library of Moon - Cerulian - 3000c for access - Magical Notes (4), scroll: speed burst, scroll: return life

- stand [4] - level 1 - Call the Storm, Move Mountains, Divine Fire

- stand [4] - level 1 - Bolt of Fire, Daze, Haste, Pool of Fire

- desk - Magical Notes

N chef (exorbitant)

NW door [8] - cabinet - 81c, energy elixir (steal all) - Zang (quest location) XP for 3000c

SW Moon Suites (Inn) - Lumok

-- wood box - 89c (steal)

SW stable pen - crystalline wand (if you paid for secret)





SW gold bar, magical barrier level 2 - wood box  gold bar (2), ruby (2)

SE metal chest - 23c, hidden switch on north wall opens east 

- Mercuric Chain (16% armor, +3% evade, -5% to hit, +1 action points, -1 Strength)

- wood box - 243cenergy potion, healing elixir, scroll: powerlash. bag of sugar, uranium bar, fine leather

NE Inn - door [15] or move mountain level 1 on south wall 

- wood box - focusing crystal, rod of battle, healing herb, spiritual herb

NW cabinet - speed potion, wand of the inferno, Magical Notes

C sacks - bag of meal (2)

W 9c



Guarded Tunnel


SE bag of sugar, vase - healing herb, energetic herb

SE door [Prazac key] - portal to near Blackcrag fortress stairs

C Inn of the Dark Eye

Velasquez if paid for in Lorelei - sells (exorbitant)

- desk - 71c, speed elixir, Magical Notes, slkribbane, hidden switch in south opens west - lever for bridge access

- northeast door - cabinet - 51c 

- northwest door - cabinet - skribbane

E south door [6 or less] - emerald, skribbane, wood chest - 

E middle door [10] - crate - healing herb, spiritual herb, energetic herb, 83c, skribbane, crate - skribbane (2), scroll: powerlash

E north door [12] - magical barrier level 3 - metal chest - Magical Notes, wood chest - scroll: spine shield, piercing crystal, 85c, purging crystal, skribbane (2), rod of alacrity 

N door [10] - door [10] - vase - emerald (3)

SW northeast of bridge - hidden switch opens to south - magical barrier level 2, move mountains level 3, magical barrier level 1? - hidden switch to bypass bridge

NW door [Prazac key] - portal to near entrance. portcullis to Blackcrag Fortress



Blackcrag Fortress


Prazac - QUEST - Prazac's Message

Petrie - QUEST - Find Golem Torc - need golem mindstone - Quicksilver Sandals (2% armor, +1 action point, -5% HER)


NE stairs down

NE metal chest - healing herb, spiritual herb, energetic herb

NE magical barrier level 3 - metal box - healing potion, energy potion, speed potion, invulnerability potion, shielding potion

NE Howar the Alchemist - potions (utterly ridiculous), Grimore of Thren (special item) (quest item)

NE Petrie - Magical Instruction - mage spells (utterly ridiculous) - Summon Aid to Arcane Blow

NE storeroom - wood box - gray mold, mandrake room crate - 100c, wood chest - 85c

NE Sage Analysis - Shane - wands (utterly ridiculous), Rituals (exorbitant) - divine fire to divine host

- wood box - Magical Notes (2)

N kitchen storage - sacks - bag of meal (6)

E hidden switch on north wall opens south - hidden switch to south on west wall opens west

- ambush - Cap of Farsight (5% armor, +3% missile damage, +1 Sniper, +1 Sharpshooter)

CS door [18] - Magical Notes, wood box - Magical Notes, scroll: recovery, stand [25 or less] - Divine Host

need to have ended 3 plagues to see Prazac

CE Prazac - gives Prazac key 

C door [13] - cabinet - gray mold salve (2)

S Weapons Storage - hidden switch on west wall - magical barrier level 2 - wood box - skribbane (2)

- hidden switch - Winn - blesses items - 4000c, sells (expensive)





SW Small Workshop - healing herb (steal) - door [9 or less] - animal pen - speed elixir (if you paid for secret)

SW Wray the Sage - 

- wood chest - 90c

SW wood box - scroll: group heal (steal)

NW barracks - desk -35c (steal)

N fletcher (utterly ridiculous)

NE Inn - Radewitz - map to Footracer for 100c (quest location)

- door [12]  metal chest - gold bar (3) (steal)

- Zik (quest location) - invulnerability potion, metal box - 63c (steal)

SE door [8] - wood box - 23c, scroll: speed burst

CSE door [5 or less] - cabinet - healing potion, 75c (steal all) 




Island of Maddok 


Northeastern Valorim 

N Execa

E Vila

W cache [6 to 9] mandrake root





NE desk - 37c

SE door [12] - metal chest 0 40c, gray mold, focusing crystal, hidden switch opens east 

- body - 94c, Cap of the Selfless (5% armor, +8% healing, +8% to blessings/curses you cause)

