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First GeneForge

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I am a beginning player. I would like to know what would be the best story line to take to familiarize myself with the game. I will be choosing a Shaper. I would preferably like an answer up to the first quarter of the game (that way it might not be too late to change my mind.)


I want to know the best of the three sects to join: The Awakened, Obeyers, or Takers.


Also what is the best Shaping Circle; Fire Creatures, Magical, or Battle Creatures? Or would it be good just to have them wide spread?


Also, is it necessary to have a shaper's magic skills high?


These are all the questions i have for now. Please note i am playing on normal difficulty. I ask these questions because i am quite new to GeneForge, and i haven't player SpiderWeb Software's other games. I'm hoping by asking people who are good fans of SpiderWeb, it might increase my experience with their games. And also help me learn some of the great secrets of the game.


Any opinions will be helpful.





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It's possible to join all the sects at one time or another, but be warned that some become hostile after you leave. Also unless you have enough leadership you will have to do things to join that will make other sects hate you and attack.


In Geneforge 1, Fire and Magical creations are much better than Battle. It's better to pick one type because you can make them more powerful by specializing. This pretty much applies to any character since up to a certain point it pays to specialize.

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I envy you, playing this game for the first time! The backstory is fascinating and there is some brilliant writing. G1 in particular is very atmospheric.


From a gameplay perspective, some of the encounters are a bit tough, especially for a first time player. But, playing as a Shaper class character is a good idea, make sure you get plenty of intelligence so you can increase the size of your army wink Also mechanics and leadership can help you to avoid difficult situations. Good luck!

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Okay, thanks for the support. I have not yet chose a sect yet. But i finally reached Kazg. Where do i go next? There are so many choices.




I totally agree. Geneforge, and its descriptive dialogues totally set the mood, and give a great atmosphere. I also love how the developer set the maps up. They really set the scene.


I was also surprised when i found out about the human outsiders. I'm very eager to find out more about them.

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Originally Posted By: Dikiyoba: The Dark Descent
There's no "best" faction. Talk to representatives from all three factions and decide which one you like the most.


Yes, it is true. They all are simply similar and how they are "better" to other factions are just at a razor's edge.

I don't want to spoil any secrets, but, consider helping the outsiders, their quest chain can tell you more about why/what made Sucia barred, and about "dark forces"...
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Been lurking for a little while, and thought I'd share some of my experiences playing GF1 for the first time. I'll put them in spoilers tags so it doesn't spoil anything if you don't want, but I got stuck several times without really knowing why, so maybe this will alleviate some unnecessary frustrations!


Click to reveal..

*Mechanics skill - May not be necessary to clear the game, but it sure makes things a lot more accessible. Not a lot of attention is drawn to this in the in-game documentation, nor to spore rods, but Mechanics seems to be pretty important for every character. I left mine at 2, and while it has been possible to clear the game, I wouldn't recommend it.


*Spore Rods - You need these to disable mines, the spider-looking ones that you cannot click/select. Your mechanics skill has nothing to do with this. (If you played a Shaper a certain way, the way I did at least, you will NEED a Green Spore Rod to progress at a certain point). There are three varieties - Brown, Green, and Red. They are hidden pretty obscurely, I had to use a FAQ to find one.


*Thinker nutrients - Nutrients are very rare, and there are several thinkers that require them to be revived. Save them until you're absolutely sure what you want to do with the thinker.


*Control key - Doesn't open the door you think it does.


*Unlock key - Opens the door you think it does, but I have never found it. Its location isn't even listed in the FAQ.

No actual story spoilers above, I believe, and I think everything else is explained pretty well in-game, but those particular points left me pretty frustrated.


Hope it helps. Oh, and don't forget to explore EVERYWHERE, and check the FAQ to see if you missed any exits. Locations have a way of having roundabout ways to get to them.

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It may just be me, but it seems that, proportionally, there are more Obeyer "operatives" in various places on the map. But I'm not sure that makes it any more advantageous over any others. They all have perks, and it seems like they were made to be essentially comparable to each other so that there is no best. After a certain point in the game, it's almost trivial anyway, it's just for some plot changes. If I were you and wanted to get the most out of the game, I would save my game where you are now, join a sect, and save it in a different slot. Geneforge has multiple endings, so you can save some time by making 3* separate saves so you can play them all if you choose. Personally, I would avoid doing what Randomizer said, although you can....just make sure you get all the shopkeeper's money and valuable stuff before you kill them. If you pick up everything you find and sell it, like I do, all three villages will eventually run out of spending money. XD


As far as your skills go, if you picked shaper, then your stats were already set up for creation-based strategies, so it would help to put points into shaping since one stat increase is one more level your creation gets at birth, which is very valuable. Tier 2 creations will let you dominate anything you find, so you'll be thankful for your shaping skills then.

I put my spare points into battle magic, but it doesn't matter that much, you could throw them into blessing magic and just cast buffs, so put points into what you like doing...or what you have a tendency to do. Use all the skill canisters you find and the game is pretty easy.


That is all.

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If you play on normal, as a Shaper, you should be able to have enough points in magic and shaping to cast everything/create everything, and not suffer serious problems. You'll also get the most benefit from the tombs.


Also, completely subjectively, but the Awakened seem the less evil of the three sects (though yeah, they have issues too (and by that I mean skeletons in their closets (and by that I mean corpses in their main base))), but you should play through as each anyway.

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Originally Posted By: Cmiller
Upon Mars, did write that fanfic book? If u did, good job. I might do one myself sometime.

And thanks for opinion of entering the caves. it helps

You're welcome...

And thanks again for the compliment about the Fanfic.

If you want I'll include one of your quotes in one of the future fragments... or do a reference to you or to somebody you like. That'll be fun.

Originally Posted By: Nikki.

Also, completely subjectively, but the Awakened seem the less evil of the three sects (though yeah, they have issues too (and by that I mean skeletons in their closets (and by that I mean corpses in their main base))), but you should play through as each anyway.



Don't you mean dead creations?
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  • 5 months later...

I recently got the game from gog.com, and can answer this. As spoiler tags don't seem to be working for me, I'll use white text instead. Highlight to read.




While I forget his name, the person you're looking for is the leader of the Obeyer village, Pixley. Talking to him will give an additional dialogue option (though it may need high leadership, possibly).


I was actually slightly upset that I couldn't get my own faction, the Awakened, to help them. Oh well, I guess they were too far away, but it would have been nice to be able to ask and be told that.




For those wondering who Astrov is,

he's the outsider scout leading the group who are hiding near Pixley.


Edited by (____)
Edited to fix spoiler tags for you. ;)
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Geneforge 1 is the best game story-wise (while many people think G2 is the best gameplay-wise I always go with G3) and I would love to go back to the experience of playing it the first time.


the best thing to do is to stay out of factions until you're near the endgame, then pick different ones for different endings! (at least thats how I roll)



Beware though, as you will probably find yourself sleepwalking on your toenails sometime soon.

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