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  1. 489. Don't Cross Carolyn - Advice for an aspiring apprentice -- from an old commercial Carolyn Kepcher was one of the advisers on the origin version of The Apprentice until 2006. 498. Haxing the l337 and twinking it to the n00b - English Restoration, of modern sorts -- perhaps not quite in the spirit of its medieval antecedent The PDN refers to stealing from the rich and giving to the poor (as Robin Hood) with something of an MMO twist; twinking is giving the n00b equipment that only the l337 would normally have. 455. Breathing in Fumes - Fast counterpart to being stripped down to the bone -- from a 1986 UK hit Stripped was a song by Depeche Mode; with lyrics "Stripped down to the bone" and "You're breathing in fumes". One of the B-side tracks, Breathing in Fumes, samples from Stripped.
  2. 495. 1y 6n 1y 6n 1y 2n 1y 10n 1y 6n 1y 18n wam 1y! - In which Madeline Kahn makes some very BIG decisions Empress Nympho (Madeline Kahn) selects from a lineup of soldiers for a midnight orgy in History of the World Part 1. The important parts are on display. 493. Slime had the Cough. - Rare cough drop A slime occasionally will drop a rare item when killed; the rare item could be a cough. A slime with a cough would presumably welcome medicine.
  3. 473. Pokemon Godel Number - A nonavigenseptencentesimal representation, perhaps The PDN refers to both Pokemon Go and Godel numbering (which was used in the proof of Godel’s incompleteness theorems, and involves assigning integers to some objects). With all the new Pokemon generations coming out, any list of Pokemon can be proven to be incomplete, but a sensible way of numbering them would be by their pokedex number. At the time the clues were written, there were 729 Pokemon (though I think a few more have been announced now!). 484. Hell's Special Place - Something that may exist for my old landlord Not a big fan of them?
  4. 474. Overcoming Slyness - Dudebro counterpart to an in-demand library book Overcoming Shyness is a quest item Ness returns to a library in Earthbound. For some, it's not shyness that's the problem. 458. Postmodem - Pretty baud ligature confusion Postmodem is typographically similar to Postmodern. As well as this being an unfortunate mistake, baud is the rate of data transmission for modems, and also forms part of the name of Baudrillard who was highly influential in postmodernism.
  5. I find Excalibur most suspicious now but am currently voting for Sylae.
  6. It would be very risky for two players to claim to be Disciples of Sixus if they are not: if there are two real Disciples of Sixus then they are both able to contradict this. If there is one real Disciple then they are able to contradict this. If there are no real Disciples there is likely to be a Priest who will know this at least half of the time. Here are some scenarios, sorry for repeating stuff - I haven't really taken into account the effects of the cultist's power switches. Remember the cultist's powers only work on non-Empire Spies though. Assuming the Triumph is telling the truth and Sylae was not initially the Skribbane Addict (Sylae being the Skribbane Addict seems very unlikely), then it'd be : Nalyd - ??? BainIhrno - ??? Excalibur - LYING, once the Geas Toucher Sarachim - ??? Goldengirl - ??? Tridash - Disciple of Sixus Sylae - LYING Triumph - Apprentice Mage Iffy - Disciple of Sixus At least one of Nalyd, BainIhrno and Sarachim would also be lying. === If Triumph is not telling the truth and Sylae is telling the truth, it would be: Nalyd - Refugee BainIhrno - ??? Excalibur - ???, possibly once the Geas Toucher Sarachim - ??? Goldengirl - ??? Tridash - Disciple of Sixus Sylae - Apprentice Mage Triumph - LYING Iffy - Disciple of Sixus At least two of BainIhrno, Sarachim and Excalibur would also be lying. === If both Triumph and Sylae are lying ( ) it would be: Nalyd - ??? BainIhrno - ??? Excalibur - ???, possibly once the Geas Toucher Sarachim - ??? Goldengirl - ??? Tridash - Disciple of Sixus Sylae - LYING Triumph - LYING Iffy - Disciple of Sixus At least two of Nalyd, BainIhrno, Sarachim and Excalibur would also be lying.
  7. In case I didn't explicitly say it earlier, I can confirm Iffy actually is the other Disciple. Excalibur and Sarachim have been suspicious with some of their claims, and Triumph perhaps seems to have talked too much.
  8. I said that I *wasn't* a refugee, then that I had information about another player's role, and finally that I started as a Disciple of Sixus. I don't think there's anything wrong there, sorry if my first post was at all unclear.
  9. Lying about starting as a Disciple of Sixus would be extremely risky as it'd require that there were *no* disciples of Sixus at the start, and probably no priest too. Hopefully that means that Iffy and I can be ruled out of starting as a non-Avernites and seen as trustworthy. We need to know Goldengirl's role, and then any Avernites who have not been entirely forthcoming with their roles should reveal any deception either in public or to another guaranteed Avernite - that would probably mean telling me or telling Iffy.
  10. Excalibur should surely be above Sylae on your suspect list? Unless Excalibur is lying, Sylae is now an Avernite.
  11. As could only have been the case if I was telling the truth earlier, I am a Disciple of Sixus - I'm not sure how Excalibur deduced that I was lying about my identity. That means that the two Disciples of Sixus were certainly Avernites at the start of the trip. If Sylae and Triumph both claim to have scrying powers, of course one of them cannot be an Avernite. If Nalyd is telling the truth, and if Sylae actually did identify Nalyd as a refugee, she cannot be the Empire Infiltrator since that role cannot distinguish between the refugees, highly alert citizen and skribbane addict. This is not contradictory with Excalibur's claims. Of course it might be that the information received was simply "no information" and Sylae could then use the fact that Nalyd had already revealed his role. If Sylae is the Infiltrator Excalibur must of course be lying. I'd be interested to know Goldengirl's role. EDIT: I'm not quite sure when the evidence for the empire cultist was discounted Sarachim? Maybe I missed something.
  12. So Excalibur claimed to have swapped roles with one of Goldengirl, Sylae and Iffy to become a refugee? There cannot be 4 refugees and no liars though - one of the role switches can only go to an unused role.
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