S door [8] - cabinet - 99c, fine steel

NW curing potion

SW cabinet - healing potion





Lich Trynnson (quest location) - wisdom crystal, rune Kilt (4% armor, +2% evade, +10% energy res)

- body - Blessed Breastplate (34% armor, 6% evade, -20% to hit), steel halberd, ruby

SE building - magical barrier level 1 - basin - Enduring Armor

SW harp, 37c, door [9] or move mountains level 1 - after talking to man in Footracer Province - Dragonskin Cap (9% armor, +1 Resistance, +10% Mind Effect res)

SW shrine door [8] - healing herb, spiritual herb, gray mold

CSW cabinet - 48c, scroll: speed burst

CNW cabinet - fine leather

NW wood chest - energy potion 34c

NW cabinet - scroll: powerlash, 78c


Eastern Valorim

N spire - ruby skeletons

NW Torria

CW Cairns - 450c, wand of the inferno - rune disk -  [AL 17 but no sage lore trait] Summon Shade




NW body - 79c

N move mountains level 1 - body - speed elixir

SW wood box - energy potion, mandrake root

S 10c

SE wood box - scroll: spellward

E fine steel

NE shrine - spiritual herb, mandrake root

NE Priest home - can use move mountains level 1 to bypass door

-- east door [10] - magical barrier level 1

-- south door [key]

-- spell book - Sanctification Ritual [12]

C hidden switch [6] on south part of east wall - move mountains level 1 on west side - hidden switch

-- move mountains level 1 on north side - metal chest - corruption baton

-- vampire lord (quest location) - gray mold salve, scroll: return life

-- 145c, ruby, emerald, platinum ring, rod of succor

-- skulls - Sage's Bow (10% critical hit, +5% magical damage, +5% to blessings/curses you cause)

-- Sanctification on dark altar - XP


Southern Ruined Island


E cache [6 to 10] - invulnerability potion

S body - snake ambush - Farstriker's Cloak (3% armor, +2 Bows, +2 Missile Weapons, +1 Quick Action)

SW Tower of Zkal


Tower of Zkal


E entrance

NE hidden switch on north wall opens to lever to open gate to west

NE hidden switch on west wall in south opens way to wood box blocked by pillars - spiritual herbs, energetic herbs, 184c

N magical barrier level 1 - skulls - mandrake root, hidden switch on north wall opens to southeast - mandrake root (2)

-- west hidden switch [8] opens north to basin - +20 spell energy, basin - +20 spell energy - magical barrier level 1 

--- NW wood box - 91c, wand of the inferno, wood box - energy potion (3)

--- NW hidden switch on west wall open north to portal send to SW corner and more portals

--- CNW move mountains level 2 - vase - healing herb, spiritual herb, skribbane

-- east hidden switch [12] - opens south of herb area - metal box - purging crystal, focusing crystal

CN graymold (2)

CE vases - graymold, mandrake root

CSE basin - +20 spell energy

E south of entrance body - 24c

CSE move mountains level 1 - goes south to area you can reach anyway

CS hidden switch on north wall south of gate opens south to wood box - 92c, scroll: domination

- hidden switch open west - metal box - invulnerability potion , healing potion

-- magical barrier level 2 - hidden switch in south passage opens back the way you came

-- CSW basin - +20 spell energy 

-- CSW sarcophagus - graymold

-- CSW restoration demon - Lifebringer Cloak (8% armor, +15% healing, +2 First Aid, +10% to blessings/curses you cause, statue - move it to open gate by Magical Tome - Dread curse (hint say Beetlejuice three times) - Summon Aid

CW south hidden switch open south to NE portal send you south, north hidden switch open north to portal sends you to SW portal - to south sarcophagus - scroll: speed burst, hidden switch to south on west wall opens to east

- basin - +20 spell energy

CW 4 portals

-- SW sends to NE portal

-- NE sends to south area

CSW vase - aranea fang (2), unicorn horn (3)

CW SE portal sends you to CN gray mold location

CSW sarcophagus - Blessed Belt (6% armor) - continue southeast - move mountains level 1 - wood box - 299c

SW move mountains level 1 - exit

SE energetic herb, vases - spiritual herb, energetic herb, healing herb (2), spiritual herb

SW magical barrier level 1 or move mountains level 1

- sarcophagus - platinum ring, basin - Enduring Armor


SW unicorn horn (2)

- west basin - poison, east basin - poison

- south portal to exit

-- portal sends to center near statue

-- hidden switch to southeast on west wall opens east

-- south magical barrier level 1 - hidden switch opens to east

-- north magical barrier level 1 - sarcophagus - blessed boots, energy elixir, hidden switch opens to portal to west to exit

-- hidden switch on west wall opens north - basin - +20 spell energy, hidden switch on west wall opens to north, portal sends you to NW portal in west that sends you back to SW area and hidden switch on west wall opens north to stairs down


Under Tower of Zkal


NW stairs up

NW graymold (2)

SW hidden switch on east passage [13] - hidden switch in south passage opens east

-- east magical barrier level 2 - basin - +50 spell energy

-- west magical barrier level 1 - wood box - energy potion (2), mandrake root (2)

