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Congratulations *Redbea...* I mean Jeff!

Death Knight

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Its finally happened. One of my favorite games to play and generally talk about is finally on good old games including Avernum 1-6. Seeing as Geneforge was received well, I doubt that Avernum won't do the same.


Congratulations Jeff, you have just conquored 1 part of this world.



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Some people are going to become very confused when the complete Avernum saga does not include Avernum: Escape From the Pit.


—Alorael, who also thinks Jeff really needs to start standardizing pricing. Buying the trilogies from Spiderweb Software is now a terrible deal. $70 versus $8!

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Did Jeff bundle some custom scenarios with BoA, or is this a typo? Can anybody who has purchased confirm?

Where did you see that quote? The only thing I saw about BoA was:

Included in the set is Blades of Avernum, a collection of smaller adventure modules, such as A Small Rebellion, The Valley of Dying Things, The Za-Khazi Run, and Diplomacy With the Dead, and gives you the complete freedom to create your own adventures and cunning characters to share with your friends.
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Maybe Jeff does this intentionally? See a high price here, you're more compelled to pay 8-12 bucks for it elsewhere, he STILL makes money, and if 30 more people buy it at 8 for every one at 70, I'm sure it's worth it, no? (these a random number, I don't actually know how the sales are comparatively.)

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