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  1. Not sure what combination to check off to get to management/business simulation.
  2. I spent about 80 hours before I was done with Geneforge 1, so I would say it is a long game. Guess it's hard to judge how long a game would be for different players
  3. Tridon

    Hold me

    From movies leaving you want of holding, to abortions? I know fora tend to go crazy, but yikes... When I and my lady watched Wall-E we felt like crap the entire movie, except the 2 last seconds. We couldn't bear to watch an animated movie for months after that. First time I've experienced that an animated movie grabbed my heart so brutally. Poor thing. And when Heartbreaking. hastag whenanimationsbecometooreal
  4. When I played the first Geneforge, I did a lot of research beforehand, and carefully tried to avoid doing "mistakes". This time around I'm running more blindly (except that I've understood that parry is great, along with mech and leadership as in the first game). I think I'll roleplay as a shaper, without too much respect for creations. It will be fun to see where this goes =)
  5. Feel free to use the spoiler tag when revealing the ending or other plot lines in this thread I'm playing as a Guardian. I fell in love with mechanic skill in the first game, and plan to use/abuse it in this game as well I'm still slightly amazed how much atmosphere and sense of immersion these games deliver, in contrast to the myth that graphics (and music) is all and everything.
  6. Almost a year after I played and finished Geneforge, I've now started playing Geneforge 2. Still just on the first map, but I've started, and I'm ready to experience what the story is for this one Just thought I should share this highly interesting piece of news here, since I have a tendency to let my (freakishly) huge game backlog overwhelm me. Perhaps this post puts some preassure on the short term memory to not procrastinate any longer. I loved the first one, and according to Steam I used a little over 80 hours to play through it. Let's see how Geneforge 2 fares timewise Greetings
  7. Right now my Album of the Month is Helloween - Walls of Jericho. One of the best albums in my collection must be Nikolo Kotzev's Nostradamus. Are you implying that you are Norwegian, or that Norwegian Pop is distinct enough for an own sub-genre?
  8. Read Jordan/Sanderson - The Gathering Storm when it came out, but it was so much I had forgotten, so I started a reread of the series. Yesterday I finally started on Towers of Midnight. Yes I'm a slow reader Allthough I've read quite a bit of other stuff inbetween. Getting close to finish the series I started reading in 1999! What a journey!
  9. Late comment, but when I played as the guardian I had both of them, and almost without exception, the Vlish were the better ones to bring along. Compared to the stun effect and the damage/hp of the Vlish, the acid effect feels kind of "meh".
  10. I have experienced that fairly old games have frozen before, though not Geneforge in windowed mode. I had luck updating my graphics card driver. Still I find it weird that games that barely has any graphics to speak of can freeze due to an oudated driver, but there you have it. Has worked for me in a few rare occations. By the way; I thought this thread was pinned. Was I temporarily blind, or was it not pinned earlier?
  11. Tridon


    It's one of the Canary Islands outside the north west coats of Africa The Brisbane one is Teneriffe with two f's if Wikipedia is right. If you're making rum, you need to be an old Atlantic colony.
  12. Tridon


    I traveled to Tenerife in December, and bought two bottles of locally produced rum. One is fairly basic, though well known for quality there, and one is honey-rum. I haven't tasted them yet, but when warmer weather approaches, they are ripe for harvest When I get home from work I can see if I remember to check the brands and names. Also tasted Solbacka, the Finnish cherry wine recently, and except the fact that it was a tad too sweet to the taste, it was surprisingly good Very good both at room temperature, and when cooled down.
  13. While I must admit I do not know how you feel and ache in every little way, to me this sounds like it could be a form of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME). Not everyone will suffer the same symtoms, but I experienced short time memory loss, and I'm still not up and running 100%. At times it was ridiculous. I could get up to get my girlfriend a glass of milk, but when I got to the kitchen I could pour myself a glass of water, drink it and go back. After being reminded of the milk, I could stand up again, all forgotten once more, and go to the toilet instead. On the thir
  14. One does not need the best graphics as long as the graphics match the atmosphere/gameplay in a productive way. A great example of nicely used, but poor graphics (amongst the poorest graphics in a game the last couple of years) is Terraria. Horrible graphics, but the visual aesthetics are nothing but beautiful. The vibrant colours, and the simple, but effective lighting effects makes the game very pleasing on the eyes, and it strengthens the general platform gameplay. As for Spiderweb games, Geneforge's atmosphere makes the simple graphics work well enough, and the 2-3 first Geneforge games
  15. I bought BoA through the package at GOG just a few days ago, so I'm going to play through scenarios in the future for sure. =) Though there seems to be less traffic and engagement here than earlier, there is definitely life here.
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