W hidden switch [11] in east passage opens to above area

SW wisdom crystal

S emerald

S hidden switch in north passage opens to portal to SE portal room

S hidden switch in south passage opens south to body - 100c, emerald, scroll: spine shield, body - 88c

- body - gray mold, healing herb, spiritual herb, energy potion, ruby, scroll: spell ward, scroll: recovery

- move mountains level 2 - basin - +50 spell energy

C west passage move mountains ? - metal box

S metal box - Blessed Armor Band (8% armor, +3% evade, +4% HER)

N metal box - scroll: acid shower


SE portal room

C portal takes you back to stairs up

NE portal takes to portal to west 

— go past beams - move mountains level 1 to get mirrors - door [14 or less]

E mandrake root, vase - healing herb, spiritual herb, wood boxes - Magical Notes (6), scull: recovery,  more mirrors

NE lever to open gate to center room  and north to Zkal

- Zkal’s laboratory - fine steel, healing elixir, wood box - Magical notes (2)

- energy elixir, Zkal’s Journal, scroll: return life, wood box - Zkal’s Journal (4), basin - +50 spell energy

- lever opens room to south - metal chest - hexagonal bar (3), perfect flower, bag of sugar, black basalt

— Wand of Endless Magery (bless the land, heal 100, +50 spell energy, blade shield - 2 turns, spine shield - 4 turns)

— wand of the inferno, speed elixir, armor elixir, curing elixir, uranium bar, aranea fang

- Zkal - rod of alacrity 

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Footracer Province


Western Valorim


SE stone platform in north canyon - efreet 

SE by Orb - Drakes by tunnel - 1500c, Chaotic Halberd (8% armor, +10% critical ht, +2 Dexterity)

S south canyon - Lair of Khoth entry

S Lair of Athron entry

SE cache [10 or less] wand of Carronus

S Lair of Athron entry



Lair of Khoth


SW entrance

NE path to Lair of Sulfras

SE spell book - Dark Thoughts

SE spell book next north - Arcane Lore +1 for 1st character, wood box - scroll: spell ward (steal)

E spell book next north - Domination levee 1 [11 or less] 

E spell book next north- rest and lose cloak and ward

E spell book next north - Ritual for blade versus alien beast (quest location)

NE spell book - Dispel Barrier level 3 [12]

NE metal box - scroll: speed burst (steal)

N Khoth's Hall - Khoth - Mage spells (utterly ridiculous) Slow to Arcane Blow

- invulnerability elixir

- kill - fine leather, loot - wisdom crystal (3), focusing crystal (2), emerald (4), gold bar (2), black basalt, bag of sugar

- hidden switch on north wall [12] opens south to rune barrier that drops after Khoth is dead

-- metal boxes - scroll: stoneshatter (3), scroll: spell ward (3), scroll: speed burst, 232c, scroll: group heal (3), scroll: recovery (3), scroll: return life, rod of alacrity, crystal: sniper, ruby (6)

SW north spell book - back to near entrance, wood box - scroll: spine shield (steal)

SW south spell book - Divine Retribution level 1 [11 or less]

SW door [key] or hidden switch by south spell book opens to cells



Lair of Sulfras



QUEST - Kill Creatures for Sulfras

QUEST - Get Things from Dragons - Warpmetal Blade (weaken Alien Beast, +5% melee damage protection)


SE path to Lair of Khoth

SE hidden switch - move mountains level 2 - portcullis 

NE Beast Pen

- nest - 8c, health potion, nest - speed potion, 88c, magical barrier level 3 - lever places bridge to west of Sulfras

C Sulfras - fine leather, Emerald Chestguard (42% armor, +6% evade, -20% to hit, +25% curse res, +5% critical hit)

- Mercuric Breastplate (34% armor, +6% evade, -20% to hit, +1 action points, -1 STR), Magical Notes (3), ruby (3), rod of succor

C basins - use during combat with Sulfras

CW 138c, nest - chitrach egg sac, invulnerability elixir, wisdom crystal (3)

NW Excess Treasure Storage

- south wood box - Gazerskin Sandals (16% armor, -5% to hit, +10% HER, +3% evade, +1 Gymnastics)

- middle wood box - 99c, energy potion healing elixir

- north wood box - 85c, focusing crystal, mandrake root

- west metal box - 27c, scroll: domination

- middle metal box - 97c, invulnerability potion 

- east metal box - or same as south wood box

SW hidden switch - move mountains level 2 - portcullis

SW path to Lair of Athron



Lair of Athron


NW path to Lair of Sulfras

SW hidden switch on west wall - body - 40c, body - healing herb

S exit 

N Hatching Pit - 9c, 9c, 96c, healing herb

- nest - emerald, nest - energy elixir, nest - 30c, scroll radiate ice

CNE portal to Athron

E Athron's Chamber - Athron - fine leather (2)

- fine steel (4), mandrake root (4)

- middle chest - Metal Lumps (quest location)

