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  1. Preferential Depletement: The roach filth factory was destroyed long ago (I do still occasionally find random groups of roaches roaming around on Bigail.) Ess-Eschas: Sick Boy not around the dock or in the inn. What is an sdf code? Would it allow me to find the Pit of the Wyrm even though I can't talk with Sick Boy? I wonder if there is some way to update the game software without losing my progress in the current game. My characters are at level 32 and I am almost ready to go face the End Game.
  2. So, if I understand what you have told me, I can't get to the Pit of the Wyrm without first talking with Sick Boy. But he seems to be no where to be found, and Judith will not discuss the Pit with me. Looks like I can't get the Fury Bow. Any other ideas?
  3. I have been moving around and using the tab key. No Sick Boy and no Vlad. Did I do something that caused them to go away?
  4. Only Boyle and a guard are anywhere near the dock. Farther east, I find Bohman. Still no Sick Boy. Anyway I can get to the Lair of the Wyrm without talking to Sick Boy?
  5. There is a "Hospital" in Shayder, but not a building called the "Infirmary". The only trees near the hospital are five trees on the east side of the building: no sick boy there. Is there some other "infirmary" to which you are referring? There are trees northwest of the hospital, but no sick boy there either..
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