- west chest - 204c, emerald (5), gray mold salve (2)

- west center chest - 136c, ruby (4), scroll: speed burst

- east center chest - wand of the inferno, 215c, scroll: powerlash, scroll: return life

- west chest - 132c


Northwestern Valorim


SW man by fire - 1000c for loot location

C Flower Patch

C by Orb cache [7 or less] rod of defense

C cache [7 or less] corrupting baton

W Erox 

W gremlins - fine wine (3) 3 times, Radiant Greaves (10% armor, 3% evade, -10% to hit)

NW Fungus Patch - mandrake root (2)

N cache [15] Bounding Band (+10% curse re, +3% evade, +2 Gymnastics)

N by Orb - dragon extortionist 500c, Drake Lord Blessing - 5000c gives +1 to Blademaster and Spellcraft

CN Lorelei refugees - +1 reputation

CNE Remote Cavern

SE by Orb - Defiled Crypt

SE by Orb - ice puddings - 500c, scroll: return life

C northeast of Erox - bandit challenge - 1000c




SE door [11] - wood chest - 89c, healing elixir, speed potion, scroll: spell ward

NE desk - 6c

W Inn - Terak (quest location)

- south room - cabinet - healing elixir (steal)

- north room rest


drops - scroll: return life, spiritual herb (2), energetic herb (2), scroll: speed burst, scroll: powerlash



Remote Cavern - Black Halberd location if you bought the map


N healing herbs (2), spiritual herb (2), energetic herb

S hidden switch north of lights [6] opens passage after light problem is solved

E need to use hidden switch in north hidden switch room to open passage, then use middle hidden switch for stalagmite


Rakshasa Lair


Entry room can only go east

middle room - south door [10] - vase - focusing crystal, north door [10] - vase - skribbane, spiritual herb

south room - west door - altered giants - vase - mandrake root

northwest altered giant room - vase - energetic herb, healing herb

door to passage to southeast room [10]

southeast room - skribbane (2), Gremlin wine (2), energetic herb - door [10 to 11]

east room - wood box - Magical Notes (2), scroll: recovery, spell book [28] Howl of Terror, metal box - Magical Notes

- spell book - drop fine leather, purging crystal

northeast room - skribbane

north corridor

- northeast room [10] - cabinet - healing potion, 22c, skribbane, basin - Enduring Armor

- southeast room - wood box - 51c, skribbane

- north east center room [9 or less] - cabinet - energy potion

- south center room - cabinet - scroll: group heal

- north west center room [9 or less] - cabinet - emerald

- southwest room [9 or less]  - cabinet - ruby

- northwest room - cabinet - 65c, skribbane, hidden switch opens west passage

-- Maddened Gazer - eyestalk, Hero's Necklace (6% armor, +1 Melee Weapons, +1 Dual Wielding, +3% melee damage)

-- hidden switch to open way to lever to leave

-- Treasure Room - metal chests - skribbane, The Black Halberd (8% armor, +1 action points, +10% critical hit), ruby, emerald, fine steel, 252c


after killing rakshasa can now pass key doors to get to west portal to leave

north cell - 86c, rod of succor

northwest cell - yew longbow



Defile Crypt


Bohen-Ihrno - QUEST - Vahantai Crypt - Radiant Plate (40% armor, +6% evade, -20% to hit), XP


N healing herb, magical barrier level 1

CN Vahnatai Camp - box - healing elixir, bo x- curing elixir, graymold, mandrake root

NW move mountains level 1 or 2 and door [10] - chest - Vahnatai Crypt Key, boxes - gold nugget, fine steel

W tile opens gate

CW tile removes statue

S hidden switch opens passage to north to move mountains level 3 - spell book [14, VL ?] - Arcane Summon

S door [Vahnatai Crypt key] 

SE hidden switch [7 or more] shortcut to west

CE hidden switch - tile opens in southeast corner - soul crystals (quest location)

CE move mountains level 1 - purging crystal

C door [12] - piercing crystal, wisdom crystal, rod of battle

C magical barrier level 2 - box - mandrake root, invulnerability elixir

- magical barrier level 3 - box - fine leather, wand of death


Western Valorim


NE Torgas Hut - potions (expensive)

S by Orb island - basilisks - fine leather

S Wainscotting

SW cache [7 or less] scroll: return life

SW bandits - camp - steel javelins, 700c





NE Library - Magical Notes (steal)

SE crate - healing herb (steal), sacks - bag of meal (8)

SW Inn - Abruzzo



Inside Walls of Footracer


Northwest Valorim


SE Manara

SW special encounter

E Fungus Patch - graymold

CS cache [6 to 8] invulnerability elixir

C Ovdipur

CE Dellskeep

W Keep of Tinraya

NW cache [12] - rod of alacrity

N cache by Orb  [10 or 11] - energy elixir

N Wyvern Pass

NE soldier remains - Armor Ring, 400c




SE building - wood box - 7c, gold nugget (3), gray mold salve, scroll: spell ward

W healing herb (2), spiritual herb (2), energetic herb (3)

NW building - cabinet - 7c

C - 135c, platinum ring, body - 8c, mandrake root (2), body - Archer's Protection (6% armor, +10% missile damage, +8% parry)

CNE building - door [15] or mountains level 1 - metal box - healing elixir, curing elixir, energy potion, desk - 29c




S building - gold bar (3)

NE Barracks - metal chest - healing elixir, Blessed Breastplate

- magical barrier level 1 - desk - Quicksilver Bulwark (21% armor, -15% to hit, +12% parry, +1 action point, +2 Lethal Blow)

N Sage Tower of Ovdipur - door [9 or less[

- desk - Magical Notes (3)

- cabinet - scroll: recovery, scroll: spine shield, scroll: speed burst

- magical barrier level 2 or 3 - blesses box and lever - 2 uses




NE Inn - metal chest - 78c

NW - wood box- 53c, energetic herbs

NW move mountains level 1 - skribbane, energy elixir 

NW Mad Mage - Robe of the Magi (18% armor, +6% magical damage, +8% to blessings/curses you cause, +5% critical hit), spiritual herb

W crate - gold bar

SW cabinet - 31c


Wyvern Pass


NW move mountains level 3 - crate - spiritual herb, healing herb 

N crate - fine steel

N hidden switch to magical barrier level 2 - box to bless armor/weapons

N body - Sunlight Greaves (12% armor, +8% evade, -10% to hit, +2 Dexterity, +3 Gymnastics)

C Blessed Breastplate, 58c

E - metal box - curing elixir, armor elixir

SW cabinet - scroll: powerlash, shielding potion


Keep of Tinraya


NW outside wall - body - healing elixir

N Tinraya Magic Works - desk - 63c, scroll: domination (2)

NW Tinraya Armor - metal box - 94c

NW Tinraya Tools - use hidden switch behind shop - metal box - mandrake root, scroll: sanctification

NW portcullis - lever to open to east - wood chests - purging crystal, scroll: recovery. scroll: spell ward, invulnerability potion 

NE Tinraya Arms - cabinet - 9c, cabinet - healing potion, cabinet - 89c

NE Barracks - cabinet - scroll: group heal, desk - scroll: acid shower, energy elixir

NE inside wall lever

CSE door [9 or less] - Magical Notes, metal box - curing potion

CSE door [9 or less] - scroll: domination

CSE door [12] - wood box - healing herb, 5c, rod of alacrity

S door [key] - hidden switch on back wall to open - scroll: recovery, cabinet - 120c

SE vase - healing herb, spiritual herb, energetic herb, stairs down

SW move mountains level 1 - 

- move mountains level 3 - cabinet - wand of the inferno

- hidden switch to smithy - gold bar, metal box - gold bar, fine steel , battle crystal


Under Keep of Tinraya


SE hidden switch to west and boat

SE move mountains level 2 - move mountains level 3 - hidden switch to north bypassing magical barrier in east passage

E magical barrier level 2? - move mountains level 2 

NE healing herb

N gate [Twisted key]

- opened hidden area - basin - Enduring Armor

- NW basin - +50 spell energy

- NW magical barrier level 2 - door - rod of battle

- NW chest - healing herb, spiritual herb, energetic herb, chest - healing potion, energy potion, speed potion, scroll: acid shower, golem mindstone

- NW learning crystals - west - Vahnatai Lore

- CNW magical barrier level 2 to more alien beasts

C graymold salve

SW 4 Crystal Souls send to south in cell - one can leave to get to Control Panel, energetic herb

- cells - gray mold, chests - healing potion, speed potion, scroll: recovery energy potion, box - Twisted Gold key (special item), box - scroll: spell ward

- Soul Crystal room - mandrake root, rod of succor, purging crystal

-- hidden switch - healing elixir, energy elixir, basin - +50 spell energy

CW stairs up

- box - healing elixir, curing elixir, box - energetic herb, gray mold

- purging crystal 

- stairs down at west wall to beyond Tinraya Keep if you have Twisted Gold key


Northwest Valorim beyond Tinraya Keep


NW Stone Pillar Ring - The Great Circle

N Crumbling Factory

NE Great Walls


Crumbling Factory


W door [15] - Control Panel

NW magical barrier level 1 - vase - spiritual herb. door [13 or less] - Yttra-Kel - ensnaring wand, basin - Enduring Armor

- southwest door [12] - box - healing herb, spiritual herb, mandrake root, healing elixir, armor elixir, basin - +50 spell energy

-- magical barrier level 3? - box - wisdom crystal (3)

- east door [Guardian key]

SW basin - hasted (5 turns), box - purging crystal, focusing crystal

SW body - Guardian key

C piercing crystal, basin - +50 spell energy

CW magical barrier level 2? - box - purging crystal

NE Control Panel turns off power and opens some gates

SE move mountains level 3 - body - scroll: return life

SE move mountains level 1 to wisdom crystal

E magical barrier level 1 to Control Panel - smashed

CE trapdoors - lower level



Great Walls


SW outside walls - mandrake root

SW energy potion

NW room - box - spiritual herb , 73c

NW vase - energetic herb

NW purging crystal

NW hidden switch on west wall - ring - scroll: radiate ice

NW door [12 or less] - chests - speed elixir, healing elixir, basin - +60 spell energy

N rooms - learning crystals - east - spell craft +1

- gray mold, mandrake root, basin - Enduring Shield, northeast room - hidden switch to boat to hidden switch to hidden switch to exit bypassing last wall

CN room - box - 29c, healing elixir

CNE room - box - 75c, invulnerability potion, hidden switch to empty dock, lever ?

CE room - box - curing elixir

CSE room - box - spiritual herb

SE room - hidden switch on west wall to guarded hidden switch - scroll: spine shield, energetic herb, wisdom crystal

- basin - +70 spell energy



Vahnatai Caverns


C Vahnatai Crypt



Vahnatai Crypt


SE door [key]

SE door [12 or less]

CE sarcophagus - scroll: powerlash

CW sarcophagus - scroll: spellward

NW move mountains level 3

triggers trap

- boxes - gray mold, mandrake root, scroll: stoneshattler, wand of Carrunos. energy potion, speed potion, corruption baton,s wisdom crystal, healing elixir, battle crystal

- move mountains level 1 to portal to exit


Vahnatai Caves


N Vahnatai Home

SE Keep of Rentar-Ihrno


Vahnatai Home


NW outside home - mandrake root


E supply room - vase - healing herb, spiritual herb, energetic herb, gray mold, mandrake root

- boxes - healing elixir, energy elixir, speed elixir



Keep of Rentar-Ihrno


W north of gate - scroll: recovery

NW magical barrier level 2 - basin - +50 spell energy

NW Ganotha-Ihnro - healing elixir    

CN Control Panel

CW hidden switch in west room open two rooms to east - wisdom crystal

CNW levers - west opens to north stairs down, east ?

C Rentar-Ihrno's Hall

SW spiritual herb, basin - +50 spell energy

S stairs down

S hidden switch on west wall - magical barrier level 1 - armor elixir, healing elixir, basin - +50 spell energy

CS door [11 or less] - piercing crystal, purging crystal

CS door - magical barrier level 3 - door - wand of the inferno

CS door - magical barrier level 2 - rod of succor, wand of Carrunos

SW vases - graymold, mandrake root, spiritual herb, energetic herb, graymold, healing herb (2), energetic herb

- basin - poison

S box - piercing crystal

S door [11 or less] - bodies

CSE Room of Reading - need VL 4 - machine information

SE stairs down

CSE Rentar-Ihrno's Chambers [16] - chest - 56c, invulnerability elixir

- box - Demonslayer (6% armor, 50% extra damage to reptiles,+20% fire, energy, and cold res)

NE box - scroll: recovery

NE Gyxx-Ihnro - speed elixir    

NW stairs down, magical barrier level 2 - basin - Enduring Armor

N portcullis - stairs down

CN basin - hasted (6 turns)


Keep of Rentar-Ihrno L2


North stairs 

scroll: speed burst, Magical Notes (2), vase - mandrake root

2 levers to switch mirrors to center


SE stairs

hidden switch on west wall - basin - +50 spell energy

2 of 3 levers to switch mirrors to center


South stairs

box - Magical Notes (3), scroll: spine shield

2 levers to switch mirrors to center


NE stairs

vases - energetic herb, graymold, spiritual herb

Magical Notes

3 levers to switch mirrors to center



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Yikes.  There's more than 150 pieces of hardcode that are invoked in the scripts -- including, it looks like, a lot of the stuff that deals with reputation and other requirements for different outcomes.  Looks like we will be more dependent on notes people have taken while playing the game than for any other Spiderweb game since, well, a long time ago.


Thanks, as always, for this terrific compilation of notes, Randomizer!

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Incredible and appreciated work, as always. Some questions as I plan my munchkin party:

1) Which of the below rewards add the listed skill points to all party members, and which only add the skill points to one party member?
     i) Drake Lord Blessing (1 point of Blademaster/1 point of Spellcraft)
     ii) Ivanova's "steal book" quest reward (1 point of Hardiness - not Resistance as noted in the list)
     iii) Daltrey's "hidden giants" quest reward (1 point of Lethal Blow)
     iv) Swamp ogres' "kill vampire" quest reward (1 point of Lethal Blow)

2) EDIT: I've confirmed that the Swordmage trait grants an additional allowed encumbrance amount for spellcasting purposes of 10% per trait point, as opposed to the 5% incorrectly cited elsewhere (see here under the "Traits" section for that incorrect cite). The 10% was also applicable in Avernum 1:EFTP and Avernum 2:CS.

3) What is the Shift-D code (or other specific method) to manually edit the current Day?

Re: 3), I'd like to recreate the town "decay" timetable as I did for the original Avernum 3 (see here). Also, as someone who likes to take his time exploring every square inch of a game and completing every quest without ever needing to consider time constraints, it would greatly increase my personal enjoyment of the game. Yeah, I know the changing world is the big unique thing with A3, but though I'm sure I'm in the minority in this, A3 is my favorite Spidweb game despite that mechanic, rather than because of it. Anyway - Slarty did a quick review of the script files to find all "day" conditional references (see here), but those only appear for 18 of the 26 towns that originally had time-related effects in E3/A3; still, as he notes, other effects (for those 18 towns or for others) may be hardcoded in the game and therefore not visible in the scripts. Also, thanks to Brood_Star, I've found where Jeff indicated there are no cheats to "alter the general timeline" in a Steam discussion (see here). However, that's not quite clear - he's talking there about resurrecting characters that had already died, but I'm more interested in reverting the current day to an earlier day to prevent future deaths/town changes. That all said, is there a way to manually edit certain game files to achieve this? I can't imagine it's impossible, but it would be really, really disappointing to me if it were - easy options to reset the current day were included in both E3 and the original A3.

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I believe you listed the "Mushroom Patch - healing herb (2)" twice under the Southwest Caves and Western Upper Avernum.

You can also get a Spellshard in New Cotra by talking to Nance and saying you visited the surface, and then spending an hour telling her about it.


3) What is the Shift-D code (or other specific method) to manually edit the current Day?

Jeff's confirmed on Steam forums, I think, that there will be no cheat to alter the time

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Ivanova's quest doesn't give any Resistance (or other skill) points as a reward, although it increases all party members' resistances by amounts that seem to reflect a "hidden" 1-point Resistance increase. I know Jeff never reads these forums, and I don't have or plan to get a Steam account, so how could I report this bug to him?

EDIT: Not a game bug; the quest correctly awards +1 Hardiness, not Resistance.

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Some of these "errors" are changes made in the game during beta testing after I added then to this list. I caught two in the Cult of the Sacred Item that didn't appear until the last few weeks of testing.


Just note them in this topic so others can see them.

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Right, that's what I assumed was going on with most of the inconsistencies between the game and this list. As to the Ivanova quest reward, it's +1 Hardiness, not Resistance - so it's not a game bug after all. Thanks!
Also, a few items missing from the list:

1) Swamp Shoes (in an inn in a small town, I think lying on the floor, but I don't remember which town)
2) Venomous Blade (when Hawke's ghost appears in the Manse's statue hall, approach the northeast statue)
3) Stability Girdle (in an outdoors stone circle on an island north of the Distant Hut, with the Orb of Thralni and sufficient Luck(?))
4) Granite Girdle (dropped by a prototype golem in the Upper Golem Factory, after pulling the lever in the secret room just north of the stairs down)
5) Mauler's Ring (read the book "Secrets of Wainscotting," then search the ground behind the Wainscotting inn)
6) Blessed Armor Band (in a chest past a secret switch in the SW corner of the Remote Cavern pillar room, with Dispel Barrier L3)
7) Blessed Breastplate (in a chest in the E part of the Guarded Tunnel)

8) Crystal: Vahnatai Lore (in a chest in the center of the factory's Golem Spire)
9) Crystal: Vahnatai Lore (in a chest in the council hall in the SE quarter of Ghikra, past the barriers)
10) Crystal: Resistance (on the ground past a secret switch in the NE rock formation in the Great Circle)

And some miscellaneous corrections/additions to the list:

1) The rune disk near Torria that teaches Summon Shade needs 18 Arcane Lore (including Vahnatai Lore, but not Sage Lore), not 17 as shown in the list.
2) Attacking the drakes guarding the Chaotic Halberd gives Dread Curse.
3) Clicking on the eastern of the two green crystals in the final SE room of the Defiled Crypt gives one point of Vahnatai Lore.

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  • 2 weeks later...
15 hours ago, GodRob said:

Possible missed Cache:


South of Farport there are some Ogres fighting Nephilim.  Just south of that is a Cache containing a Terror Wand.  It's practically invisible because of the terrain.


I was quite surprised when I stepped on that cache by total accident. It made me wonder how many other caches I had missed earlier due to them being (almost) completely obscured by objects in the foreground.


It doesn't really make sense that my party cannot notice something that, realistically, should be in plain view to them. Of course, the bird's eye perspective of the player lets you see many things invisible to them, so I guess it's only fair.

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Tevrono...Tenuta... Craft (after ?) - 8 fine steel, 3 focusing crystals...

Defeating the golems is definitely not a prerequisite for Tenuta's crafting (unlike the training.)  The dialogue suggests that the prereq is having spoken with general Baziron and gotten the 'Eliminate the Golems' quest.

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The Triad Area barrier in the Tower of Magi is definitely level 3.


BTW, I think Carrie's hint about the location of her reward is a touch unclear, and could stand being clarified in the guide. I had absolutely no idea what "second tier store room" meant.


Also, it would be nice if the guide included evil altars that can / should be sanctified. There's one in the Goblin Lair, Agate Tower,

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No, because there was a message that nothing happens whereas other places where Sanctification works successfully you get a specific message even if no experience. I think Jeff changed it from previous game versions.


There are a few other places where you get the message nothing happens or as in the Ursagi Cave that it doesn't work for a different reason.

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3 hours ago, Randomizer said:

You need for Bag of Meal quest to go back after 50 with one more to clear the quest. However if you go back at less than 50, then you can go and turn in more with still getting paid.

That's a word-salady way to claim that if you hand in 50 bags of meal, the quest isn't over and you have a chance to hand it however many bags of meal you pick up later - but once you do, whether it's one bag or however many, the quest ends? Yeah, I checked, and it ends once you deliver 50 bags of meal. 49 is the cut off point, after which one more (or however many more) ends the quest.


I can record a video of to support my claim, though anyone can check for themselves.

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As always, the Strategy Central lists are huge and detailed, but I think I see one thing preventing 100% awesomeness: the "Energizing Boxes", "Charging Boxes", "Blessing Boxes", "Augmentation this or that", "Magical Machinery", etc.  Their name varies from NPC to NPC, map marker to journal entry, people on Google to people on this forum.  I wrote down their locations in Notepad for when I had items worth blessing, like the usual checklist of "barriers I can't dispel yet", then deleted the information once I had used a box.  Eventually, far into the game, I had no little notes left about their locations.

...Then I found out by accident, real-time days later, you can use them all more than once (Grove was bugged and free and I figured if I could use HIS box twice, maybe they all have more than a single use... and they seem to).  I went looking more than once for a list of their locations, and couldn't find it.


I'd suggest someone with authority standardize the name, and together we make a little list that one of the forum fairies can add to this topic and the Index.  Whether people bother or not, I'll start with the few I remember... 

Portal Fortress and Kelner have one, that's on the list already. 

Far southwest in the Tower of Magi

Grove (an NPC) in north-central Sharimik has one for 1000c

GIFTS (Bigail spiders) have one

Greendale (northwest of Gale) has one

Edit: Winn in Blackcrag has a blessing box for 4,000c, four uses (at least I got four... if you then tell Winn you want to use her box you'll spend another 4k and the box's charges remain expended)

Upper golem factory has a box, central north


I assume there's one or two I'm not remembering and probably a few I haven't found yet, but still... it's a start.  Just imagine all the Googlers you'll help in the future and how much frustration you'll save the world if you contribute!  Knowledge is (more) power(ful items)!

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More info
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Central Valorim (mainland)

NE by Orb - focusing crystal, battle crystal - is that the little pool next to the Anama facility, south of Dellston?


Central Valorim (north of Lorelei)

CW cache [6] - Steel Halberd - Can't find this  (Writing a guide, complete with screenshots and exact "location" coordinates, so I may a few similar questions down the line)


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2 hours ago, Xander77 said:

Central Valorim (mainland)

NE by Orb - focusing crystal, battle crystal - is that the little pool next to the Anama facility, south of Dellston?


Central Valorim (north of Lorelei)

CW cache [6] - Steel Halberd - Can't find this  (Writing a guide, complete with screenshots and exact "location" coordinates, so I may a few similar questions down the line)


NE by Orb  - yes


CW cache - Steel Halberd - it's in the woods east and a little north of Lorelei, it's the only cache in the area.

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I keep an eye on this list as I am playing, thank you so much for this Randomizer :)


In the Lower Filth Factory, I’ve found a couple of minor things not mentioned here : there is a breakable wall in the southern corridor not far from the SW portal. There, you find another basin that gives +20 Energy. In the south of the central area, to the left of where you find a statuette on the ground, there is a hidden switch which opens a small room containing a Steel Breastplate.

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On 8/1/2018 at 8:17 AM, Murreh said:

I'd suggest someone with authority standardize the name, and together we make a little list that one of the forum fairies can add to this topic and the Index.  Whether people bother or not, I'll start with the few I remember... 

Portal Fortress and Kelner have one, that's on the list already. 

Far southwest in the Tower of Magi

Grove (an NPC) in north-central Sharimik has one for 1000c

GIFTS (Bigail spiders) have one

Greendale (northwest of Gale) has one

Edit: Winn in Blackcrag has a blessing box for 4,000c, four uses (at least I got four... if you then tell Winn you want to use her box you'll spend another 4k and the box's charges remain expended)

Upper golem factory has a box, central north 


Two other blessing boxes I can think of are in :

- Concealed Tunnel. This one isn’t very easily accessible because of the lasers

- Ovdipur

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There are actually 2 'blessing boxes' in the Upper Golem Factory, the northern one listed by Murreh and another one immediately southwest of the central beam area, behind a Level 3 barrier. Both of them are mentioned in Randomizer's description. Each of these boxes can be used twice.

Edited to add: there is also one in Wyvern Pass, behind a hidden switch and a L3 barrier, which can be used twice. (Again, listed by Randomizer but not included in Murreh's list.) And there is a second one in Sharamik, belonging to the Sage Spragins. He will let you use it after you deal with the troglodytes.

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